Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Submit your work and see how it really works

Yes, it's true. Now you can share your projects on Write Here as you never did before.
But I don't believe you... Read it and weep on our blog.
This is a new feature I've add in just for all the writers like me who can't share their work enough.
Want comments? Want feedback? Want to see your projects?
Go to Submit Your Project(s) now to read the guidelines so you can start submitting. Go to Groups & Projects to begin the process of submitting.

The advantages:
  • You get your own place for your project(s)
  • If someone really likes your project(s) they can join your group
  • You can send out messages to everyone about your project(s)
  • Readers can comment on your group's wall or directly where you have your project
  • Organize your projects however you like
  • Put in as much detail and depth as you like
  • Have your own logo for your work
  • Stand out in the crowd
  • Let your voice be heard
  • And so so much more
The disadvantages:
  • Not a one-step process, but hey it's worth it!
  • You can not organize your work in alphabetical order
  • Photos may not show until viewer clicks into the project
  • You are not notified about how many members view your work unless they leave comments directly on your work... or so I think
Just PM me or comment me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have. Tell me if you love or hate this new feature. I want to hear it all from you.

Happy writing,

Bored with other writing sites?

Welcome to Write Here

Share stories or just discuss issues you deal with as a writer. And, as always,
meet other writers just like you.
Follow Write Here on its offical blog:
If you would like to contribute to the blog, please comment or message me and I'll add you in on the blogging staff.

So this is the welcome on Write Here's new network, groups. It's going pretty well so far, but it's just a matter of everyone getting used to the site. Join us! At the moment we only have four members because we are still waiting for all of the data from our original website to export over. The process is rather long, it would seem...
So please consider joining us because you know that you want to. (I'm just kidding; I have no idea if you want to, but if you're a writer I think you should consider it).
Honestly, there are not enough writing sites. Let's all just admit that now. I mean, besides Inkpop, Mibba, FanFiction, and FictionPress I cannot think of any others off the top of my head. I'm members of a lot of writing sites, but the problem with a lot of them is that they will not let you do anything unless you pay. I guarantee you that you don't have to pay to be a member of Write Here. I am currently working on making a page for all Write Here members to share writing and such. I will let you know how that goes; let's all hope that I do not fail miserably at it, but it is very possible that I shall.

Happy writing,

Leaves or the forest?

Hellooooooo everyone.

Okay, for right now I have this whole leaf background going on for the blog, but I was also debating over whether to have a background instead of like a forest with the sun beaming through the branches.
I guess either will be the layout for now because it's summer, unless I actually find a layout for writing or something to do with that...
Let me know what you think!

Happy writing,

Do you like the layout right now?

Hey followers, viewers, and everyone else:

Do you like the layout I have right now for the blog, or should I try to find something different?
I mean, I like the books being the background image, but I feel that the colors on here are kind of too dark and too depressing when this is a blog full with the little things in life that for some reason or another amuse me.

I'll be looking around for other layouts. Let me know what you think or what you suggest.

Happy writing,

Which would you want to meet?

I put the new poll up. The interesting thing about is that there are only really two authors on there that I really like. I mean, Stephen King is a great author from what I've heard, but I've actually never read any of his books and I do not know how I would react if one day we were to come face to face.

In case you aren't familiar with names... Your choices:
J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series

Stephenie Meyer, author of The Host and the Twilight series

Stephen King, known for writing the scariest and most demented horror novels

D.J. McHale, author of the Pendragon series and helped write the script for Flight 29 Down

And you all already know that I would never choose Stephenie Meyer to meet because I think she and I would have a lot of problems because I "disliked" --to put it plainly--Twilight so much.
I pretty much just thought of the four most popular authors off the top of my head, and that is how I came up with these choices.

Happy writing,

A sort of new look...

Fictional Writer

So I guess you could say that I've kind of changed the look of this blog a bit.
I thought I would also let you know that first off, I had to get rid of the fish. As much as they may have been enjoyable, they didn't really look the greatest when this is mainly a writing blog and they made the blog run a bit slower --as Riv had predicted. Secondly, I changed the poll question because pretty much everyone who follows this blog had already answered it, so I figured, "Hey, why not just change it already?"
More importantly, as you probably already see from my last post, Write Here has switched over to I, along with most of the Write Here members, are very excited that we have made this move because ning was getting a little outrageous anyway. I hope you will consider joining us. At the moment I am the only member on Write Here because all the other member data has not been exported over to yet. Join Write Here and let the real writing begin!
Hmm... what else do I need to mention while I am going on and on about nothing in particular? I cannot really think of anything this very moment. I'll be splitting up my time between blogging and for now, so I'll catch you around whenever. Remember to keep spreading the word about Write Here Thanks.

