Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the Entire Magicians series on Barnes and Noble

Since release it's definitely been a crazy and exciting time. Crazy because it's the end of July already -how did it go by so fast? And exciting because people who know me have been requesting copies of my books. I'm already eager for pay day so I can order more copies of my books. I have a lot of leftover copies of Cursed With Power from years ago, but I need to restock on my other books. These  I use for book signings and for in-person sales. I do not actually have the released copy of Bloodline Inheritance -only the final mock- so I'm eager to get my hands on it. (And of course post pictures.)
New purchase link is live!
Despite how late it is, I did not want to miss this opportunity to tell you the Barnes and Noble link for Blin is live. Now you can purchase the entire Magicians series on Barnes and Noble (as well as the other links I mentioned previously). Be sure to purchase your copy on B&N, and thank you again to everyone who has purchased one already. The B&N page so far hasn't shown all the full details for the book, but this is because it just went live yesterday. It should be good within the next day or two if I had to guess. That's how it worked out on Amazon as well, so don't be alarmed -it's entirely normal.
All pages where I have the purchase links posted have been updated. Let me know if I've missed one -it's likely considering how many different places I have it mentioned.

On another note, an aspiring writer and friend of mine, Kae, recently posted about the book's released. With the blog tour, I've been reading a lot of posts lately. Anyhow, for each book Kae has always managed to do something different. This time she decided to be creative with letters; please visit her blog and let her know what you think. I'll give you a little sneak peek...
And she did it all with sharpies too! Good thing she's creative because I would have never thought of this. The colors were inspired by the cover of Bloodline Inheritance. I love when people are inspired by my work. If you ever create anything relating to the series send me a link, and I'll be sure to share it.
Also another notable blog post from the tour is from a published author and friend, Sabrina. She wrote up a post featuring an interview with me. Check it out if you're curious about behind the scenes and what I will be working on next.

What's next?
Now that the release of Bloodline Inheritance is over I have a lot to work with. Before the end of July I will be posting one last time about Shadows and Embers and Thicker Than Blood -as they have their anniversaries. As for the start of August I really want to dig deeper into my next project. I've talked about it vaguely on other blogs and on here, but I am struggling to find its soul.  August will definitely be a time for me to look further into it, and in the meantime share more with you. We can look back on where the Magicians series has taken us, talk more about Dyanna's adventure, and take a look at writing something new. It's definitely scary, but at the same time I'm so eager to write something new I just want to jump in. Once I actually start on my new novel I want to share that experience with you on the blog, so we can start from the beginning together. Take it day by day, word by word, and see where it takes us. And if everything goes well I might even consider posting a chapter on Wattpad -so people can check it out while it's in the works. Also beta readers... stayed tuned for that because -as mentioned before- I would really love a few beta readers for my new project. After Cursed With Power I did not have anymore for the remainder of the Magicians series and regretted it.
Until the next post, happy reading!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Release: Bloodline Inheritance

It's be one incredible (and sometimes challenging) ride with this final book in the Magicians series. Release day snuck up on me this month, and today is the big day! Along with the release of the book the blog tour is beginning -so expect to hear more about the book on various blogs. Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible!
Purchase Links: Createspace, Amazon, Amazon (ebook), Barnes and Noble*, Goodreads
I'll be updating purchase links as they go live. Fortuantely Amazon went live within a few hours, so I'm very pleased with that. I'm still waiting on Barnes and Noble, but I will post the link as soon as I see it on their site. Don't forget if you live outside of the US Bloodline Inheritance is also available for you -on Amazon UK and etc. 
Paperback price: $12.99 
Ebook price: $2.99
Those of you who preordered the ebook copy, you received it this morning at 12am. If you haven't ordered the ebook and plan to, don't forget to also request an autograph! You can request autographs for free over on my Authograph page. I just added Bloodline Inheritance to my books, so now the entire series is up and ready to be requested. I always include a personal message to people who request them.
Dark blue: Cursed With Power; light blue: Shadows and Embers; red: Thicker Than Blood; pink: Bloodline Inheritance
I've told the story many times of how this started back in 2010 with Celestria. Now that the series is finally complete I realize how quickly those years flew by. Celestria, Leal, Alaire, Malin, and Dyanna... All of these characters I connected with and grew attached to. It's hard to believe that now I'll be saying "goodbye" to move on with my next project. That won't affect how passionate I've been with sharing about the series. Now everything is wrapped up, and I can split my time between spreading the word about the series and working on something new.
Lately my fellow author friends have released new books as well. It seems these popular authors are able to write multiple books in one year. I've always wished I could do that -but believe me, I tried and failed before. But now that I look back at where I started with Cursed With Power, I realize it's enough for me. I never thought when I wrote CWP that I would ever finally have the entire series published and out in the world. I always hoped for it, but now it is a reality. I want to keep working toward my goals, and hopefully in a few years I can release -or at least write- more than one book each year. Even if I don't, I do want to at least continue releasing a book each year, so my release timing stays the same.
The characters in the Magicians series have gone through Hell and back. I remember talking on a NaNoWriMo thread about it before. At the end of the day if you really think about it you realize how much your characters have gone through. They're going to be my reminder that I can get through the new journey that awaits me. A lot of people have asked what's next for me, and I don't want to reveal too much. I will start talking about it more probably in a month or two, but the new novel I'm starting is titled Clara and Claire. I'm extremely nervous because this will be something entirely new. I've been working on this series nonstop with no time to focus on any other ideas. We'll see where it takes us!
In the meantime happy reading! Thank you to everyone for their continuous support, and I hope I can rely on you again for the next adventure. Enjoy Dyanna's story!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 days until Release

