Monday, May 19, 2014

Publication Plans

This August I am expecting to release my third book, Thicker Than Blood. I meant to post this as soon as I wrote up my detailed plans for publication, but unfortunately life gets hectic. I wanted to share my plans with you so you can see my process. August is only a couple months away, and I’m very eager to release the book.

For the month of May my main focus is finishing first edits on the hard copies of every chapter in the book. Some chapters I've mentioned before are already finished, but those revisions still need to be added to the digital copy of my book (on the computer). Even if I complete one chapter each day that gives me at least 28 days more or less to finish with that -more than enough time. I broke down my tasks in a way so it is not overwhelming, but keep in mind I can do more than one chapter if time permits.
Already I am 38% through with these edits. Once I edit the hard copy, I add all of that onto the digital copy. The copy on my computer is already formatted in the 6x9 template for Createspace.

By June I should have the first round of edits done. If not, I still have some extra time to work on them. My main focus for this month will be round 2 edits. This consists of checking for details, answering any questions, verifying information, and polishing everything. Working with a series requires checking back in the other books to make sure the plot and timeline continue moving in the right direction. I want to make sure nothing is left out, character develop properly, and the book fits in with the series. Again the goal here is to work on at least one chapter a day. During June I’ll also have some extra time to work on the book since school will let out (hence days off of work for me).
Expect a sign-up list (posted here on my blog) available for anyone interested in the cover reveal happening in July during this time.

If all goes as planned, July will be an exciting month. With all the edits complete, I can focus solely on formatting. This involved checking fonts and appearance, running the document through Amazon to verify it’s set, etc. I’ll also be ordering my hard proof copy of the book at this time to make sure everything is how it should be. (Expect to see pictures.) Once I have the hard copy I’ll re-read and approve it once it meets my expectations. This is also the time when I will be deciding on the price for both paperback and ebook versions of the book. The pricing won’t be revealing until release day.
The more exciting part: cover reveal time! I’ll be revealing the official cover for TTB -both the book cover and the book jacket. The reveal will be hosted on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and various other social media websites. I’ll be posting the cover up on my instagram as well if you follow me on there. Somehow I managed to keep the cover a secret all this time, and I can’t wait to finally let the curtain down. If you’re already interested in being a part of the reveal, let me know.

By the start of August I’ll be announcing a release date.
Once I have the hard proof copy and approve it everything is set for publication. The ebook I publish through Amazon's KDP, so I'll be going through and making sure that is all set. I may be able to convert the original document to ebook format, and if not I know how to set it up to be acceptable for ebook. I had a little trouble with this last time when I published SandE, but this time I know what I'm working with and am giving myself more than enough time.
I’ll be hosting a release countdown on my blog as I always do for my books. There will be a release party, which once again I’ll be asking for participants.

Whew, that's a lot! I have a lot of work ahead of me, and some parts are laid back just to ensure I don't get overwhelmed and hit an obstacle. August sounds like a perfect month to release the book, and I hope you’re eager to read Alaire’s story. Until then, keep checking in for more news.

Lindsey R. Sablowski

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thicker Than Blood on Goodreads

This post was meant to be posted sooner, but anyways better late than never. Here it is, the exciting news!
When an author talks about preparing their book for publication it's exciting, but for the readers they tend to grow anxious as more time passes. So I decided today to take an unexpected leap and add Thicker Than Blood to Goodreads. The great thing about this is now you can go directly to my Goodreads page and see the book there, read the official summary, and get as excited as you want about it. I will confess, however, that the cover and the release date are not present. I put 2014 as the publication date, but once I have an exact release date I will update the information. The book cover will also go up when I do the cover reveal. 

I remember posting Cursed With Power on Goodreads and how exciting it was. I was thrilled when I added it to the site and people started adding it to their "want to read" lists. It looks like I made the right decision by deciding to post TTB on Goodreads earlier than I planned because now I'm feeling excited again. Here I am in the midst of editing, but I can log onto Goodreads and see the book is right there, ready to be update with all of the information as soon as publication date is a go-ahead.
Unfortunately there are several other books with similar titles to "Thicker Than Blood," but even with knowing that, I decided to keep the title at what it is because it fit with the book's theme so perfectly. Whether you search the title or just for my name, don't worry you'll find the book. And it's noted that it's the third book in the Magicians, so there won't be any confusion there either.

Searching through my instagram, I managed to find a picture of when I first added SandE to Goodreads as well. It blows me away to realize I'm here -the third book is finished, and now all I have to do is push through edits and it'll be all ready for you to read. 
All in all, I hope you guys are as excited as me. Be sure to check out the links, add the book to your Goodreads, and tell me what you think. While the book might not be releasing until this fall, we can still have moments like these to get us hyped up and remember... it's coming.

Before I go I know previously I promised to post about the masquerade scene in Thicker Than Blood. I plan on posting about the masquerade and some exciting details about my plans for publication next, so stop back in soon. Once again thanks to everyone for being so patient, and I hope you're excited for Alaire's adventure.
Lindsey R. Sablowski