Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A voice of your own

Maybe she can't see every grain of sand or look past each beam of sunlight.  She might be looking for inspiration, she might be looking for her loses, or maybe she's simply trying to find herself.  Whether she's sitting out in a field, cuddled up under the covers in her bedroom, or breathing the midnight air, she wants to find herself out there.  She wants to discover who she is, what she can become, and what she has been all along.
If you saw her you'd think of her no differently than anyone else.  She knows she isn't perfect, she might have flaws, she's made mistakes in her life... But what she does know is that she isn't afraid to find herself today.  She isn't afraid of the mistakes she's made, and she accepts the loses she has experienced.  Somewhere out there somebody might be hoping she finds everything she is looking forward, but what matters is not the air she breathes, the dirt on the ground, the times she's fallen... What matters is someone believes in her, and that alone gives her enough to believe that she can make it and it'll be worth it to keep trying.
Writing in a journal, typing on her laptop, talking to the person she's closest to... You never know, you could be her.  You might be looking just like she is for herself.  For... more importantly, something of her own.  Something that belongs to her and no one else.

She is looking for her voice... A voice of her own.
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