The wait is almost over -only 5 more days until release. It's a weird feeling knowing that the entire book is finished and ready to be published. I was able to set a release date, and now I simply wait (like you). This is my third year self publishing a novel. It's bizarre to think about... three years went fast! As I have mentioned before July is a common release month for me. We have some important dates coming up in celebration of previous releases.
  • July 26th -Shadows and Embers 2 year anniversary 
  • July 31st -Thicker Than Blood 1 year anniversary
I'll be planning something special for the end of July to celebrate these. The build up to those past releases have been taking over my Timehop. With SandE and TTB I clearly ran into a lot of issues. Just days before their releases I ran into interior problems and was working hard to fix it. Looks like it only took me two difficult times to figure it out. Fortunately with Bloodline Inheritance there aren't any issues left unsolved. I knew I had ran into issues in the past and purposely waited to make sure they were fixed before deciding on a release date.
It's a weird feeling know Dyanna is finished with her story. I've had characters in the past who were difficult to connect with just to find my/their voice. Dyanna wasn't one of them, though. Going into the book, I knew what would be the connection where we could relate to each other. For me as the author I'm coming to terms with her story being finished. For me, I'll have to start on something new. (And I have, but more on that later.)

As for release day, I am very excited to share the celebration with you. On Facebook I'll be giving away a free ebook copy of the book. I may also give away one on Instagram -just thought of this, but think it'd be a great idea! Also, on social media I'll be sharing links to the blog tour. There are various blogs participating on the 24th and after. There will be a lot to share after release, and also I'll be taking more about how the release day went overall. Before release I will take pictures of all 4 books in the series together. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time -finally the entire series complete and together like a family. If you have any other requests on what you would like to see (in terms of pictures) or hear on the blog leave it below in the comments.
Enjoy your Saturday -I know I'm glad it's the weekend. Sounds like a perfect time for writing something new, doesn't it?
Lindsey R. Sablowski
Don't forget there's still time to preorder your ebook copy of Bloodline Inheritance.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Preorder your copy!

Everything is coming together for the release of Bloodline Inheritance. Yesterday I submitted my final files for the ebook version of the book and set it up for preorder. I've never done preordering before for ebooks, and I think it's something new KDP is now offering. Either way, it was a very quick process. An hour after I submitted the final files the ebook was live on Amazon available for preorder.
You can preorder your copy from Amazon, and this offer will be available until July 24th. Anyone who preorders will be able to read the ebook at 12am on July 24th. I've been talking about this on as many sites as I can just to spread the word. Thank you to everyone who is preordering or plans to!
As for the paperback unfortunately there won't be a preordering option. I have read about how to do it, but it's more complicated when you're self publishing a book. I'll just leave preordering to the ebook, and keep busy with preparing for release day.

Speaking of release day, don't forget I am still seeking bloggers interested in participating in the blog tour. I've made a new form, so if you're interested please fill this out and let me know. The blog tour will be starting on July 24th and will continue until we run out of blogs. I can write up a post for your blog, or you can interview me or ask me about specifics. Whatever you like, it's your blog! The blog tour will help with spread the word about the book's release. I'll also be sharing links to the blogs that participate. Also, if we have enough people participate I'll be giving away a free ebook copy of Bloodline Inheritance.
Thank you for everyone's support. In the meantime while we wait for the release I will be updating the blog with new graphics and such.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Release Day Sign Up

First of all I want to thank everyone who participated in the cover reveal. None of this is possible without your help! And now I'm going to ask for your help again in releasing Bloodline Inheritance.
As of today the final file has been uploaded and are being reviewed. All that's left to do is await those to be approved, and then I can approve the proof. I also finished up formatting for the ebook format, so that will be uploaded as soon as everything goes through for the paperback.

The release day will be on Friday, July 24thI decided this date instead of Saturday because that way if you can't post on Friday you have the entire weekend to do so. Also why not release a day earlier than I planned when I have everything ready? To sign up and participate during release day, fill out this form. If you've never participated in a release day event before it's a big day. Like the cover reveal, it's an all day event. This simply requires sharing the links to where the book can be purchased, and it will be available in both paperback and ebook. Not all purchase links become available instantly, but with your help we can share them as they become available.
Now that the date is official and decided on I will start the countdown. I will also get together materials for the release party. If you'd like to include an author interview or anything else for the release day post(s) just let me know. I will be contacting other blogs and websites about the release, and let me know if you know of anyone else who might want to participate.
The cover reveal went extremely well, and now I can't wait to see what we can do for the release. Release day is a huge deal, and remember this is the ending of the series. The book is finished; I have nothing more to fix up. After July 24th I'll be starting something entirely new... and who knows where that will take us?
If you're friends with me on Facebook I will also be posting a public event for the release as well. Hopefully if possible I can order some promo materials from Vistaprint and host a giveaway soon after release. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I would love to do it since this will be the final book in the series. Regardless, there's a lot of ideas I have to make this release big. Stay tuned, and be sure to sign up. Every hand helps in spreading the word about this book, and it's definitely been a long wait for the release. Even if you can only post on Facebook and Twitter it still helps tremendously!
Throughout the week I'll be posting more news as it comes about. Don't forget to add the book to your reading list on Goodreads.
Lindsey R. Sablowski