Monday, August 30, 2010

I've got an editor!

I've got an editor!
I posted on IP's forum that I was seeking an editor and someone with some experience here and there is helping me out.  I've never actually had another person edit a book with me so I am looking forward to this.
As always I'm going to keep you updated, and hopefully this person who is editing with me will be able to make my story much better.  Hopefully together we can edit it so it is almost bullet proof.
Think we can do it?
Well, it's not going to be perfect, but we're going to work towards getting it somewhere farther.  Wish me luck?

And some writers are already asking me to help them edit their stories.  Wow!  I've never editing anyone else's work, besides my own and my friends', but it will definitely be a new experience.
Good luck to all of you wonderful writers out there who are also in the process of massive revisions and editing!


After having only gone through the first day of 11th grade I am exhausted.  Laura, now I know exactly how you feel!  I've got papers to sign and besides that I don't know what to do because while I'm dying to write I've got a speech to prepare about myself for tomorrow.
Hope your day went well, everyone.  I don't know if I'll blog more later today; it depends.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why would you give up?

I admit I've been on IP a lot lately, trying to promote my book and whatnot.  Here's what is really starting to bother me.
Writers are giving up too easily.
I've been seeing way too many forum threads and other notices where a writer is simply saying that they are going to quit or take down their book just because they can't get enough views.  I understand that it can be frustrating on IP when you want to be in the top five but your in the 1000s or --like me-- in the 700s, but I don't think that means you should just give up all together.
It's not easy to get people to read your work, and yes you go through so much just to get one person to read it, but if you give up now you might as well never come back to it.  You've got to keep trying, guys, despite how much work you've already done.
Before you quit or take down a story ask yourself this:

  • Why am I quiting/deleting a story?
  • Are there any people who do like my work?  Can I ask them to help me find more readers?
  • How am I going to promote my book if not online with many other writing just like myself?  How can I deal with rejections if I quit?
  • Was all the work I did to get this far worth it to now just give up all together?
So yes I know I've kind of ranted here about not quiting on IP, but it is possible to actually get somewhere there.  Some of my friends on there are in the top five or making it to that.  Hope this helped anybody who is part of IP and was considering quiting.

Other writers are better than you?!

I was reading more of The Bourne Objective book last night and just yesterday Elana was saying on her blog how she hates reading good books because she hasn't written them and her book can't get close to it.  Elana, I feel your pain.
As I was reading this book I was thinking, "Oh my gosh, Lustbader did such a good job with this book.  His every paragraph is so... So perfect!"
Do you guys know what I mean?  Can anyone else relate?

Just reading this book was almost heartbreaking because I was saying, "How did he write it this well?  What did he do?" And perhaps in the far back of my mind I was even wondering, "Why can't my book be as brilliant as this one?"
The truth of the matter is that none of us can hope to write as Lustbader or any other published author.  Yeah, their books are different from yours.  Yes, you are going to envy their success until you have some of your own.  But the thing we have to remember is that we are unique and our story can be successful by reading these greats books and finding the encouragement and determination to make our book the best it can be.
For all of you who are struggling to get your book somewhere, I'm right there with you.  I wrote this post for you and because I needed to remind myself.  Keep writing; don't give up; you're book has potential.  Somebody's got to say it every now and then.  We all need to lean on each other during times where it seems like maybe every glimpse of hope we saw in our book is gone.  It's not gone, even if it does seem like that.  It's still there; keep looking.

The "ending" is here.... sort of

Book JacketToday I've "finished" Cursed with Power.  I am putting finished and ending in quotes because the book has a lot of editing it needs to go through.  I am not even posting the "end" I have right now because it is this book out of all the books in the Magicians series that depends on how popular the others get.  If people don't read the end of this book and say, "Oh my gosh I want more. Please write the next book ASAP" we all know that will mean I've really screwed up.
I'm not sure exactly when I'll have the ending up, but you can read what I do have up on IP for now.  You can also read the book on Writer's Cafe by clicking here, but please note that you must be a member to do so.

And now you're wondering what's next right?  For me, editing.  For you, a premier of....

The premier of New Life, the second book in the Magicians series, will be coming in September!

