Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy holidays

As you already know I'm extremely late on this but I hope all if you had a wonderful time with your family and friends during the holidays. As for me I have been missing because... Well I've lost my USB and I'm losing hope of ever finding it.
Good news is now I can update more often because I have an iPod touch which I'm currently using to post this right now. I'll admit I love this darn little thing. It goes everywhere I go and allows me to do almost anything when I'm not around my computer.
As for my progress in Cursed with Power it's coming along. Now how long have I been saying that for? But as soon as I update my new USB with the files I've managed to save I plan to continue revising until I'm entirely finished. Once that's done I can return to querying agents and publishers. I promise to update more about the book on both this blog and my other from now on.
In case by this point you've gotten noted about hearing updates... I will say I had a lovely Christmas.

Hope all is well with everyone. I'll post again soon.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December's here --and so are updates

Since I've been behind it's that time again for me to attempt to catch up with myself.  (And we all know how that's been working out.)
However, I've got some exciting news.  At last I figured out how to add a like box to my blogs (both this one and the Magicians series), and now you're able to like Cursed with Power from facebook.  Since I also sadly have probably forgotten to mention this, you can like the Cursed with Power group on facebook as well.

Besides that, revisions for the book are not going to be done with a matter of days.  Please understand all of my revisions were done on the hard copy of the book, so transferring them over to a Word document may take me a while.  (Literally, I have no idea how long.)
Nonetheless, some new revisions have been posted to the book on inkpop.  If you haven't had a chance to read the book, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.  The new prologue went up several days ago.

Now that it's December everything is slowly calming down. Very happy to say the University of Notre Dame has accepted me.  Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive.

That's about all I can pluck from my brain right now.  On cold days like these looks like I'm left to write or revise.  As for which, I haven't officially decided.  I will try to return before Christmas.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas shopping --done

It's been so long since I last posted it's already December, and Christmas is right around the corner.  I don't have time this year to make up cheesy Christmas posts to go along with any of my stories, and I highly doubt I'll ever have time to work on A Christmas for Daniel --that was a side project anyways.

I blow out candles on the 10th for any of you who care to keep up with that, but honestly right now all I can think is "Where did the time go?"  (And maybe when will I finish revisions...)

Speaking of revisions... Those have been brutal!  I wrote myself a "To do" list for Cursed with Power today, and it's like my entire life was just written on a paper.  As for when those revisions will be coming on inkpop?  I actually have no idea.  The goal is to be entirely finished in February to send out the book to publishers --and this time I want to have all my revisions fully complete so there's no doubts in my mind.  Also possibly so when I get the rejections I can pretend to laugh it off.  (Haha when has that ever happened?)

That's everything in a nutshell for right now.  Happy holidays, and I'll try to stop by now and then with some kind  of update.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Alive and moving along...

It's definitely been a while, and for those of you who actually keep up with the blog I'll apologize yet again.  Unfortunately I've been up to my throat with revisions.  I've also been spending a lot of time finding motivation because let's face it these days you have to keep yourself up so you don't fall.  To be entirely honest I want my book to be more than "good," and that's what I suppose you could say has kept me.

However, I will announce that revisions are in progress and new scenes are being added to Cursed with Power as seen necessary.  Oddly enough, I've felt extremely close to Celestria these past couple weeks or so and I've really been able to express her character more easily.  Alaire has also been a reason for me to continue to the book; if there's one character I'll always come back's him, without a second's hesitation.

On a sadder note, you all know I'm never one to be a downer, but I didn't create this blog so I would seem like a robot without any emotions.  I've recently lost touch with my best friend, and alas there she and I have stopped speaking.  This may seem irrelevant, but that also clouded my thoughts for my book.  She'll never see this, but I hope one day she knows I miss her.  And I wish that forgiveness could exist in her world...

Back to writing, though, I can't say I have news on New Life.  The book is up on inkpop, but only the prologue and maybe the first chapter are public.  Thankfully I got up to chapter 32 in outlining for the book.  My plan is to outline the entire book, and then go back and work through little holes here and there and anything else.  It's a work in progress, but right now my major concern is Cursed with Power.

Too all my writing friends who have recently been published: Congrats.  Just when I get to thinking that publishers are rejecting everyone, someone's being published.  Your work is excellent, and I wish you all the very best.  Thank you for inspiring us "little people."

Lastly, I'd like you to keep this in mind.  Should you ever fall, stray from the path you're on, or lose your way... I pray that someone always finds you.

For now that's all.  I'll try my best to update again sometime soon when I have more news or I can catch up with revisions and additions.  Just in case, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prologue: Reworked, rewritten, all new

The prologue to Cursed with Power has been rewritten, as I might have mentioned several days ago.  The new prologue has also been uploaded on inkpop for any of you inkies interested in reading it.  I also will say I've got catching up to do with myself, but let me worry about that and I'll worry about you.

In the original prologue, Celestria wrote a letter to Adam, expressing her fears of the new, dangerous world she was entering into.  While this letter was meaningful to Celestria, it wasn't quite for the readers. So after a publisher reviewed my book I started thinking about the prologue.  This time it's drastically changed.