Happy writing,

Hello, Groups!!!!!! :D

A website where writers can write.

Hi everyone.
Yes, yes it's true! We have finally switched over to
I have exported all of our data, and now is taking it all and slowly putting it into our new network. I do not know how long it will take, but when I get the email that it's all done, I will make a new post on here and let you all know.
Though I am still working to make our site look wonderful and so forth, here is the link:
Hope everyone likes the new look and the new network, and remember that I'm still working on getting it all finished out but for now it's pretty good, if I do say so myself:)

Happy writing,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming along in Cursed with Power

Cursed with Power is the first book in the Magicians series that focuses on Celestria's story.

Can you tell us about Cursed with Power?
Cursed with Power is a story told from Celestria's narration. She finds out one day that there are only five Dark magicians left in the magical world, and Celestria is one of the five. The story focuses on how she struggles with her magic and also how she gives it her all to find the other four Dark magicians who are the last of a group of people she relied on.
What is it like working with Celestria's character? Why do you think you have her personality the way it is?
It is always very interesting. Celestria is the kind of main character that is not our every day main character, and she is not the protagonist as most main characters usually are.
I do not know why I made Celestria the way she is, but I think it fits in with her being a Dark magician. I always have thought of Dark magicians to have been people with dark thoughts and gloomy pasts. Celestria has both; everyone in her family has died, and she believes her sister, Dyanna, to be dead. I think it is mostly because of all the terrible events she experienced as a child that her thought became much more twisted and perhaps even negative. However, you will find that Celestria is not a boring or depressing character to read about. Perhaps this is just me being bias, but I find that she is rather intriguing to read about as she continues on with her mission.
In the third chapter you have Celestria meet Leal but not even realize it. Is this going to come up again in the novel?
I really do not want to give away that, but yes she has met Leal and that may very well come back to "haunt" her, lets say.
What is the most challenging part of this novel so far, seeing as you've only just began?
Again, I think it just a matter of me finding my bearings and also finding my voice within this story. I also have to keep Celestria's character in line with the personality I've given her, while at the same time I have to try and get the reader to want to know more about her and what she is and is not going to do. I think it would be great if this could be one of those stories where the readers are saying, "I'm not sure how to feel about Celestria..." Because that's exactly how you're supposed to feel.
Even though you do not have many characters in the story so far, who has been your favorite to work with? Your least favorite?
Yeah, I do know how honestly I can answer that right now... For now I'll say that Celestria is my favorite --even though that's ironic--because she has a lot of depth in her character and her past has some mystery in it. And as of this moment I do not have a least favorite character because I only have a few.
Are we ever going to find out who Adam is?
Adam was the man Celestria wrote the letter to at the beginning of the book. All of the books in the Magicians series start out with the main character writing a letter to someone significant to them. You will find out the true story about Adam further on in the book, but as for when I am not sure.
What are your major goals with this book?
Eventually when I have it all finished and it's been on IP for who knows how long, I would like to try getting it published. Of course, that would be after I get The Magic of Light published.
After that? I'll just go onto the next book in the series... New Life, which focuses on Leal's story.
Why do you already have all of the books for the Magicians series figured out?
I do not have them "figured out"; I just decided the titles, made covers, and chose what they would be about. You kind of need to do that with series because you have to know before the reader does where you are going to go with the series.
So you're definitely looking forward to when others can view this book on inkpop?
Of course! I always look forward to that, even though it takes a really long time before someone comes along and says, "Oh, this seems like something she put a lot of time into. Let me check it out." Nonetheless, a writer can have their dreams and wishes.

Happy writing,

I have a question

WikiAnswers - Were restaurants referred to as diners back in the 1500s or was their a more common term used when referring to them

If you should happen to know the answer to my question or discover the answer before I do, please let me know. I am working on Cursed with Power right now, and I want to be certain that by Celestria referring to the man's restaurant as a 'diner' would have been appropriate terminology for back in the 1500s.
Answers can be left as a comment, or if you're a member of wikianswers then you can answer it right on there. Thanks all!

