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LAST CHAPTER Chapter 30: Get Out Alive

Chapter 30
Get Out Alive
Wow.  I dont know where to begin because I dont think any of us were expecting for the end of Cursed with Power to come so soon.  After all of the buildup for chapter 30 I honestly thought I was going to post something saying a specific date it was being uploading.  Well, dearest readers, you got better.  The LAST CHAPTER is finally uploaded.  No more emailing me complaints; look at the bookJ
I understand it took me months to upload this chapter.  The reasoning for that is because I was trying to add in everything else before posting the ending chapter.  Im at the point where Im editing and revising like my life depends on it, so I finally have the ending here for you.  Know what that means?  Hello official summary to New Life.  Ladies, please contain your enthusiasm, haha.
**This post is also on the Magicians series blog.  If it sounds familiar then you probably read it there.  I have posted on here for those of you who aren't following both blogs.**

Finally it is time for me to talk about chapter 30, and yes I should tell you know that this post won't be short and sweet because I think we all can agree that this is a big deal.  (From the amount of emails I received, it seems this is all you have been waiting for.  Hey, I'm not going to complain.)
While one would think I wouldn't be able to say much about the chapter because it is the ending chapter, there actually is quite a lot I can say.  I know in the past I have said other chapters were challenging, but determining what the final end to the madness would be was rather interesting to say the least.  (Interesting?  Ummm, right...)
Anyways, here's an excerpt from chapter 30 which was uploaded last night but I never got the change to blog about.  Sorry everybody.  At least I'm only a day late with the update.  And now what you've been waiting for...

The man, whose name I had no recollection of, continued to hold onto my frail body.  Soon I would be limp, and moments after that I would be dead.  I tried to think back to my sister and… What was his name?  My mind was shutting off my thoughts, as if they would cause more damage.  Perhaps it seemed logical in thought, but I needed something to hold onto; somebody to continue breathing for.  Staring and resisting the urge to give up, I listened to a noise above the water.  Someone spoke, but their words were muffled by the water filling my ears.
Welcome to your conclusion. I thought to myself.  A conclusion… The only thing I could hope for now and the only end I expected.  My body was prepared to give up, but it was a faint heartbeat that kept me alive.
The ending of this book isn't at all the end of this blog or the series for that matter.  There is New Life and the other books that follow after Cursed with Power, and each of them return to Celestria's account of events.  Even though I'll be doing edits and revisions for Cursed with Power now, there is much more I have to think about, plan out, and prepare for.  I'll be giving presentations in a few months about Cursed with Power and in addition I need to start thinking about New Life while querying agents.  During these times when I receive rejections I will need something to keep me going.  In the past I always was confused on how that would work, but now I am certain that so long as I am writing something I can find the motivation.  (If that makes any sense.)

During the time I've been working with Cursed with Power, I feel like I have made several connections with Celestria.  At first I worried I would never be able to feel any kind of closeness with her, but I definitely do now.  Working out Celestria and Alaire's relationship has been... Well, it had its ups and downs --and by that I mean for the two of them, not me.  And while originally I thought I wouldn't hate anybody except for Aldemund, I discovered that Aldemund I can deal with.  It's Japhet who drove me absolutely insane when he entered into the book.
Being at the point where revisions are essential, you would think I wouldn't have much to look forward to.  Again, though, I can start planning out what happens next while working out edits.  There have been numerous ideas filling my head (and four journals) during these ten --soon to be eleven by tomorrow-- months, and it will be challenge to figure out if and where they can fit in.  
I am just as excited as you about New Life, but in the mean time you'll have to believe me when I say I am doing everything I can to share Cursed with Power with the rest of the world.
For those of you who enjoyed Cursed with power and you're uncertain with how you'll feel about the sequel, I am here to reassure you that the main story of the series does not change in New Life.  I know everyone has been wondering what will happen in book 2 and etc., etc. but honestly so long as you come along for the journey I'm certain you'll find a character to love, a place to be interested in, and a joke or two to laugh at.  (I can't believe some people say Léal is funny, but hey I'm not going to question it.)

There are a lot of new exciting posts coming your way, and I'll keep you updated on progress with CWP.  In the mean time, there's that official summary for New life that you have been waiting for --some more than others-- and that I will also post before anyone starts a riot.
Once again, this is only the beginning of a very long journey.  Enjoy the last chapter.  

