Thursday, December 2, 2010

STRONGER now public

STRONGER is now public on inkpop.  It was supposed to be up for public view yesterday, but alas inkpop was against me last night and therefore I could not upload the first 10,000 words.
The first six chapters are up.  There is no real way for me to give you a preview of what to expect.  I guess the easiest would be to just start at the beginning.  I'll let you start from the first page.  This is just a look into the book, so if you want to read more you'll have to do so by going on inkpop yourself to read it.

In times of danger it seems like you have to do everything possible to stay alive… to keep those around you alive. During those moments it is difficult to realize what is most important. Do you value your life over feelings or your feelings over your life?
The answer comes to you once you realize there is a difference between pain and danger…
The King and Queen saw me as a tool when their daughter’s life was at risk. It did not matter to them what I felt for her, nor did they care that this was the woman I wanted to marry. I could have proposed to her then and there in front of them and it would not have affected them in any way. However, they took advantage of what they had discovered was occurring between her and I. They knew I could not deny her protection.
At first Jocelyn did not want to learn. She refused to, and she continued to tell me that she was afraid. It was not the dagger itself that scared her most or even the idea of killing someone. I believe what frightened her above all was change. She did not want to become someone else, and she reasoned that by learning self-defense this is exactly what would happen to her.
A sage told her she had sixteen days to live. Merely sixteen days to learn everything she could in order to stay alive. This was a lie. Before sixteen days came and passed Jocelyn’s life was threatened.
Read the book today. I hope you enjoy the book, and later on today or tomorrow I will post more about the starting of the book, forming of characters, and the changes the book went through.
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