Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello everyone! I've been back for a week now, but I've been extremely busy with catching up. And now at last I can catch up with you. I am extremely happy to announce that I am a married woman now! I've dealt with all the paperwork to have my name changed, so if you see Richardson on my social media that's why. As for the blog, I have to decide what I want to do. I may discuss it with some fellow authors and ask them for their thoughts. But don't you worry, whatever changes are on the way they're positive!
As for the wedding, it was a beautiful event! We had a small ceremony and then a reception afterwards, and both turned out great. My dress was actually more comfortable than I thought it would be. If you've been following along on instagram I've been posting lots of pictures.
Marriage is a new adventure in many ways. It has me thinking a lot about marriage and romance for my current and future books. Up until this month I hadn't known what it was like to be married. How something as simple as your last name changing can be hard to get used to. How something like marrying the person you love brings new joy into your life. So now when I write about weddings and marriage in my books I can add more to it than I ever could before. I don't have to imagine or judge off of what I know. I have the experience to back it up too.

Now that I've been away for so long I am so eager to start writing more for Clara and Claire. Tonight it looks like I'll get an earlier start than usual. I have a lot of new ideas, but first I need to refresh my mind on what I wrote before the wedding. I'm currently at 53k, and if I want to finish this novel by the end of December I have a lot of work ahead of me.
In regards to the holidays quickly approaching, you'll be hearing a lot more about the Magicians series. I want to do an ebook giveaway in December, as well as offer a discount on my books. If you live in the Maryland area you can purchase the books directly from me at a discounted price. The honest truth is books make wonderful gifts. I loved waking up on Christmas morning and having books to open. And I know many of you have friends and family who are like this too. And if you're struggling with finances this holiday season let's talk it out --who knows maybe Santa will surprise you! Either way, I want to give back to the reading community. I'll be sharing more info at the start of December. 
Before I return to writing, I also want to congratulate all the Nano winners out there this year! You did it -50k in a month! While I couldn't participate I can't wait to join in on the fun next year. In the meantime I have a lot of writing to catch up on. 
Lindsey Richardson

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Away Notice

Today I have cleaned, done laundry, packed, and even managed to write another 1k. (Total word count is at 53k now!) I wanted to post again today as a reminder of the time period I will be gone. My wedding is tomorrow (23 hours to go!), and for the remainder of this weekend I'll be very busy. There's the reception, and then the honeymoon starts on Sunday. So unfortunately I won't be posting until I come back. I also won't be writing while I'm away (unless there's something I think of and jot down) until I return. This is why I've been saying December will be my catch up month.

So from tomorrow, November 13th, to Monday, November 23rd, I will be away from the blog. When I return I promise to post and share some pictures, but until then I'll be away. I also won't be posting on social media during this time either --we won't have access to the internet on our honeymoon. You can of course leave comments on the blog or email me, and I'll respond as quickly as I can to everything once I come back.
Thank you so much to everyone for understanding. It's a very exciting weekend, and I am looking forward to sharing the wonderful memories with you. Also can't wait to finish Clara and Claire when I come back, but more on that later.

Enjoy your weekends -this is the last you'll hear from me until I return! :)
(And when I return... I'll have a new last name too! Lots of changes, but all for the best.)
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

50k and counting!

I'm a little late on posting this on the blog, but I reached 50k three days ago. One of the first big milestones I wanted to reach with Clara and Claire was 50k, and it's rewarding to see that I made it there and am going further.
While it is NaNoWriMo month I haven't been able to participate officially. November is already flying by for me, and it is going to be a very busy month. I'll be away for the next week --I leave on Sunday. I'm trying to sneak at least 1k today and tomorrow before this weekend starts.
So while 50k isn't my 85k end goal, it's progress. I've been working hard to get back on schedule after falling off of it for a while. My writing app (originally called WritingJournal), Wordly, has been helping tremendously. I use it every day with each time that I write, and I've been tracking my progress. Hopefully at the end of this novel I can share some of that data with you guys.
I might not be at the word count I had wanted to be at last month (which was around 60k), but I'm closing in on it. If I can stick with my schedule I'm certain I can finish the entire novel in December. Currently I am writing chapter 20, and I have a lot of ideas as I near in on the (last) remaining 20k (or more). If there's a lot left to tell in the story, I'm not afraid to go past the 85k. The most important part is just finishing the novel, then I'll worry about revisions and how ready it is for publication.

Unfortunately this is shorter than I usually would like my posts to be. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know where I am in the novel before my time away. I plan to share more details about the novel and the creation process upon my return. I'll also be posting once more tomorrow before the start of the weekend. That post will just be a reminder of the time period of which I'll be away on the cruise. When I return I'll share lots of pictures and get to work on finishing out the novel.
In the meantime as always if you want more daily updates visit my Instagram page. Also, I'm thinking of starting an author page on Facebook, so I can post daily on there as well. Sadly I can't post anything relating to Clara and Claire on CWP's Facebook page. Who knows, though, with the holidays coming up maybe I'll do a mash up between the two novels just for fun.
Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support. I know waiting on an author to write the novel isn't nearly as exciting as publication day. Or just the publication process in general. But don't worry we'll get there with this book too.
Lindsey R. Sablowski