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Better Relationship Saturdays: Trisha and Keith vs. Sasha and Jaime

I realize it's not Saturday, but I've taken the time to write this as if it is Saturday so hopefully someone will be grateful.
Better Relationship Saturdays are days on the blog where I contrast two different relationships from a book (or two different books) of mine.  Pictures are not accurate representations, but are merely to show the difference between the two.  Relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic; therefore friends, family, and enemies count as well.  If you have your own opinion of a relationship from one of my books, or you’d like me to bring it up in the next BRS post please leave a comment.  Remember to leave a comment with your opinion.  Enjoy!
Trisha and Keith (from The Magic of Light and the Lights trilogy)

Jaime and Sasha (from The Craft within Us)

Trisha and Keith are two main characters in The Magic of Light.  They also appear in the last two books in the Light trilogy --Guard the Sacred and Footprints in the Desert).  Their relationship in The Magic of Light is nothing advanced.  However, a special bond forms between them because at first they know nothing about one another, and then as the book progresses they come closer and closer to each other.  The two learn to trust one another when everything is extremely dark and the world is bitter.
Trisha is one to doubt herself.  She wants to believe there is more she can do, but she needs someone to tell her she can.  For her, this person becomes Keith.  Despite whatever doubts she has in herself, he can always bring her to feeling more confident.  She comes to him about anything.
Keith wants to be more than what he is.  He wants to be a knight, but that road is a long one he has yet to finish out.  It is Trisha who reminds him that she sees him for who he is and he does not need to be a knight to impress her.  Even when he is scared, Trisha's discomfort allows him to reassure both her and himself.
Both being able to speak with one another telepathically --through their thoughts--brings them closer to one another.  As their friendship grows and begins to show something more, their magic also improves.
Dialog between Keith and Trisha:
(Telepathic conversation)
Trisha: Why do you put so much faith in me?  Besides, you will become much finer a magician than I. 
Keith: You’re my best friend. For me, this journey has seemed both long and short, but I hope at some point you will see that I am a man of my word.  There is no guarantee that you or anyone else will become amazing, but it all depends on who helps you, and I am willing to do that for you Trisha.  You would do the same for me, and without knowing it, you are.  
Jaime and Sasha are very different from Trisha and Keith.  Jaime and Sasha appear in the upcoming book The Craft within Us.  They have an evident romantic relationship.
Jaime is a French teenage boy.  He snoops around in town, and he hears and sees what he probably shouldn't, but he's 18 and he wants an excuse to get away from his adoptive family.  It's not that his family treats him bad, but there is something that keeps them from truly bonding  By sneaking away at night, he can see the lives of the people in town.  The secrets and other sides of themselves they keep hidden.  He's all for causing trouble and knowing anything and everything.  Of course, that was before he met Sasha...
Sasha enters the town and knows everything and everybody.  No one has ever seen her before, but they are all thinking the same thoughts. She looks like Sabella... Sasha meets Sabella, and they are a splitting image of each other.  They almost look too closely alike, and it is then that Sabella and Sasha find out they are twins.  Or rather, they were twins.  As Sasha begins to tell of who she really is and how she has arrived, she realizes Jaime is eavesdropping.  When she goes to confront him she's willing to take his life, but the moment he talks everything changes...
The two teenagers begin to fall in love with each other.  They spend their nights sneaking away from the town and going to an old ritual area.  As secrets are revealed and Jaime slowly begins to understand who Sasha is, there is a question lingering in the air: Can their love last?
Dialog between Jaime and Sasha:
(note this may change)
Jaime: Do not tease me.  Why must our lips touch if there is nothing between us?
Sasha: I would never tease you, Jaime.  You know how I feel.  I love you.... Ja'ime.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad, long day

While today is already here, this is intended to explain why yesterday chapter 13 was not completed.  I have written down the main ideas for the next chapter or two, but as for getting them all down on paper --or rather typed into Word is another story.  It's challenging because I'm struggling with finding the right way to word this and that and have this and that occur a certain way.
Besides that, I didn't get a lot accomplished because I'm outright be honest and tell you that my Saturday was terrible.  I managed to write, but I did not manage to get sleep until very early in the morning --4am to be exact--and I wasn't up because of writing.  Oh no, my computer was well off before I ended up staying up the entire night and not waking up until 12 in the afternoon.  It's no wonder I've forgotten practically so much of what I was talking about with various people.  While life ended for me at 1am, it came back at 12pm and here I am.  It's almost one in the morning again and I must get so much needed sleep.
I've managed to survive through a rough emotional day.  In case you're worried, I assure you I am still breathing.  No matter how hard it is I manage to keep breathing.  And when all of Hell is breaking lose I have my best friend Tessie who is always there for me.  Yes, even at 1am in the morning.