We know Celestria is a Dark magician, but does she have any good in her heart?  She is as human as everyone else in her world, but then there must be something that separates her from the others.
When Celestria hears that a child is in danger something warns her to chase after the child.  Can this end well for her, or is this only the beginning of Celestria's long and torturous journey to an unknown fate.
Heat rose from the floorboards of the church the moment I entered.  I covered my mouth with the sleeve of my dress, but a dark cloud of smoke struck me in the face.  Falling against a board, I struggled to regain balance.  I gathered my dress together and took another step toward the fire, but I could not see a sign of the child’s presence.  A piece of wood dropped from the ceiling, nearly hitting me.  I ducked and glanced around the room, but in the blaze of the fire I could not see anything.  A cross near the altar lit up in flames as a pile of wood toppled it.
“Hello?” I cried out in a muffled voice.  Coughing, I backed away as the fire spread.  Tears swelled up in my eyes, and an overwhelming nausea swept over me.
Suddenly there was a faint cough and a girl whispered, “Help.”  My ears perked up as I tried to determine where the child was.  There was a crack, and when I glanced up I was horrified to realize another part of the ceiling was falling apart.  The board came down at me, but before it hit me something else did.  My face slammed into the wooden floor, and something heavy lifted off my back. 

An update on the Magicians series blog is posted as well.  I look forward to your thoughts, and I will say I worked hard with this new version of the prologue.
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Against All Boundries

*image does not belong to me*

It has been a long week to say the least, and here I was not even realizing it's already Thursday.  Like you, I'm also staring at the cover above and wondering "Ooh what is this?"
Unfortunately for me my mind never stops circulating this different, crazy ideas.  Literally the idea for this book struck me last night, and immediately afterward I grabbed a pen and notebook and began writing.  And for some reason every time this happens, in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "When Stephen King starts writing an idea down on paper it's amazing."  (It makes no sense, I know, but those are my thoughts.)

Anyways, as much as I would like to talk about this new creation I have to be brief because at the moment everything's up in the air with this one.   While I did get a bit further in New Life, the sequel to Cursed with Power, I also realized several plot holes that need to be reworked before I return to it.  It's a book I feel needs to be outlined in great detail before I can fully dive into it.  I can't guarantee that I'm even going to write any of Against All Boundries in fear that I might lose track of all the ideas I have for the Magicians series, but it's a nice reassurance in case I do need a break from the series.  Mind you, this doesn't mean I'd put aside Cursed with Power and stop querying it to work on this new idea.  This is just something to pass my time with, and if it turns into something that I can really see myself getting into it then even better.

That post about Cursed with Power will be coming soon.  Sorry again everyone!

Night all.
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Desire to be published

That moment when you're scrolling through your dashboard updates and thinking, "Is everyone published except me?"  Of course you know you're not the only one, but sometimes it can feel like that when you see the people around you being published.
Already several authors from inkpop have made it into the publishing industry, including Leigh (author of Carrier of the Mark) and Amy (author of Saving Elizabeth).  Now sure inkpop has changed significantly over the past couple of months and landing a spot in the top five is anything but easy.  However, we can't really blame our own failure on anyone except...

Just like you, I've tried to look at it from every view point.  I blamed my characters, my book, the plot, the agents, the publishers... Anything and everything.  Of course the only person I was forgetting to blame was myself.  We don't like admitting to our own faults, but in this case it's something you'll want to accept much sooner rather than later.
So I'll tell you what I've been telling myself.  In order to get published I have to be the best I can be.  And if I don't show everything I have in my manuscript then publishers and agents will walk away from it.  I'm the only one who has control over whether my book is worthy of being published or not.  So sure we can blame whoever we want, but in the end you're the one who has to make a change.  You're the one who has to take that leap of faith and land on your feet, knowing that you'll be okay.  Maybe you don't know everything will turn out okay in the end, but isn't it worth it?
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cursed with Power: "We are as human as you"

Before you head over to the Magicians series blog for a more detailed update, you can hear it first here.  Cursed with Power has been in the process of revisions these past couple of weeks.  The first major revision is relating to the prologue.  If you stop by on inkpop hopefully the new prologue will be uploaded sometime before the end of this weekend.  (You'll read a post when it does go up in case you don't check in as others do.)
We have an exciting addition to chapter 22, which also includes a continuation of something that was left behind as a mystery from earlier on in the story.  

What makes a Dark magician good?  Are they purely evil or are there good characteristics in them?  In the new scenes Celestria shows her own colors in the person she has become.

"We are as human as you.  I cannot change what our magic has formed us into, but there must be good in us."
And the Angel of Death may show itself in the new scenes, debating on what final fate our characters will face.

The official update: Once the official update is posted you'll be able to read a sequence of the scene, read a selection from the new prologue, find out what happened to the original prologue, and more.
The story continues as the revisions bring together the last threads to sew in a final, publish-ready product.  I thank each and every one of you as you join me on this.