Read all 30 chapters of Cursed with Power.  Now complete and readable on inkpop.  (Link here)

And don't forget...  The official summary of New Life is coming up on the Magicians blog.  Be sure to stop on by and find out what is happening in the sequel! (summary will be available on this blog later tonight)
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Everything you've missed summed up

It’s rather becoming convenient that I have two blogs, eh?  Well, for those of you who actually do check in now and then to realize that I have been spending my free time—as if that still exists—I’m back with more to tell you.  I’ll admit I’m running rather short to make individual posts for each topic, so I thought “What the heck, might as well put everything together.”  You’re welcome, guys.

FIRST off… Yes, in case you didn’t hear already I got my first rejection for Cursed with Power.  Attention ladies and gents, I have been rejected.  This being the first rejection for this book, I guess I didn’t react to it as bad as I did with my first rejection for The Magic of Light.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I definitely yelled at my computer.  You can read the full account of my rejection on the Magicians blog.  I would post it on here, but I try not to be a dead record, if you get what I mean.
All righty then, next I have to tell you that as much as I love every single one of you it is driving me crazy to see CWP’s ranking drop… And drop.  And drop.  This is insane!  I try to update the ranking on here because I want someone—and by someone, I mean YOU—to realize that this is a disaster.  Even though I’m not on inkpop like insanely much, I am on there ALL THE TIME checking the ranking.  Let me be blunt: Me staring at the ranking doesn’t change anything.  So here I am on my blog… Pretty much begging you.  You know who you are; read the book.  Please?

And so I know the question in your mind that has making both you and me lose our minds relates to the last chapter of CWP.  (How did I know?  Look at my emails… Trust me, I know.)  I swear I do have the ending written up and typed and all that; I’m just making sure there isn’t anything more I need to add in before I upload it.  The end needs to be like “WOW!”, not “oh… cool.”  I am spending more time on it for your sake.  As soon as I upload the ending chapter, I promise I will post the official summary of New Life on this blog and the Magicians series blog.  Keep checking in; it’s coming soon!

Last but not least, please bring some questions to me.  I don’t care whether you ask me your questions on here or on the Magicians series blog, but I seriously miss answering your questions.  I’ve been catching up with blogging lately, and now I want to catch up with you.  Whatever questions you have… Ask away.
All in all, it’s just another crazy week.  Rejection today, boyfriend going to Boston tomorrow, and the rest of the week full with school, work, projects, and oh yeah… Writing.  I feel the pain just as much as you all do.  At least we’re all here living through it together.

Cursed with Power
When at last the screaming stopped I froze in place and saw a girl.  At first i did not recognize her, but the broken bracelets surrounding her I noticed instantly.  Her dress was torn so badly that her corset showed.  Down her arms were scratches and bruises and her right leg was bleeding.  The blood was absorbed into the grass, but the stains painted the ground bright red.  On her temple there were small scrapes, and her eyes were wide with fear.  Emeria did not look like a teenager; she gave off the appearance of a child who had been harassed. 
"Emeria?" I whispered.  I debated whether to approacher her or no.  She was curled up into a ball, shaking like a baby.  Having never seen anyone act in such a  manner, I continued to stare.

Read the book on inkpop: here
For more updates, character posts, and excerpts go to the official blog: the Magicians series blog

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


And maybe someday everything will go back to the way it is, but with how things have been lately I don’t see that happening soon.
We are afraid to face the fears we have, yet at the same time we don’t like what will happen if we don’t face them.
There are nightmares that haunt us every night, and you know what I have learned from those nightmares?
I’ve learned that you only live once.  You can mistake after mistake, but in the end it’s what you did in life not what you were making up forthat matters the most.  People will not judge you because you slipped up a few times because this in reality no one is perfect.
You have to have a dream, and once you have that dream you need to hold onto that like it’s all that matters.  Sometimes it is that dream alone that keeps you going, and in the darkest of times that is what you can return to.
For me, writing is what keeps me going through all of the madness.  For you..... I don’t know.  It could be anything.
Find something to hold onto.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*New* Chapter 10 (wait, what the...?)


Another update of this chapter is posted on the Magicians series blog.  Remember, the Magicians series blog is where you can get official updates, more excerpts, quotes, character posts, and in-depth posts about other material relating to Cursed with Power and the Magicians series.
Onto the madness?  Right, so this chapter was basically one of the most difficult ones to write.  I know I have said that about other chapters, but honestly I'm not kidding.  In the new chapter 10 the narration changes from first person POV to third person.  With the switch, the narration changes focus to Aldemund and what is happening with him.  Obviously I never originally planned on doing this in Cursed with Power, but when I was thinking about how I could involve the scene into the book so that readers could understand more of what was happening this seemed like the only logical way.
Do not misunderstood, Aldemund's chapter alone made me want to pull the hair out of my head.  I felt entirely confused at first when I read over the first draft and thought, "Wait.... Wilhem and Christopher aren't the same people!"  I swear I revised this chapter like my life depended on it.  If you could see the ridiculous amount of notes I wrote to myself just to stay on top of everything and remember who is who --which apparently my friends thought was weird for me to forget.
Let me get to the excerpt while you're interested.