Happy writing,

I've just started reading this...

In the Depths of Dayport by: Aquinnah Tchop

I've just started reading this story on IP because I had read the prologue and just had to keep reading on. If you are a member of IP, I am highly suggesting you read this because this is not an ordinary story.
This isn't --thankfully--one of those boring stories, where the whole time you're reading it you're thinking, "Gosh, when is it ever going to end?!" No, so far and I think all the way through this book just grabs hold of you. Of course there are some problems here and there because no one is perfect, but I think you can really get into this book.
And, from what I have read so far, I do not think this will be one of those, "I read Twilight so I decided to try to write a book similar to it." Yes, it has vampires, but I am hoping that it will not be like a copy off right from Twilight because for those of us who hate Twilight we really cannot take reading another book like it.

Happy writing,

Count 'em: One, two, three...

This summer... Okay, prepare yourselves; this is bizarre.

This summer I am working on three novels. One, two, three novels! I know it is insane. I know it is entirely insane, but I am doing it. I was already working on Everblue and Certain Fate, and I was going to wait until I actually finished one of those before starting on Cursed with Power, but as you can see that did not go as according to plan.
Now, I know you're looking at my "Now working on..." page and saying, "But there are four novels on here!" Well, I don't actually count The Magic of Light as something I'm working on when I talk about the novels I'm working on --whoa, repetition!--because The Magic of Light is already finished. I am simply re-editing that book for the thousandth time. (No, it really has not been that many times, but it does feel like that).
Anyways, I just wanted to share with all of you out there reading this now that I am working on that many novels. Sadly, I do not know if I will finish any of them this summer, but one can always set goals for herself.
Also, this doesn't relate to what I mentioned above, but The Magic of Light is now on two picks lists on inkpop. Yeah, so I'm slowly getting somewhere with it on IP, I guess... I think the real problem is that not too many people on IP are interested in swapping reads anymore because they are too involved in their own stories and so forth. I mean, I can't blame them because I know I am sometimes too involved myself, but still.... Nonetheless, I am glad the ranking for my most important novel is starting to improve.

Happy writing,

Ten Ways to tell if you're a Writer

Have you ever wondered what really makes you a writer? Not just someone who will write because they have to, but because you want to.

Here is my list of the top ten ways you can tell:
  1. You are told by someone --a family member, friend, etc--that you spend way "too much time" writing.
  2. In your free time you either write...or read.
  3. You enjoy writing, and when everyone is complaining, "Aw, not another essay!" you're thinking, "Bring it on!"
  4. When you read other people's work or that of your own, you don't just read it. In the back of your mind you're thinking of revisions that could be made or what was done very nicely.
  5. You have several journals, folders, binders, or etc. that are dedicated to your writing career. Or maybe just your whole desk in general is dedicated to that?
  6. You've heard this before: "Let me guess, when you grow up you're going to be a writer, right?"
  7. People seek you for advice and so forth on writing projects of their own that they are working on.
  8. You usually over-note take because you want to make sure you haven't missed anything important. (This may include general note taking or notes for your stories).
  9. You could talk about writing for a long time... Maybe that's why you have a blog?
  10. You have truly dedicated your soul and heart into your work.
I hope that list wasn't too terrible. I was actually coming up with that all off the top of my head, so it might be...

Happy writing,

Four followers!

Thanks so much to everyone who decided to follow this blog. I was really surprised when I saw that I already had four followers on this blog this morning. Thank you all so much.

You. Rock. My. World.
I know that's really lame to say, sorry...
Anyways, I really appreciate the support and the follows. I am following you all on your blogs too, so it works out both ways for us, I suppose.
And if it's not too much to ask, please help me spread the word about my blog on here. I've invited my friends and all, but I'm not sure when they will be able to go on the Internet and follow, so I could really use you guys' help as well.
Happy writing,

Nano coming so soon?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Is it just me or does it seem like NaNoWriMo --National Novel Writing Month--is closer than I realized. I know it does not start until November, as always, but really I'm thinking that November isn't that far off...