P.S. In case anyone was confused, the book is complete.  These revisions are the last of several that I am making so that the book is ready for publication.  If you've read the entire book, I leave it to you to decide whether you want to read the additional scenes.  However, I will say the new prologue has shown to fit in quite nicely with the role of Dark magicians in the book.  Looking forward to your thoughts!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carrier of the Mark

Obviously if you haven't heard about Leigh's book chances are you haven't been that involved in the writing community again.  (This is coming from the person that's trying to catch up on her blog lol).
Anyways, with all the excitement I did want to congratulate Leigh Fallon on her book.  This is truly an amazing book, and for any of you who have not gotten to it yet I highly encourage you to read the story.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

When I first hear about Carrier of the Mark being in the publication process, I stared at my computer screen for a long while and realized this was the same book I had been reading on inkpop long ago when Leigh was trying to reach the five.  Look at her now; she's gone above and beyond.  So to you Leigh, I want to send you all of my congrats.  This is an amazing piece of work, your voice in this book is absolutely lovely, and I believe I speak for everyone on the inkpop community when I say how honored we are that you started off just like the rest of us.  Thank you for being an inspiration.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Titles are finished for the series... so we hope

As you may have heard, it was difficult for me to come to a decision about the title of the last book in the Magicians series.  However, I am hoping I have come to a final decision with this one as you can see above.  Right now this is more of a less a promo picture for the cover.  As for when I can finally create the actual cover is a bit shaky right now because it may take a bit of time.  (Who knows, I might have it up by tonight for all I know.  Ha!)
Also, I believe this is in need of sharing:
Mind you I'd like to change the font on this before I set it as the official promo for the series.  All the same, I was hoping this would entice you for the time being.

In other news, I am working toward having several different covers to show as possible covers for Cursed with Power.  Of course if you should have any suggestions I am open to them.  Depending on when you last read Cursed with Power, please know that when it is next updated (I'll announce it here on the blog) you will notice:
  • The second half of chapter one, GREAT EVILS, has changed.  The original second half focused on Celestria's telling of Dyanna's absence.  This new one shows how her disappearance came about.
  • Once again, several new scenes featuring both Celestria and Alaire may appear to be "new."  You may notice these changes in chapters 20-23, but those are not (as of presently) exact chapters to follow by.
Not as long of a list as I was originally thinking of, but no complaints here.  Whether you want to reread chapter one again or not I'll leave for you to decide.  (I know how many times it has changed on you, and I apologized for that.) 

Followers: If you have a request focused on what I blog, please leave a comment or email me.  I post to please YOU, so if you are not satisfied let me know how we can fix that.
Enjoy your Saturday!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

And then there was my heart

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know it has been a while since I last posted.  Apologies!  Later tonight I am going to attempt to post about what's upcoming in New Life, book 2 in the Magicians series.  Also there will be a post to follow that on the Magicians series.

To my blogging friends, I apologize for being overwhelmed with schoolwork and so forth.  Rest assured knowing that I haven't forgotten about you, your blogs, or my blogs.  I'll get back on track ASAP :)
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The end of your book

Yet again it's been a while, and I have only myself to blame.  In case you're curious, I've actually been spending most of my time writing New Life and outlining instead of going on the internet.  No worries, I am alive and I have seen your comments/posts.  Thank you for the ongoing support everyone!

Today I'm addressing that question we all ask ourselves over and over again.  When you get to the end of your book, how can you know it's the end.  The question is indeed very important because you have to make a decision about what to do next.
Whether your manuscript is fantasy, romance, horror, or even nonfiction for that matter no one can tell you when you're done.  When you finish your book you'll know.  How cliche, right?  It's true, however, that when you finish your own book you get that feeling.  You should know that it's entirely done, and if you should chose that this is the book you will send out to publishers and agents then you need to make that choice because this is undoubtedly your best work.
The other day someone asked me if I was certain Cursed with Power is the book I want to get published.  I told them that I was certain because I've put my whole heart and soul into that book, and if it isn't my best work then I would not ever dream of having another book come before it.
A lot of times we take what we underestimate ourselves.  We say, "Oh, I just wrote 1000 words it's no big deal."  And you'll tell your friends and family that, but the writing community knows otherwise.  You need to be proud of your work, you need to show all the skill and talent you have.  Yes, you will receive a rejection a few times or maybe multiple times, but you have to believe in yourself and believe in your work. It's a two way street; you must show your work and promote it in order for someone to recognize it for you.

And no matter what anybody tells you, don't pay a publisher.  Take it from somebody who's been there and back, you would not be happy with the outcome.
Find your ending to that book, show the world what you have to offer, and someday who knows maybe we'll be reading your book in a library or bookstore.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guilty as charged

Would it be an understatement if I said it's been a while?  Sorry it's been so long everyone.  I'm really trying to catch up to myself, and over these past... How long has it been?  Well, during my MIA time period I have been busy at work.

Do you accept my apology? ---->

Seeing as I've got a lot of work ahead of me, let me try to catch up with myself on this blog.  Is that possible?
Well, I have been spending a lot of time on New Life.   Post-it-notes have became an essential in my life, and I have also been reading over Cursed with Power.
I will also admit I've been attempting to figure out the order in the Magicians series.  Not that it affects any of your lives at this moment, but I have to decide whether the third book becomes the fourth book and the fourth book becomes the third... Pretty much. My mind is blown.
And whether Leal came into my dream the other night or not I cannot say.  Maybe a mentioning of his name did...

Hope everyone's enjoying their week.  I've got writing to do before I lose any ideas and... revisions.  (Dreaded word.)  I'll give a better update when I have the time; don't worry, I haven't fallen off the center of the Earth.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upcoming: New Life, sequel to Cursed with Power

Perhaps I've never understand after all this time, Léal.  This time I'm ready to listen.  I want to know.

Léal returns in New Life to narrate the sequel of Cursed with Power.  Even though we met him in the first book, we learn a lot about him in this upcoming sequel.  He tells us of dangerous secrets, fears, and of the magical world.   