“W-where do I t-take it?” He shook like a helpless animal as he spoke.
Aldemund pushed him gently, though the defiant stare he gave was not pleasant. “Go; take it to the usual place.”
Watching as the teenager ran through the street, Aldemund backed up into a dark ally. As usual the two people he argued most with were standing in the shadows. He could hear their whispers before he smelled the unmistakable scent of blood. There was a sneer on his face until he realized all too soon that the blood was coming from Christopher, one of the strongest magicians working for him.
“What did you do, fool?” Aldemund slapped Christopher’s face before he could answer.

All in all, though, I actually felt really good after I wrote this several days ago.  Sure it took me a while to upload this and re-number every chapter afterward, but it was worth it.  I'm excited and curious to hear your thoughts on the new addition, so don't be shy.  Tell me what you think!  Read it.
Besides that I've got a lot more heading your way that I will be sharing with you in the next couple of days. (Ha, I say that like I don't have to work tomorrow-Saturday night.)  Somehow I am going to try to manage to catch you up to where I am now.  Just remember, for more on any topic relating to the Magicians series you need to visit the blog.  You can always make your life easier and just follow it.
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Christopher Paolini has done it again!

Inheritance (Inheritance, #4)I cannot believe this.  Literally I just found out from Riv's blog (read her post here) that Inheritance --the fourth and last book in the Inheritance cycle-- is coming out November 8th of this year.  This. Year.
For those of you who are Eragon fans you are probably freaking out just as much as I am.  I feel like I'm going to have a mini heart attack over this, and to be completely honest I thought we would never find out the ending to Eragon's story.  I love Paolini's work to death, but the man writes books that are long --not that I care--and complex.  The places and characters themselves in Paolini's books have blown me away; thank god for the pronunciation in the back.
While in the process of freaking out, I am trying to imagine my mom's face when I tell her this book is being released in November.  I've been following the series, and yes I'm a proud fan to say I have all three freaking books.  I'll be lucky if I can even remember much besides Eragon being a Rider and his dragon being Saphira, but besides that there is also a slight dilemma that struck me.  There are 13 new books from Christmas and my birthday that alas I have not gotten to.  I'm still in the middle of finished The Bourne Objective, which I've been reading forever.  It's not that I cannot find interest in the books I have; believe me I'm dying to read them.  The problem is I'm writing a book of my own and between school, work, writing, and life itself I suppose reading at night just never comes across my mind.  I guess what I should do is go back to the nerdy days when I brought a book to school every single day and read it until I finished that sucker.
Back to freaking out...?!  Eragon friends: seriously, comment on this post or something.  Please tell me I'm not totally crazy for practically dying over a series that nobody seems all that interested in anymore.  I need someone else to share the excitement with before I explode out of joy.

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It's Johnny!

Fortunately for those of us *cough cough* who were scared out of our minds and had our dreams ruined by The Shinning can rest assured knowing that this post has nothing to do with Jack Nicholson --who, by the way, I cannot stand.
Actually, what I need to tell you is that I realize I haven't posted anything in forever so I'm trying to catch up.  What I really need you to do is visit the Magicians series blog because there are new posts that will be going up.  I rather not repeat posts on both of my blog, but whatever I post on there I will try to sum up on here.  (Sounds complicated, doesn't it?)  Today I'm hopefully posting a chapter update (wait what?!) on the Magicians series blog so if I get the chance I will also post a similar yet different update for that same exact chapter on here.  The reason I try to make the updates a bit different is so if you follow both blogs you're not entirely bored out of your mind with what I am posting.  After all, I do have something relevant that I want to post on this blog (and it won't be on my other blog) because it's something I've noticed and wanted to point out.  (Oh wait, does that mean I'm going to rant again?  Oh god save us...)
So what you can look forward to is the madness explaining the new chapter of Cursed with Power, how it fits into the book, and just what exactly it is about.  For more updates, excerpts, premiers, and news about Cursed with Power and the books following in the series you know where to go.

Read the book! Read. Comment. Pick.
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