Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow day: Thank yous and writing

January 4th-5th was the free ebook days for Thicker Than Blood. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded a copy of the book. Overall we had 300 copies downloaded -which is the biggest success I've ever had with a free ebook promotion. When Shadows and Embers was available for free a year or two ago it had close to 90 downloads, but 300 is absolutely amazing. I really wanted to share the results with you guys because it was possible because of you and I'm very thankful. I waited a long time to decide on when to make TTB free as an ebook, and I am glad I chose the dates that I did. Also, I noticed people purchased ebook copies of Cursed With Power and Shadows and Embers. This was really great to see; I was so excited that I continued to watch the reports throughout the day as copies were purchased. 

We had people sharing the link on Twitter, as well as posting a picture when they downloaded their free copy. Overall, I had a great time and I am so happy others did as well. I cannot wait to hear what you think of the book, and be sure to leave a review on Amazon.
Now with that out of the way I have some exciting news to share. Today it snowed, so since I did not have to go to work I spent time writing. As you can see from the picture my cats were interested in my work, especially Neo.
While I still have a lot of revisions to catch up on, I added in new scenes to Bloodline Inheritance. The book is at approximately 59k in total, and I only have about another 500 words until I reach 60k. There are a few more scenes I have in mind that need to be added in and then I can just focus solely on revisions. Once revisions are done there are the other mandatory materials I need to add into the book, but other than that I can see the end approaching. I am also still in search for a beautiful cover to go along with the last book in the Magicians series. If you're a cover designer or know of one feel free to leave the link below so I can check it out.
Hope everyone had a great day and enjoyed the snow. I will be back on later, and remember to keep checking Twitter and Instagram for more updates on my progress.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Sunday, January 4, 2015

FREE ebook: Thicker Than Blood

To start the new year off right, I've made Thicker Than Blood available for free in ebook format on Amazon. TTB has been out since July of last year, and I have been waiting for the perfect time to make the book free. I figured with the new year starting and my birthday coming up this was a great time. If you haven't had the time to purchase Thicker Than Blood now is the time to do so. Also, please don't forget that you can still request digital autographs from me via Authorgraph. Whether you grab the book for yourself or a friend, all you need to do is submit your request and you'll receive the autograph in your email and can download on your device(s).
Thicker Than Blood is the second to last book in the Magicians series. Please help spread the word by sharing this news on your other social media websites. I will be posting throughout today and tomorrow about this limited time offer. This offer will last up until 12am on January 5th, so please do not wait until the last minute to grab your free copy.
Haven't read the other two previous books? No problem; you can purchase those for their normal price via ebook or paperback on Amazon.
I'm very excited to see how many people will be downloading their copy today, and if you do please send me a request on Authograph so I can sign it for you. 
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year: 2015!

Well, I'm late on wishing everyone a happy new year, but better late than never. I am very excited for 2015, especially as 2014 was such a great year. To recap, in 2014 Eric and I moved into our own place, became the owners of two (crazy) cats, and I published my third book, Thicker Than Blood.
As for 2015 I would say we are off to a great start. Today I purchased a Samsung Chromebook 2 -as an early birthday present to myself. I originally had a Macbook, which I gave to my boyfriend. While the Chrome book is a bit smaller and is different software, I am already loving my experience. I also have multiple writing apps already downloaded that I plan to save. And don't you worry all of Bloodline Inheritance is backed up and ready to be revised.
My goals for 2015 are very simple in terms of where I want to be as a writer. I want to publish my fourth book, Bloodline Inheritance, and I also want to start a new book (that is not a part of the series). Reaching the end of the Magicians series is going to be huge for me. I've been so many years of my life working on this series, and I can't believe once this fourth book is released it really will be at the end. That's not to say there won't be additional stories written in the future perhaps if I feel there is something more I want to tell. However, I do realize every beloved series must come to an end. In all honesty I am both excited and terrified at the idea of working on something entirely new. I've had a lot of ideas, few of which have made it to paper, but I am working them out. My main goal is if I can at least publish one book each year I will be happy. And who knows maybe I can also start to offer a bundle including all four books in the Magicians series.
No matter what adventures this year has to offer, I really do want to thank everyone who has been supporting the work I do. Now that I have my new laptop I also want to be blogging more, and this year I want to be quicker with releasing my books. So definitely plan to hold me to those resolutions for this year, and feel free to leave a comment below with what your plans for 2015 are. Also, this month I will most likely post my experience with the Chromebook and how well it works with how I'm using it.
Happy New Year!
Lindsey R. Sablowski