It's 1573 and Léal has become accustomed to the dirty looks towns people give him and the poor condition his mother is in.  However, everything spins around for him when an announcement becomes public about five Dark magicians remaining alive.
His best friend, Alaire, returns to the city of Celvont.  He's changed after the years and there is a bitterness in his tone.   It may be perhaps because of the engagement his fiancee ended or simply the darkness.  Having no family and no one to love, he has become a man with nothing to lose.
There's Celestria, who Léal meets in Deloys for a short period of time.  He is instantly attracted to her, but she shows no emotions toward him and pushes him away.
With Esmour dead and lives at stake, hope is hanging by a thread.  Alaire's health declines, Léal falls in love with a woman who has no interest in their relationship, and fate has twisted the world into chaos.  The lives of five people may lay in the hands of a dead man. 
 In the new upcoming sequel, you'll learn more about the magical world.  You can finally determine for yourself what to think of Léal.  More importantly, familiar characters return in a journey about destiny and fate.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

400th post!

The 400th post!  And it has been an extremely busy week for me, for any of you who might have been wondering.  Last night I came home from the mall and literally just fell asleep the second I stepped into my room.

Today, I want to have a moment of reflection.  After all, don't we need to reflect on ourselves now and then? Writing is something you need to enjoy, especially when you're marketing your book to agents and publishers.  It's the process you go through before querying that needs to be the experience of a lifetime.  What is it we enjoy and are excited about?  Is it our characters, the plot, the new ideas racing through our mind?

When I first came up with the plot for Certain Fate I was overjoyed.  You may recall me talking about it, and I remember on another site I was talking about it every day.  The idea was new and fresh, the characters were mysterious, and all I could think about was writing the next chapter and the next one and so forth.
Then summer came and despite how I had already started that book, Cursed with Power was begging me to give it a chance.  I wasn't sure if I could leave my criminal in Certain Fate for a magician in Cursed with Power whose attitude even I felt uncertain about.  Even so, I changed where I was heading and started working on the book I've now been working with for an entire year.  Of course we could always say suppose I did something different, suppose I had stayed with Levenaude instead of taking a chance with Celestria.

Well, here we are and I'd have to say --Levenaude forgive me for this--I'm happy with the choice I made.  Who knows, maybe you guys are too.
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Very exciting news!

Cursed with Power has finally received an acceptance!  (I had my mini-heart attack this morning.)  This is extremely exciting news for the book, as I'm sure it may be for those of you who have read over the past year.

As you can imagine, this has literally blown me away and made me an extremely happy person.  I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but it's definitely worth it all.  I'll try to have more of an update later on with all the details and everything.  Right now I'm trying to refocus on revisions, so after I post here and on the Magicians series blog it's back to work for me.

I did, however, finish the table of contents and acknowledgments page before I came on here.  :)

Overall, yeah this is a nice way to end the day.  Thoughts, reactions?
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

There's a lot of working going on here

Before I say anything, I'll tell you right now that I have become a fan of "The Office."  (Thank my boyfriend)  Despite the fact that I usually hate Steve Carrell in other shows and movies, I actually have found this show to be entertaining.  Nothing like "The Office" to motivate you, right?

Here the blog I guess it's getting a bit dull here, eh who knows.  Like you, I'm waiting.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the publisher.  I swear every time I hear the notification noise for a new email I hope it's from them.  (And then it's not.)  The atmosphere here is just exactly that... Hope, patience, waiting, eagerness, nervousness.  All of it.  (all right here.  lucky you.)
I've been reading through Cursed with Power all day.  You know that point where you tell yourself "Oh I won't add anymore because I don't want to take away what's in the story" so instead you go through spellcheck and then you just keep reading through all the pages to see where words were forgotten.. Yeah, you know the deal.
On another note, I'll stay on the brightside of matters.  My best friend just came back from Mrytle Beach and we're getting together soon, I've actually connected with my boyfriend's friends (as in they like hanging with me and my sweetheart), and at the end of the day I'm still writing.  (Wait... I'm writing?!  When did this happen?)

Later on this week I'm encouraging you to join me as I talk about the worst rejection letter I ever received.  (I think it'd be a nice way to connect if we all talked about our story.)  I'll be doing some other posts as well.  Kind of just trying to bring everybody back together here, so if you have ideas about what I should post about feel free to suggest it to me.
Also, I'll be talking about the Magicians series.  Whether you've read Cursed with Power or not, I promise there won't be any spoilers.  This is simply to tell you about the process to make a series and so forth.  (And whatever else I think of; at this point I'm making it up off the top of my head.)

Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who's been keeping their fingers crossed and sending the words of encouragement and support.  I love you all dearly for it!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Published?

First.... Breathe.

So it looks like Cursed with Power might be getting a publishing deal.  How exciting would that be?!  I don't know all of the details yet so unfortunately I have to remain very brief.
What I will tell you is I should be hearing news by the first or second week in August.  Hopefully *fingers crossed* Cursed with Power will receive the deal, and then... Well I can't even begin to imagine!

I'll keep you guys posted.  You've all been a wonderful with keeping me motivated, inspired, and giving me lots of (needed) support.

If you wanted to be on an email notification list about it leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list.  Some of you I already have added.  Also, if you've read Cursed with Power let me know.  I would love for readers to be able to get the chance to know exactly when something is happening with this book.

In the mean time, what can you do?  Well, if you haven't already follow the Magicians series blog.  I've always posted updates and so forth about Cursed with Power on there first; fans, friends, everyone is welcome.  Ask any questions you have :)  I don't care if it's what color shirt I was wearing when I wrote Cursed with Power [I don't know the answer to that, by the way], how everything came together, or how I'm remaining calm [in my head I'm freaking out].  Ask away; I promise to answer everything.