I still have yet to determine a date.  I'll let you know when I actually do know.  Obviously I am not starting this book for a while, seeing as I have to at least get to a point where I feel confident enough to post the final chapters of Cursed with Power.  Plus now that I'm going back to school and I have work I have no idea when I will have free time.  When I do start it it's going to take me some time to get to 10,000 words.

Read Cursed with Power and catch up on what you've read.  Details about the ending are not going to posted here on the blog and when I post that the final chapters are up I'm simply going to say that and nothing more.
Yes, I am still currently writing Cursed with Power.  It needs a lot of editing --we've all been there--and more editing.  I'll keep you updated as always.

Tomorrow the craziness begins

To all my followers, viewers, fellow writers, and whatever have you:
I'm letting you know now that tomorrow is when the craziness begins for me.  I go back to school and thus I won't be able to blog or even write as frequently.  I'm as sad about this as you are, but I assure you that I will still blog when I have the chance and as always I'll keep you updated without whatever I get into with my writing.
I do not know whether I'm going to be overwhelmed with papers and work or if for a while it won't be all that bad, but I just wanted to give you guys this notice so you wouldn't wonder if I don't get to blog as much as I usually do.

If I get the chance after school tomorrow I'll post a notice.  I still plan to work on Cursed with Power, despite however much work I have to do for Junior year.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Magicians series books 4 & 5

Here are the covers for the 4th and 5th book in the Magicians series.  Both were made by thatcinderellastory once again and she deserves all of the credit.  Again the summaries for these books are not going up until I actually get to these books. Besides, as I'm sure many of you will agree, we all change the summaries to our books many times.

Tadaa!  The fourth book, The Secrets We Share, and the fifth book, Gracien's Staircase.  
And no, Gandalf is not in this series; that's simply just a picture.  I assure you Gracien is not as old as Gandalf and I highly doubt any character can be as interesting and wise as Gandalf.

Like the covers?

STRONGER --would you read this?


To the public view Jocelyn was an ordinary princess.  Her family, however, knew she was becoming much more than that.  She had been trained well to defend herself.  Though no one wanted to admit it, she was the only heir left to the throne.
"You need to learn this.  My lady, we are running short of time." Kerrich said.
"I know.  Dalmas is sending someone to kill me.  I am ready now." Jocelyn said as Kerrich placed the long, thin knife in her hand.
"There's no telling what might happen, dearest Jocelyn.  You must be brave and for the sake of this palace, your family, your people, and even myself you cannot fail us." Kerrich said.  He was almost whispering, and Jocelyn could see that his checks were getting wet.
***The door to Jocelyn's bedroom creaked open.  She grabbed the knife that lay on her nightstand, but she remained motionless in her bed.  A figure came over to her.  Its hands came down, holding a shining object, and Jocelyn screamed.  Then the knife went into skin....

A Greater Destiny --new cover *must see*

Here's the new cover for A Greater Destiny (book 3 of the Magicians series).  This cover was made by thatcinderellastory and she deserves all the credit for the excellent well done job.
This story was actually up yesterday, but I did not have time to post about the new cover.

The summary for this story shall not be up for quite some time because it's the third book in the series.  It will also not be promoted on my blog until I'm working on New Life.

Get a head start and read the first book in the series.  Come up with your own theories of what will happen once everything is said and done and stay tuned for the coming up ending of Cursed with Power.

new cover for STRONGER

The new cover for STRONGER is here, everyone.  
This cover was made by Katy Thompson, who deserves all the credit for the excellent work.  You might remember the original cover for the story, and I think we can all agree that it wasn't very impressive.

Like the new cover?

In my next post I'll be sharing with you the new cover for A Greater Destiny, and hopefully soon the last two books in the Magicians series will be complete.  Keep checking back in for more.  
By the way, STRONGER is not currently available for you to read because I haven't began this book.  As you know, I'm considering it for Nano.  It's either this or Innocent & Young and my final decision won't come until November.

And hey, here's the colored version of the cover that I'm also using to promote the book on the blog.
That's all there is really for me to say about this cover.  If you want to read a story with action and an unlikely hero, here ya go!  Stay turned for STRONGER.
Would you read this story?  More about coming up!