I already decided on my Nano choice for this year. And my choice was:
To the public view, Jocelyn was just a princess. However, her family knew that she was not "just" a princess. She had been trained, and trained well to defend herself. She was the only heir left to the throne. "You need to learn this, Jocelyn. My lady, there won't be much time." Kerrich said. "I know. Adela already told me --Dalmas is sending someone to kidnap me. Dalmas is sending someone to kill me. I am ready now." Jocelyn said as Kerrich placed the long, thin knife in her hand. "There's no telling what they are going to do, dearest Joceyln. You are going to have to be careful. You are going to have to be brave; do not fail us." Kerrich replied. He was almost whispering, and Jocelyn could see his checks were getting wet. "I am going to be strong. I shall not die." Jocelyn promised.

***Jocelyn heard the door creak open. She grabbed the knife that she had placed on her nightstand, but she remained lying in her bed. A figure came over to where her bed was. It's hand came down, holding a shining object, and Jocelyn screamed. Then the knife went into skin...

I suppose I decided to do a story like this because it was something different. I mean, how many times have you read a story where the girl is helpless and gets kidnapped, and then she is not rescued until the brave knight comes? I do not have anything against those stories --I like them just as much as anyone else--but I just felt that this was a new kind of story that might be interesting to try out.

I am hoping --really, really hoping--that this isn't going to be like with Nano last year where at first I was all into it and writing everyday and every free minute I had and then BOOM! I was like, "Ohhh, no, where did I want to go with this?!" Do you not hate when that happens? It drives me mad, I'm telling you! So I am really going to give it my all this year, and I am going to try my very hardest to make it to 50,000 words even though I will be in school while Nano is going on. Fifty thousands words really isn't that big of a deal --or at least not to me--but it's just a matter of me finding the time to get everything down.

Of course,it's not going to be until next April that ScriptFrenzy will be back again. I actually did better than I had expected in that, but sadly I only made it to 67 pages when the goal was 100. One hundred. Oh well, on the bright side I got more than half done...

I may consider sharing some of my script with you all if you care to read it, but again, that is only if you want to request about that. I'll consider posting it on here or whatever. I'm not sure how I'll figure where to put it, but if you are like, "Eh, why not read a script that she tried to finish and not suck at?" then I'm with you there on that.

Happy writing,


Write Here is switching to

Write HereIn case you did not know, Write Here --my writing site I started a month or so ago--is moving to network. We have been on ning, but then ning decided that they were going to start charging members to be on their network, and so I am switching up all over to tomorrow, June 30th. I will be posting up the information on both this blog and Write Here's official blog.

I'm asking Lala if she will be making a way for me to link you to Write Here's official blog so I can have that on the side of this website, along with perhaps a link to inkpop because I am a very dedicated member of that.
Please consider joining in on the writing and so forth going on on Write Here. We would love to have more members!

Happy writing,

When you write, you can write m a g i c

When you write....

I just thought of that saying, actually... (Wow, how random is that?!)
Honestly, though, I really do believe that. When you write stories you can write about whatever you want with whatever characters you like, and no one can tell you that all of it is unreal and whatever else kind of nonsense.
Doesn't it never cease to amaze you that you have the ability to make a story come to life at the tip of your fingers tips? I think is really truly something that we do not consider a lot, but it is amazing the things we can and the stories we can tell when we are writing them ourselves.
So never be afraid to write because someone is always willing to read it.

Happy writing,

Um.. You have fish on your blog?!

I know it does seem rather... odd that I have a fish gadget at the bottom of this blog, but I happened to find it as I was editing this blog to make it look pretty and so forth.

Personally, I think the fish look kind of cool on here. I mean, you're entitled to have your own opinion, but I think I shall keep them on here for now. And I mean, if nothing else, at least you can have fun clicking your mouse and giving the fishes food. I really think the person that thought of the gadget must have been as bored as I. Oh well, I guess it goes to show that you really can think of some strange things when you have a lot of time to think and act on those thoughts.

Happy writing,

Yes, I will be guest blogging

Riv Re was asking for guest bloggers on her website, and so I offered to be one.

So, if you should happen to go on her blog during August, I suppose my post will be up then.
I may also post the post I sent to her on here, but I'm not really sure right now...

Happy writing,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Age has nothing to do with it!

If you are a young writer, there will probably be someone at some point or another who will tell you that one of the reasons you're still unpublished is because of your age. Is because you're "too young".