Check back in soon!
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion
Well, I've joined the community of Goodreads.  I'm hoping for this to be another outlet for readers to find me and become more interested in Cursed with Power.  If you're a part of the community, add me and I'll add you back.   This ought to be fun!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Admit it.  Sometimes you're afraid to write about it.  When we write we tend to create characteristics that separate our main character from us.  Of course this seems sensible, correct?  However, our MC needs to have that spark in his/her eyes, they need to have that moment where them and the reader can connect.  Even if you're afraid of it, I'll wager that love is what can bind us to our characters.  It connects us as the writers to them and it draws our readers closer to them.
For those of you who are afraid of romance entering into your story, I'll tell you now that no, not every story needs love.  Even so, keep in mind that at some time in our life we have felt loved --whether it was in our family, among friends, or in a relationship.  While romance can add new dilemmas in your plot, what's there to lose?  You can write an entire novel and have your MC be alone --in a manner of speaking--but in the end you'll most likely find that no one can have hope for a person who has no one they care for, no one they trust, and no one they tell their darkest secrets to.
So if you've come to the decision that you want to try adding in a new element, or perhaps you're bold enough to write in the genre of romance, there are simple rules to remember:

  • Love needs to feel and sound real --Of course there have been relationships that have (in some way or another) been "fake," but when it comes to love you'll only captivate your reader if you show them that what is between your two characters is real.  Love should not be forced.
  •  The love triangles?  Be careful -- You and I both have seen the shows and read the books where love triangles either drive the fans crazy or completely drive away the fans.  If you want the love triangle to work in your book make sure it's unique and it stands out.  Give your readers a reason to care.
  • Before love comes friendship --It's not to say that you'll fall in love with your best friend, but if your MC is in love there's no doubt that before that they were bonding closer to each other through friendship.  If nothing else, think about relationships of your own; chances are they started out as a friendship.
  • Show us the special moments --What better way to pull in your readers?  We've all had those moments in our novels where (in a manner of speaking) we "struck gold."  That moment where everything clicks into place and you, the reader, and the characters connect to each other.  You don't necessarily need to make it special enough for your readers to be crying, but think about what has an affect.  Whether it's death, kissing, embracing, sorrow, marriage, a moment of untold secrets... You have control over that.
Skyhe Monchief, romance author of Swordsong, reminds writers of all genres to:
Keep submitting and writing. They say that those who never get published gave up… I didn’t give up. But I’m stubborn.
With that, I'll leave you to think about what you've been afraid to put in your book and why.  I know this is a change up from what I usually blog about.  I'm really trying to connect more with you guys, so if there's something you're dying for me to post about let me know.

Be there for the magic:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do you remember....?

Do you remember the first draft of your book?  I'm certain you have a copy of it somewhere in your house, whether it's in a folder, binder, on your computer, saved to a USB, hidden away in a locked desk drawer.  It's somewhere, and having just looked at mine I'll tell you that a lot can change from the first draft of your book to the final edition.

While I was wondering what to do next with my books, I opened up the first draft of Cursed with Power.  I thought I'd share with you what I discovered that I had forgotten until just now.  This was chapter 8 in the original:

I looked at my hand, which had been severely burned earlier. It was now bandaged and did not hurt. I felt under the collar of my dress and could feel another bandage covering most of my left shoulder and some of my neck. I turned my body so that I was facing the Healer and my legs hung over the table. I cleared my throat so she would realize I was awake. “Oh, you’re up! I was worried about you, you know?” She stood up, holding a book in her hands. “Your injuries were much worse than I had thought, but it looks like now you’ll be all right.”

In the final edition Celestria does not arrive at Roana's [the woman in the scene quoted above] until chapter 9.  However, here's where I noticed a major change that affected the entire book.

Then, I noticed there was a man sitting on a chair beside me. He covered his face with his hands, and when I saw his dark hair I thought for a moment he was Léal. Observing him in more detail, I saw his hair was not black but a dark brown. All the same, he looked just as well groomed as Léal hence I had to wonder who this man was. I straightened my position and then coughed. Both the woman and the man glanced up at the same time.
“Ah, you are awake,” she said as walked over with a book in her hand.

When I realized that Alaire [the man referred to in the scene above] does not appear whatsoever in the first draft of Cursed with Power I was horrified.  Now that I know the story well with Alaire being significant to Celestria's quest, I can't believe that originally he was never there.
The reality of it was in the first draft Celestria was alone.  She had no one to save her, no one to fall in love with, no one to share her secrets with.
To be honest, I'm glad that I changed the first draft significantly.  There is no way I would want to be querying this book and asking people to read it if Alaire was not in the story.

Take the time to look back at the first draft of your book and I guarantee you you'll be surprised.  What did you find that was or wasn't there in the final edition of your book now?  Are you satisfied with the changes that have occurred over time?
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Comfort Zone

For some of us it's writer's block, and for others it's simply that one moment where you feel there is nothing left to do.  Maybe you've finished your novel, maybe you're in the middle of revisions, maybe you're refreshing your email for responses, or perhaps you spent the day wondering where you would begin again.