Friday, August 27, 2010

chapter eighteen has finally been UPLOADED

Book JacketI had planned for myself to finish this chapter a week ago, yet here it is a week later that I finally actually do have it finish and can tell you this.  For any of my readers out there or followers who care about when I ramble on about Cursed with Power I am deeply sorry that this chapter took so long.
Before I continue on I would like to thank Riv Re and Julie Musil for helping me out when I began fretting over the ending of this book.  Without their advice who knows when this chapter would have been typed and finished.  Also, thank you to Gabby because though she's not a writer she listened to me as I freaked out over the whole seemingly--and still perhaps--scary scenario.

Chapter 18...............
There's not much I can give away for chapter 18 because you know how I feel about giving away too much.  I will say that this chapter is yet again another one full of interesting --or hopefully-- dialog and an ending that leads into the next chapter. Find out how when you read the book!

Coming up..............
THE NEXT TIME is chapter 19; perhaps those words ring a bell?  Read the book and see if you're correct!

The author's looking forward to..............
Well, as I said it took me forever to write this chapter, and then while I was writing it I was literally texting, emailing, and asking my fellow writers and friends for help.  Now that I feel a little better about how things are going I'm just looking forward to moving on in the book and keeping the story itself moving.

And there you have it, everybody.  I've finally got this chapter up and on IP for you to read.  I've also recently joined Writer's Cafe and am slowly posting chapters of Cursed with Power on there.  Now it's to working on chapter 19 for me and for you... I don't know; whatever it is that you're doing.

Brave Blogger Award

Rose Cooper was giving out this award on her blog, and now I would like to pass it on to some of my fellow bloggers who are much more braver than they think.
Like Rose, I'm asking you to take this award if you are brave.  How do you know if this award is for you?  Well, here's why I think you should get this award....

  1.  If you are following me on this blog because I cannot imagine what it's like to be reading my posts as often as they show up.
  2. If you have ever submitted something to an agent, publisher, or magazine.  We all know that's not easy and it is very, very scary because you never know what to expect.
  3. If you've gotten a rejection letter but continue to write.
  4. If you've read work of mine... especially that "horror" story I wrote because I know that must have been really painful for you to read.
  5. If you swap on IP, despite how annoying that can get and how far behind --*cough cough* like me--it gets you on other matters.
  6. If you read this post... because let's face it you thought you were going to have to do something really scary to get noticed.
Pass on this award on your blog to viewers and followers of yours, but I encourage you to change the ways of how you can get this award.  Comment if you got this award or are planning to hand this out!

While writing....

There is a note in front of me with "finish ch 18!" written on it to remind me that I really need to finish that.  I mean, if I don't I admit it will only continue to bother me and come up in my blog posts.  Thus today I'm really pushing myself to finish that, though this post is obviously going to keep me from doing so until I end this.

While I'm writing and sitting at the computer my miniature dachshund is sitting by the computer chair.  For some reason she's been doing that a lot lately... Perhaps she likes me nearby me while she knows I'm preoccupied?
Now admit that some of you guys read this post because you saw this picture and you wondered, "What does this have to do with writing?"  Well, here's my cute dog!  She doesn't look like she's 9, does she?

Do you have a pet who stays by you while you're writing?

Before I come to an end this post I also wanted to inform you that Innocent & Young and will be published online for Teen Inkst Magazine on September 20th.  The editor apparently wants to wait until then because she doesn't want other staff writers to think that I've been doing extra-credit kind of assignment.
She had to learn to rule a kingdom that could very well fall apart.
So while I hate such a long wait, I'm grateful the story will be out there soon enough.

And it's already Friday.... Monday, August 30th I go back to school.  I don't know how much work I'll be getting in 11th grade this year, but with writing, school, training and etc I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post daily.  I might only get a chance to post now and then.  I promise I'll try to post as often as humanly possible, though.  I'll also put up a notice on my blog so you guys remember what will be keeping me ever so busy.

Friday is Book Blogger Hop

Hi everyone.  It's finally Friday and this is my first time participating in the book blogger hop on my blog.   Enjoy!

