Saturday, November 13, 2010

Better Relationship Saturdays: Kerrich and Jocelyn vs. Celestria and Leal

Better Relationship Saturdays are days on the blog where I contrast two different relationships from a book (or two different books) of mine.  Pictures are not accurate representations, but are merely to show the difference between the two.  Relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic; therefore friends, family, and enemies count as well.  If you have your own opinion of a relationship from one of my books, or you’d like me to bring it up in the next BRS post please leave a comment.  Remember to leave a comment with your opinion.  Enjoy!

Kerrich and Jocelyn (from STRONGER)
Celestria and Leal (from Cursed with Power)
Today I am contrasting Celestria and Leal vs. Kerrich and Jocelyn.  Which have a better relationship?  Which could --in the future--do better than the other?

Kerrich and Jocelyn are from my nano novel STRONGER.  A lot of their relationship was inspired by my own relationship with my first boyfriend.  They are very romantically attached and when they are separated from one another in the novel they quickly find a way back to one another.  While Jocelyn is a princess, she does not treat Kerrich as if he is below her.  She shows her loyalty towards her, and despite the princes that comes around the castle to court her she continues to tell her father that she loves Kerrich and only him.
Kerrich is a squire in the castle.  He works for Jocelyn's father, but he does not let his duties come before her.  He is very affectionate, and both he and Jocelyn seem a bit reckless with how they freely show their feelings towards each other.  Kerrich understands Jocelyn and having known her for a longer time, he feels strongly towards her.  It's no surprise that he wants to marry her, though he is uncertain how he can do this because of his status.
Their relationship is very much based on love and friendship.  The two are close to each other, and when they argue they do not stay angry with one another.
Dialog between Kerrich and Jocelyn in STRONGER:
“I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. 
            He kissed her neck. “I love you to no end, precious.”

Celestria and Leal are from my current book in progress, Cursed with Power.  (And Cursed with Power, as you know, is the first book in the Magicians series.)  Now Celestria and Leal are NOT a couple in Cursed with Power, but there is definitely some kind of relationship building up between the two.
Despite her stubbornness, Leal does not seem to want to leave Celestria.  He stays close to her and he also warns her of the dangers they face.
Celestria, on the other hand, has obvious feelings and thoughts about Leal but refuses to admit them.  She only goes as far as telling Leal "I've decided I like thee", but nothing more.  Since Leal reminds her of Adam --her former lover--in some way she cannot explain, she also fears heartbreak.
If anything, their relationship is slowly building up and is full of sarcasm, seriousness, and unspoken feelings.
Dialog between Celestria and Leal in Cursed with Power:
Celestria: I do not like the idea of someone following me around like a dog!
Leal: A dog, eh?  I think thee complain simply because no one has ever treated thee well before; thou dost not know what to think of it.  

So which relationship is better?  Celestria and Leal or Kerrich and Jocelyn?
Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

I love that show so much, even if I'm not allowed to watch it....

LReneeS said...

Haha, same. I want to watch it but there's no way my parents will let me.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, :D. I vote for Kerrich and Jocelyn. Celestria and Leal are kind of...up in the air.

Lindsey said...

Haha I don't know how I could vote...but I think I agree with you. Celestria and Leal have something that's forming between them, but it's slowly moving and there's conflict that keeps their relationship from becoming what Kerrich and Jocelyn's is.

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