I've been faced with one of those days where I'm refreshing my email and wondering what to do.  Revisions?  Maybe.  The sequel?  Possibly.  Something different?  Uh... sounds scary.
And that tends to be the problem.  We can hit rock bottom, and even if every ounce of our body is begging us to go out of our comfort zone and begin something fresh, do something extraordinary we aren't quite sure what that may be.  I came across this problem myself yesterday when I was discussing publication with my boyfriend and with some of my friends.

So I'll tell you, whether you care to listen or not, what the problem is for me.  (Mind you this may not be your problem at all.)  When I get to working on the sequel of my book all I can think of in the back of my mind is about agents, publishers... and, of course, the first book.  Here you are telling yourself "Oh this will be good for me.  This ought to be a blast!" Yet what you don't dare tell anybody is you can't get the first story out of your head.  The characters, the storyline, the action, each individual scene... Doesn't it sometimes feel like a movie playing over and over again in your head?
If you're scared to move on from the first book then do whatever it'll take.  Read it, revise it, query agents about it, stare at it.  Anything.  The fact of the matter is if you know you can't stop writing then you shouldn't let anything hold you back.  I'm telling you this to help you... and because this is what I've been convincing myself of all day.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogger Award

First I would like to thank Riv Re for awarding me with this, and also thank her support in my work.

Next, I'd like to pass the award onto 15 bloggers who I admire their personality, efforts, and blogging for.
1. Julie Musil at Julie Musil --For helping out a friend and having faith
2. Kelly Breakey at Blog like you mean it --For always offering to listen
3. Roland D. Yomans at Writing in the Crosshairs --For his passion and advice
4. Summer Ross at My Inner Fairy --For her support and wisdom
5. Sheron Paris at Sheron Paris --For staying strong through rough times
6. Leigh Fallon at Leigh Fallon --For never giving up and giving us all someone to admire and support
7. The ladies over at Project Mayhem --For the never ending advice and tips
8. Evie J at Peace, Love, Books --For the book suggestions and passion she has for her work
9. Dain at DAiNGER --For getting us all through marriage counseling with our books
10. Char Marie at The Stories of Dreams --For her amazing cover-making talent

Ah, well 10 seems to be the lucky number.  There you go ladies and gentlemen!  With this award, all you have to do is link back to this post, award it to 15 of your closest blogging friends (and of course let them know), and share 7 facts about yourself.

Seven facts about me:

  • I prefer to write in peaceful environments
  • Ever since I began writing five years ago, I just can't get away from it!
  • As we all must admit... I was that girl who adored Nsync and Backstreet Boys.
  • I am easily scared.
  • Despite my attempts at other genres, I have always returned to fantasy --the genre I know, continue reading, and can always add twists into.
  • My favorites series: Harry Potter ; my favorite novel: General Winston's Daughter

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Another contest over at YAtopia

YAtopia has two contests going on currently, giving you the chance to be noticed by agents Vickie Motter or Bree Ogden.  Though the contest with Bree Ogden ends tonight at midnight, this new contest with Vickie Motter is lasting until July 20th.
In the new contest you have a chance to sell your book submitting only a three line pitch (and of course following the submission guidelines).  For any of you who are currently seeking an agent to represent your book, this is a great chance you won't want to miss.

Enter the contest: here

Best of luck!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wrap up of the week

This week is finally coming to an end, and I thought it was about time I wrap up what's happened this week.

Despite its ranking on Inkpop, Cursed with Power has been on quite the journey since April.  Between querying agents and publishers, I've entered CWP into the YAtopia contest.  In the time between all of that I have also been working on New Life, the sequel in the series.  It has been coming along, to say the least, and motivation from the people around me has definitely helped.

This week has been long, but hopefully in the weeks to come there will be more exciting news to speak of.  To be honest I am eager to hear word from an agent interested in reading more of Cursed with Power.  Several writers I know have agents representing them now or are in the process of having their first book published.  I would like to congratulate Roland Yeomans, Leigh Fallon, and Julie Musil for their accomplishments in the writing business.

*fingers crossed* I'm working toward it.  Fortunately, I have not been taking the journey alone and I feel like through all of this I have grown more attached to the characters and Cursed with Power itself.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pitch to Bree Ogden for an incredible opportunity

That's right, an incredible contest is going on in which the first winner will have their complete manuscript read by Bree Ogden.  All writers with a query and complete manuscript (as well following contest guidelines) are able to submit in an elevator pitch with the chance of Bree Ogden choosing them as the winner of the contest.  Second and third place winners also are given the invitation to submit to Bree Ogden with the first 50 pages of their manuscript.

For all the details head over to YAtopia to read the guidelines and submit.

Best of luck to everyone!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A voice of your own

Maybe she can't see every grain of sand or look past each beam of sunlight.  She might be looking for inspiration, she might be looking for her loses, or maybe she's simply trying to find herself.  Whether she's sitting out in a field, cuddled up under the covers in her bedroom, or breathing the midnight air, she wants to find herself out there.  She wants to discover who she is, what she can become, and what she has been all along.
If you saw her you'd think of her no differently than anyone else.  She knows she isn't perfect, she might have flaws, she's made mistakes in her life... But what she does know is that she isn't afraid to find herself today.  She isn't afraid of the mistakes she's made, and she accepts the loses she has experienced.  Somewhere out there somebody might be hoping she finds everything she is looking forward, but what matters is not the air she breathes, the dirt on the ground, the times she's fallen... What matters is someone believes in her, and that alone gives her enough to believe that she can make it and it'll be worth it to keep trying.
Writing in a journal, typing on her laptop, talking to the person she's closest to... You never know, you could be her.  You might be looking just like she is for herself.  For... more importantly, something of her own.  Something that belongs to her and no one else.