My name's Lindsey Sablowski, but I sign as LReneeS to keep it simple for everybody.  This is my first year as a blogger, but as all of my followers will tell you I blog as if I have no life.  Nonetheless, my followers and fellow bloggers, I assure you I actually do have a life.  Before I go into the question for today's blog hop, I wanted to just add in a little more about myself so you know the kind of person I am.
I never really thought I'd get into the blogging ordeal, yet here we all are at my blog.  I really love blogging, and with followers I feel that what I post will be read by someone.  
In my life away from my blog I'm a YA writer.  I mostly write fantasy.  Where's my fantasy readers?  Anybody?  I have decorated my blog with more features about my books than probably about myself because I'm really hoping this blog can help promote the work I do.
When I'm not writing I'm reading and actually having to work and go to school.  Fun, oh fun. *sarcasm*

Blog hop question: What kind of rating system do you have for books?

I rarely ever rate books I read because I just don't feel that something I really want to blog about.  On the rare occasion I do rate a book it is because I really, really loved the book and think other people should read it.  Ratings are 1-5 stars.  One means you should never, ever read this book and five means you should buy this book right now and read it a thousand times over.

Thanks if anyone stopped by for the blog hop!  Leave me a comment and I'll stop on by your blog, as well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Life has its new cover!

Here's the new cover for New Life that thatcinderellastory made.  The summary to the story is still not public, however, because I haven't even started the book.

Hope you like the new cover.  STRONGER's new cover will be up later or tomorrow; not really sure which.
Maybe I'll let you guys in on the summary a little later, but that probably won't be until after I finished Cursed with Power.  Sorry I didn't get chapter 18 up today; I promise I'll try to force myself into finishing it tomorrow.

In The Sky was a Dove

Thatcinderellastory on IP made two covers for In The Sky was a Dove, thus one will be for on IP and one I'll post up on the side just to promote this short story.

Here's the first one on the left.


Here is the second one.  Hope you guys like it because I know I love them both.  All right, now back to more of whatever I end up doing, which is not much today, and waiting on the other cover.

More new covers!

Some new covers are coming soon once again from wonderful people on IP who actually know how to make covers, unlike me.
Coming up....

  • In The Sky Was a Dove (short story)
  • STRONGER (book)
  • New Life (book)
The covers for these books will be posted up on the blog once they have been made, so be sure to check back in so you can let me know what you think of them.
Innocent & Young should soon be in the magazine, but again I do not know an exact date as of right now.
Anyways, I'm excited about the new covers!  And in case I didn't mention it early Cursed with Power is in the 700s! 

When did I last post?

When was the last time I posted?  I can't remember... Maybe two days ago?  I don't think I blogged yesterday, but I could be wrong.  Hmm....
Anyways, I've been looking around and commenting on other blogs and.... Oh yeah, I got a new phone --not that anyone cares--but it's really amazing, so that's why I'm telling you.
Say hello to my new phone: the LG Cosmos.  Do you guys love it or what?  I'm not usually one to come on here and try and show off, and believe me I'm not trying to do that here, but I've never had a fine that works like this so yes I was extremely happy when it came in the mail yesterday.  I can tell you it's definitely better than the Motorola phone I had.

But moving onwards....
I can't believe that the summer is coming to an end and so is August.  Come Monday I will be returning to school.  Oh fun! *sarcasm* It's actually not something I'm dreading really, which yes I've already heard sounds stupid for me to say.
Right now I'm trying to figure out what happened to a pick Cursed with Power had.  I've been so busy with training for work lately I haven't gotten to type up the rest of chapter 18.  I have the dialog ready; it just needs narration and etc.
Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days we have of summer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Writers Blog Award

This is my first time actually handing out an award on the blog, besides the ones I received and passed on.  For those of you who are writers and blog on Blogger I have noticed your work.  I have tried to read what you write.
Writers Blog Award is an award I'm giving out today to bloggers who I feel really blog about writing in the right way.  They not only keep their blog interesting, but they also make anyone who reads it feel like they are in the right place.
Shall we see who gets this award?  (Please note that I must give this award to several bloggers because just one would not be fair).

Elana Johnson from Elana Johnson, Author.  Elana always keeps her topics on writing and usually will give out great advice on how she has come to be successful.  She asks great questions and she answers them as well.  She's obviously a hard working writer who deserves to be recognized.
Ronald D. Yeomans from Writing in the Crosshairs.  Though I can't always find the time to comment on Ronald's posts, I have read them and they are brilliant.  He manages to make his posts with advice interesting and then other times he posts his own writing.  Besides that, I haven't seen too many brief posts; this is a guy who writes his heart out into his blog and inspires other writers by doing so.
Evie J from Peace, Love, and Books.  Again, another great blogger who I unfortunately do not get to comment to often.  Still, her posts are about books and whatever kind of writing she gets herself involved in.  She has manages to stay in the top five for this month and still find time to blog.  You go girl!
Julie Musil from Julie Musil.  A writer of fiction and nonfiction who is so helpful and willing to make meaningful blogs.  Someone who will hopefully get recognized soon for her talents as a writer.  You might remember her from the writers interview.  A great writing friend, excellent blog, passionate writer, and probably so much more.