They. Are. Wrong.
Age has nothing to do with the skill and talent of a writer. A writer is someone who dedicates a lot of time and effort into their stories. There are people who will pretend that they are really all about writing, but it is the people that you see writing everyday and anywhere that are truly the ones who will raise to the top.
If someone tells you that you are not getting published because of your age, please know that there is a way to prove them wrong. I think that if you are a teenager writing YA literature that you would be the best one for writing those kinds of novels, but again, sometimes the publishing world is harsh. It is hard to get through the doors of getting published, and I suppose once you finally are in it does not get any easier.
Nonetheless, you are a writer no matter your age. And if you run across a publisher or agent who will not represent you or your manuscript because of your age, then know that you are better off without their support. I am sure that if someone would just take the time to read your work without knowing whether you are a teenager writing YA literature or an adult they would not think for one instance that they needed to decline your work because you write as if you do not know correct grammar, punctuation, word choice, and etc etc.
Why do I randomly bring this subject up? Well, my dear writers, I bring it up because I am hoping that this can cheer you up if you are a young teenager writer as I am seeking to be published.
Keep trying!

Happy writing,

Moving along in Certain Fate

So while I am working on Everblue and Cursed with Power, I am also working on Certain Fate. Even though I have been working on Certain Fate longer than Cursed with Power, at the moment I am kind of trying to find my bearings with Certain Fate before I finish up with chapter four.

You know, when you first start a project I think one generally gets him/herself all excited about it, but then when you really start getting into the work of it... Well, at times it can just get plain ugly. It's serious work to be writing novels, and it is even more difficult when you really have no one else's opinion to ask of the project.
I mean honestly, don't you sometimes just want to say something more about it? Sometimes don't you really get frustrated and you're saying, "Hello, someone please rescue me! I must be out of my mind right now to be writing this because I do not know where I'm heading, but I think a dead end is going to hit me straight on in a minute or two!" I mean, that's not what I say specifically, but I suppose all of us writers really feel like saying that now and again. (And sometimes it is pretty often that you want to say that, you know?)
Really what I need to do right now is review what Rauve and Levenaude are discussing and try to move things along. I know where I want to go with this story; it's just a matter of getting there that will take some time, effort, patience, and more patience.

Happy writing,

Working on Everblue, but having some problems...

Hi everyone.
How is everyone's summer coming along? I hope everyone is getting a lot of time to relax, read, write, and whatever else.
Today, my dear writers, I have a problem that I want to discuss with you. Some of you might have realized the image at the beginning of this post. If it looks familiar that is because this is the cover image to one of the three novels I am currently working on called Everblue. At the moment I am having some trouble with writing this novel, and seeing as I cannot ask many of my friends at the moment about a novel they have not found the time to read, I figured it would be best that I bring this problem to the attention of other writers such as myself.
If you care to help me out, please continue to read on.
Currently, I am on the 11th chapter of Everblue. I was inspired to write this story based off of characters from my The Magic of Light trilogy. As most ideas, it at first sounded really interesting and I was really into writing it. Now, however, even though I am still interested in finishing the novel, I feel as if I am not putting all of my effort and whatever talent I have into this novel. The novel has only gotten three comments on IP, and I cannot say that those were very detailed about what my readers did or did not like about the novel. I am in desperate need of hearing advice of some sort because I feel as if right now the chapters are becoming much too sort and all that is really happening is talking.
You all know as well as I do that a story consists of a lot of narration and then dialog in between and etc. Once I received a letter from a published on The Magic of Light, and they complained that I had too much dialog and not enough narration. Since then, I am happy to say that there is a lot of more narration in The Magic of Light, but mind you that I have also been working on that for about five years now. This novel, Everblue, I just started in February of this year.
I really want to put more into this novel, but at the moment I am running out of ideas as to how to keep the story interesting and how to keep narration flowing.
You can read Everblue by clicking on this link
If any viewers of this post should happen to be interested in helping me out with my current dilemma, I would be very grateful.

Happy writing,

First day on the blog!

Hi everyone.

I just started this blog today. After seeing that most all of my writing friends had a blog of their own where they would ramble on about their work and so forth, I finally decided, "You know what, I'm going to make a blog of my own about that!"
So, here it is!
I also have another blog for my writing website, Write Here. You can become a member.
You can also read my work from either my profile on Inkpop OR on my website, Fantasy Novels.
I am very thrilled about writing on this blog, and I will most likely have a new post up very frequently.

I am working on three novels this summer, but I still have my book swaps open. For book swaps I will read something of yours, and in return you will read something of mine. It is something we all do on IP, and so I just carry it on where ever I come across other writers.

Happy writing,