She is looking for her voice... A voice of her own.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Life Prologue

It took awhile for me to get here, but I've finally typed up the prologue to New Life and I'm moving along in the book.  (Trust me, though, it's not something I'm going to be finished with quickly.)

At the breaking of dawn someone breaks into Esmour's house.  At first he does not know who they are, what they want, and why they have come for him.  Then, all too soon he finds out enough to know that his life will never be the same.
A few miles away in the town of Celvont, Léal is asleep and safe in his home.  When he wakes up there is not a worry in the world; all he has to do is simply dress for service and be on his way.  However, what would have been an ordinary day soon turns upside down.  Though he does not know it, there is a woman waking up at the same time as him.  While he walks out of the house, she is in a world of misery and fear.  She screams but no one hears her --not even him.  Her long red hair goes over her shoulders, her jaded eyes tell of the heartbreak she feels, and a lonely house reminds everyone of the tragic past she continues reliving.  

Fate may bring two people together in time to come, but the world has changed.  Magic roams the street, good people are involved in wicked doings, and life is no longer given but rather taken away.  In such a world, one wonders how to survive when everything is against them.  What hope is there?
"There is a woman you will meet.  Without her you are nothing, but if your paths should happen to cross and you do meet then know she is the key to everything.  The strongest of bonds will be formed between you and she, and given time there will be no amount of distance or suffering that will separate either of you."

New Life hasn't been uploaded on inkpop yet because I have not reached the 10k requirement.  However, I'm hoping that these updates will keep your curiosity.  If you haven't read Cursed with Power this book might not be where you want to start in the series.  Even so, I will say that it's exciting to be working with Léal.  There are secrets and mysteries of his own past he has yet to reveal, but he's definitely grown since his role in Cursed with Power.  (I don't literally mean "grown", but more has been added onto his character, personality, and etc.)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reflection on writing

It's been a while since I posted and for that I apologize.  As you may have read, my grandma recently passed away and this week has consisted of planning out the funeral.  As for myself, I have been spending time thinking.  Though it may seem like all I have done is think, I actually have done a lot in regards to outlining New Life.  My boyfriend says it would be good for me to start something so I can be writing again --today I'm going to take his advice.  I'm going to begin writing the prologue to New Life, and though I've been thinking about it a lot I have an idea of how it will work out.  I'll talk about this more on the Magicians series blog, but in the mean time I would like to reflect on where my writing started and where it is now.
What inspired me to write this post was Jaclyn Dolamore's own post about how she has grown as a writer.  You can read it for yourself: here.  Now I would like the time to share with you my own experience.

The Magic of Light was my first book --also the first one that I completed.  I began writing this book at the age of 12, and at the time it seemed like nothing could stop me.  I wrote every single day, and when I finished the book I sent it out to agents and publishers.  It's been five years since I started this book, which was ultimately what inspired me to continue writing.  Even though now I have realized the problems in The Magic of Light and accepted it won't be my first book to be published, this is where the dream and the passion started.  If I hadn't gone through the journey with Trisha and Keith as they battled against their enemies I wouldn't be where I am today.  (Read it online: here)
After my first book, it was difficult to find something to get into again.  I wanted to write the sequel to The Magic of Light, which is titled Guard the Sacred, but instead I began off of a fresh idea.  I took eight new characters that were going to be in Guard the Sacred and wrote Everblue.  With this book I was eager to keep writing and figure out how everything would end, but sadly when Nanowrimo began and I worked on No Mist for two months.  Unfortunately neither books were ever finished, but if I had to chose which one to go back to it would be Everblue.  The story is interesting and the characters are likable; it just takes time and patience.
Going Back Home was another book I worked on around the time I put aside my other two books.  It was about a girl, Christine, who got lost in the forest with another teenager.  (Heard it before, right?)  
Eventually I stopped writing those books and had this new idea.  The story about a criminal living among the royal family.  Certain Fate was a book I was intrigued by for a good while.  It never reached 10k to be public on inkpop, but it wasn't because of the story that I put it to the side.  I thought of something new that I couldn't hold off any longer.
By 17 I was writing Cursed with Power during the summer.  Here I am a year later and all in all it hasn't been too bad of a year.  The rejections still come in now and then, but now that I have the Magicians series to work on at least I have a stable working system for myself.  

Enough of my rambling, right?  Hope this was somewhat interesting, even though I know what I've written over the years has bounced around a lot --so to speak.  Happy Tuesday!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

R. I. P. Julia Sablowski

The news came to us early this morning.  My grandmother, Julia, passed away.  She was 86 years old...
The death of a loved one is the most difficult part of life to deal with.  We can deny and grieve all we want, but in the end we must accept what has happened.  My grandmother was a truly wonderful women, and for that I believe it is time for someone to reflect on her.