If you did not get the award please do not think that I don't adore your blog.  There are so many of you who I would like to award, but I fear that if I were to continue I would end up giving too many people this award. Julie, Evie, Ronald, Elana please make sure to stop by and collect your award.  Like most awards, I ask you post this on your blog and spread it to writers who you follow and admire.
And again, there were many more writers I wanted to include.  Another award I'll put up come September perhaps if I'm not too busy with school.
Congrats to the award winners!  Keep up the great blogging and writing!  Pass it on; this could make someone's day.

It's already Tuesday.... Wow!

As you probably figured out, I was not able to blog yesterday.  In all truth I doubt I would have had much interesting to say, seeing as I did not get any writing done yet.  Instead I was catching up with PMs and scheduling swaps and then I went to training for my job.
Thankfully, though, I have time now to catch you up on whatever I feel you should know or I just feel like saying.  Hopefully I do not bore you.

Cursed with Power (book 1 of the Magicians series)Oh my gosh you won't believe this, but Cursed with Power is finally in the 700s!!!!!!! Now I've still got a long ways to go to really be proud of anything, but I'm glad the book has gotten this far now.  The bad thing is that I have a lot of book swaps to catch up on.
Chapter eighteen, which was supposed to be finished how many days ago?  Well.... I cannot deny that other matters have kept me from finishing it.  Today I am really going to try and see if I can get it finished; if not I'll be bothered by that more than you will.
Good reviews, oh yeah!  At first I really didn't think too many people would like Cursed with Power and find an interest in it.  Apparently I was worrying for all the wrong reasons.  It's great to hear some positive feedback after some of the negative feedback I get now and then.  I suppose now, though, I'm just rambling on...
What is interesting?! All right, well, today I should be working on a significant part in Cursed with Power but I refuse to give away surprises.  You know that if you really want to find out you'll have to read it for yourself.
Innocent & Young will eventually be going up on the Teen Inkst Magazine, but I still do not know exactly when.

Laura's new book!!!! My writing friend, Laura, who you might remember having been on the blog several days ago for her interview, has posted her new book up.  Secrets Revealed is another book in the Assassin series that you won't want to miss out on.  I've only read the first chapter, but I suggest you read it and tell her what you think.  Read it here!
Shout out to Laura: Love the book; I'm expecting for it to get only more interesting whenever I get the chance to read more.

And coming up next is me giving out my first award on the blog.  You might be a winner, so check in because I'm putting it up right after this.
One last thing before I go to swapping and writing..... The next writers interview will be with Sherron Paris.  She hasn't said she's available yet, so please be patient.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting your story N O T I C E D

Whether you're simply trying to get more picks on IP or trying to get an agent to represent your book, we all know that it is not easy to get your book noticed.  It's hard and sometimes it's downright frustrating.  However, you cannot lose hope in these times where your book is calling for attention and possibly not receiving much.  Here I'll be giving my advice on how to get your story noticed on IP and getting it noticed by agents, since you guys know I'm trying to do both.

Get noticed on IP.....