Julia was always a very strong women.  When she got married and her husband went off to war, she stayed at home and watched over their children.  She was religious, a firm believer in God, and she knew how to manage the house whether she was alone or with helping hands.  In her free time she would walk outside and plant flowers, vegetables, fruits... anything.  She loved that garden of hers outside with the large field surrounding it.
She raised four children: Carol, Steve (John), Thomas, and Jean.  She taught them about love, about faith, about respect and duty.  When they were old enough to go out on their own they had children of their own and she became a grandmother.
Despite Julia's amazing talent for always remembering dates --birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, everything--old age one day seemed to overwhelm her and that was when Alzheimer's set in.  Unfortunately, I never saw my grandmother in her prime when she knew everything and everyone.
However, I do have a memory of when I was very young --about seven--and she and I walked through the field in her backyard.  Her cats were outside and they followed us around as I asked her about that field.  I can't remember what she said so many years ago, but what I do remember and won't forget was the smile that flickered across her face as we walked about.

Watching Grandma go was extremely difficult, but what I continue to tell myself is she's with her husband again.  They're together and looking down at all of their children and grandchildren.  At last she can finally rest.

Though she may never know it, I decided when I saw Grandma in the hospital that her spirit should live on in us today.  In my upcoming book New Life I have dedicated a character who reflects Julia.
Rest in peace, Grandma.  We shall miss you.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011


There are numerous struggles we endure with each passing day.  Sometimes we ask ourselves how we will make it through them; other times we try to forget.
I remember once asking my boyfriend if he believed that God watched over us --just two ordinary teenagers with struggles, dreams, love...  I asked him once and I recall him saying, "I don't know, but I want to believe that He does."  One night I fell to sleep and I realized God does watch over us, and even though sometimes we feel worried and scared and alone we never truly are.  I'm not just talking about God here; I'm talking about the people in our lives.  You know the guy you talk to every night and tells you "I love you" before you fall to sleep.
Too many times we let worry and fright overwhelm us.  The beauty of life is we have a destiny of our own to make, people we can love and show our love to, and hope.  Hope, that one thing that never dies so long as we have something to hold onto.  So whether it's your book, your stuffed bear, or the words he tells you before you go to sleep --hold onto all of that and never let it slip away.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here I am, I made it

Well, it's been a while, eh?  This week I've spent a lot of time thinking, and I've come to realize something.  There is too much regret in this world.  We regret what we do, we regret what we have or haven't said, we regret the moments of life we've missed.  If you're going to regret anything, regret what you haven't done.  The past is already done and you can't change it, but the present we can still make the best of.  I say this to my writing friends out there and to everyone else in general.  Let down your worries, make each moment in your life count, and keep on loving the people closest to you.
Besides thinking, I also spent too much time worrying about this, that, and everything in between.  And the truth of the matter is that's not going to get me or you anywhere.
At one point I threw down my pen and thought to myself, "No, I've had enough."  For an entire day I refused to get anywhere near my writing, and inside it was killing me, tearing me apart, eating at me.  The next day, though, I woke up and the sun was beaming in my window and I thought, "You know what, it's time to get back to what I can do."  Life is difficult, writing can be a world of madness sometimes, and if you put the two together it can be overwhelming more than we would like for it to be.
Every day when I feel like it's been too much or I'm too worried about the other troubles in life to carry on, I look around at the people who support me.  My family, my friends, and even people I do not personally know.  I look at them and remember they've been here for me this long; it's not going to end abruptly.

You do not need to change yourself to make it through each day.  You do not need to throw away every dream because you get scared.  Stay strong, hold onto the person you love, and keep working toward the passion you have.
Here we all are.
We've made it.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Act of Writing

I admit there are times when I don't know what to do.  As a writer, I experience this problem various times in the day.  When I look at everything I've done, read over what I've written, and look back at where I started it's difficult to determine how to react.  Shouldn't I just be glad I am moving along, getting further?  A part of me is.  A part of me is jumping for joy, amazed with where I've gotten and wants to keep going.  Another part of me, however, is the one that tries to get at me. I am not normally a person with low self-esteem, but when I'm writing it is very easy for me to feel differently about what I've accomplished.  That's not to say I'm unsatisfied with my writing and so forth, but I believe these are just the early stages I am going to experience as I continue waiting.
Patience is something I've always wanted to have, but in many cases I think I convince myself out of it.  In writing I have no real choice.  I have to be patient.  And sure, you're thinking to yourself that really nothing is forcing you to keep your patience.  After six years, I've learned patience is the key to it all.
When I feel disappointed in myself, there is something I remember that kicks me back into gear (so to speak).  I remember that if it is not I myself telling this story, who will?  Though my characters are obviously fictional, I feel like by writing books about them I am bringing life to them and even bringing more life into the time they would have lived.

You know what I've learned?  Despite how many times I feel awful about my own writing talents, at the end of the day I'm still writing.  And because I still am that tells me that this isn't just a one time thing that I'll eventually become sick of.  Trust me, if that were the case it would have happened years ago.  This is something I am pursuing.  It's a dream, a goal, a desire, a life that I yearn to reach.
Stephen King once said that he never thought anyone would read Carrie once it was finished.  While he was teaching at a university he never imagined that thousands upon thousands of people would become intrigued by Carrie White's unusual story, and that because of that book alone he was able to quit his job as a teacher and begin a full time career as an author.
"You can approach the act of writing with nervousness, excitement, hopefulness, or even despair--the sense that you can never completely put on the page what’s in your mind and heart. You can come to the act with your fists clenched and your eyes narrowed, ready to kick ass and take down names. You can come to it because you want a girl to marry you or because you want to change the world. Come to it any way but lightly. Let me say it again: you must not come lightly to the blank page." --Stephen King, On Writing
No matter how hard the act becomes to pursue... I'm going to following Mr. King on this one, and follow after it in any way but lightly.

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