  • Re-edit your summary.  Make sure that it is bullet proof.  If the reader doesn't get interested from the summary you very well know that they won't read any farther.  The summary has to be interesting but truthful of course; you can't make it seem like someone will be killed in the book and then have that not happen.  Everything you mention in the summary has to be something that happens in the book.  For short stories or poems you still need a summary.  A summary can help readers understand background or get interested in what will happen next; maybe even both.  Please do not write a summary that goes something like, "So this is a story I wrote and... Well, hope you read it." A book with such a summary will not get any attention.
  • Tell your close IP friends.  You know, those members who PM you frequently or have been really helpful in the past; find out if they can help you get more support for your story.
  • Be willing to do swaps because as you've probably figured out by now there aren't too many people who will read something just for the heck of it.
  • Start writing something else while you're trying to get your best project noticed.
Get noticed by an agent....
  • Write a query letter and post it on your blog or email it to friends.  That letter needs to make your story stand out from all the other stories the agent gets queried about.
  • Edit while you're querying.  Eventually an agent is going to request more, and if your story isn't edited as well as possible then you might have more of a chance of being rejected.
  • Make a list of everyone you've queried and at what date.  The last thing you want to do is contact the same agent you've already contacted in the past.
  • Be patient.  When the agent is ready to reply to you he/she will, and if they don't find your manuscript something they like they will of course probably let you know in a dreadful rejection letter.  Sometimes, though, they will not send anything if they don't like what they read.
There is probably more that you and I could add to both lists, but for now that's all I can manage to think of off the top of my head.  If you have anything you want to add feel free to because I know I missed something or perhaps several things.
Hope this post somewhat was helpful....

Only one more week?!

I just realized today that this is my last week I have before I have to go back to school.  When I go back I obviously won't be able to blog as frequently, but I promise to attempt to post whenever I have anything to talk about.
I thought I'd just let you guys know so you don't have to ask in the future.  Anyways, that was all I had to say.... (Ooh, I think I have a post I forgot to publish from yesterday)....

Maybe chapter 18 today????

I feel as if I have been saying I'll finish chapter 18 for days upon days upon days --though in truth that is not the case-- but I do assure you I mean to finish and upload it when I am able to.  I am still behind with book swaps and I'm trying to catch up with comments, PMs, and everything else in between.
Cursed with Power (book 1 of the Magicians series)Besides that, I'm just trying to make sure that I don't make chapter 18 happen all too soon.  That doesn't make sense.  Um, what I'm trying to say is that events that happen in chapter 18 are essential to the story and I have to write them the correct way.

About other projects.... I am to have the cover of New Life soon up once it is finished.  I do not know exactly will that will be, but I am hoping soon.  Curtis, who did the cover for Cursed with Power, is also making the cover for New Life so expect something great.
A new cover for Certain Fate is being made by my friend, Gabby, who also made the cover for Dark Romance.  Unfortunately I do not know when she will make the cover, since she actually draws the covers instead of using a program.  She has a life like everybody else, so when she draws the cover and scans it over to me I'll let you know and of course post about it.
Innocent & Young should eventually be in the Teen Inkst magazine one of these lovely days.... Again, something else I also do not know the date of.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New changes to the blog are HERE

I just thought I'd let you guys know that I've added in some changes to the blog.  I've put up the covers for Everblue and Innocent & Young, along with some quotes here and there.
Hope you like what I've added in and what I've gotten rid of.  I feel with how I have it now the blog has more of a writing feel to, wouldn't you agree?

Doubt chapter 18 will be up today.... I'll really try to get it up tomorrow.


Here's one new cover and.....

Here's the second.
Both covers are for Everblue done by zaka_ht on IP.  I'm not sure which I'll use yet on IP but I think for now it will be the first one I posted up and the second one I'll use to promote it or something.   I don't really know yet because I like them both.

Hope you like the new covers!  I'll let you know when the cover for New Life is finished.

Innocent & Young NEW AMAZING COVER

The new cover I mentioned for Innocent & Young is here at last.  This fantastic cover was made by BURN on IP and she deserves all the credit.
This cover I have just updated onto the short story format of the book and you will be able to see it on the book format of it as well once I actually start the book... Possibly for Nano?  Eh, I'm still considering.

Later I hope to come back and share with you a new cover for Everblue.  And yes, a new cover for New Life is also expected to be coming soon thanks to the wonderful, talented artists on IP.
How do you like the new cover???

I personally love it.  I'm also thinking of remodeling the sides of the blog a bit to make it more... I don't know centralized around writing and my projects?  We'll see about that later.  For now I have to try and write chapter 18 up while I still can.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sketching a Fashionable Future

Sketching a Fashionable Future has finally gone up on Teen Inkst Magazine.  Why don't you stop on by and read it please?

As I mentioned when I first finished this, this was my first story focusing on fashion and focusing so mainly on the present time.  I hope you enjoy this and it brings some light for those of you who want to do more than just adore fashion.
I'll post again once Innocent & Young is up.  Thank you all!