Good night all.  Let's see about chapter 13 today.  Haha, yeah... Well, I'll try my best.

And by the way, I'll talk about my new book idea later today when I post.  (Yeah, another one.)

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chapter 12: Without a Breath

Chapter 12 went public a day or two ago, but I held off on posting the update because I had thought I would finish chapter 13 soon after.  However, with Thanksgiving those plans changed.  Onto what the chapter is about.
Chapter 12...
Without a Breath
Celestria and Alaire set out to travel yet again, but soon they are faced with a new fear.  They must overcome the tension building up between them and ultimately at the end of the chapter Alaire's future is determined.  In this chapter he is only breaths away from his death.  Will he die?

Annoyed, I said, “I have not forgotten anything, but I do think it strange when thou knowest everything I ask of thee.”
            Just as I stepped to walk out onto the road, Alaire grabbed hold of my arm. “Do not cry on my shoulder if this is what I receive in return.  Let me remind thee, I saved thy life as everyone else watched in horror.  Make no mistake, if thou continue on this way I shall not do that again.”
            The moment he let me go I began running on the road.  I did not stop until I realized how far I had gone without Alaire.  He did not deserve to be treated like a meaningless servant.  There was so much truth he spoke about me, as if he could read into my every thought.  As if he could look into every memory I had and reference to it.  Like he said, I had cried on his shoulder; there was no way I could deny that.
Now question it all because in a moment it could all....
End...for the worst.
Find out what happens next time you read Cursed with Power.  Keep watch on the blog for the update on chapter 13, which is coming soon.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When will Certain Fate be public?

For some of you this is the very question you've been asking me ever since I started the book 6 months ago.  After six months a lot has happened, not only with this book but just with everything in general. Certain Fate would have gone public much sooner, but I read over the first draft and felt extremely embarrassed.  I continued to read over it and I told myself that I couldn't post it on inkpop until I fixed it.
Well, I guess since you've been waiting for six months you expect there to be something extremely outstanding in the book.  You expect to start it and automatically be addicted to it as if it's a drug.  Honestly, I do not know if this will be the case.
All the same, I've been working on and off with STRONGER and am facing the reality of not reaching 50K.  This being the case, I'm going to be working on Certain Fate some so it can finally go public.

December.  In December that is when I would like to finally have this book public.  STRONGER is already set to go live, and then Arisen Darkness is going to be started in December.  I do not know what will happen to Certain Fate.  It depends on whether I can get back into the book after I reach 10K.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why is there hatred toward Cursed with Power? Please. Explain.

Book Jacket
Rank 416 (-12)
 Word Count
Date submitted
Date Updated

Rank 416
Well, quite frankly, I would love to know how the rank can be 416 when all the comments lately have been positive.  This book was in the 300s and now out of nowhere it's down to 416.  W H A T?  Yes, I'm going to remark on this because it's upsetting for me to see this when I hear so often from everyone that they would like to see this book go into the top five.
So far... Ha, that's not looking like it will happen soon.

Date submitted: 06.27.2010
Come the 27th of this month it will have been five months I've had the book posted on inkpop.  Five. Months.  That's not even that long, yet look at the rank.  Look at it again.  416.

Now really, everybody, how does that make sense.  I'm merely the writer of this story; if you believe this book doesn't deserve to be in the 400s you need to act because I can only promote what I write to a certain degree.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Calling all bloggers!

Hello all my fellow bloggers,
I must request you to help me out, and in this post I am going to explain why.  Whether you knew this or not I am part of the writing staff for Teen Inkst Magazine, an online magazine written for teens by teens.  I've been assigned to write an article about blogs, featuring various kinds of blogs on blogger.  My article is due November 26th.

So many of you have fabulous blogs. Please email me and I'll send you questions.  By answering these questions you will quite possibly be featured in the article.

Thank you all so much!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

STRONGER *must see book trailer*

For Jocelyn life is not simple, despite the fact that she's a princess.  Oh no, if you're reading STRONGER you come to realize this very soon.

However, the reality is that despite how much you want to read STRONGER it is not going public until December 1st.  Now you're asking yourself why I've written this post.  Am I mocking what you cannot read?  No, I'm not that cruel.
I'm tell you that there is not all sadness.  You can watch the book trailer to STRONGER and get an inside look into it.

Watch the trailer here.  Then, after you watch the trailer, make sure to tell your friends.  This book has several unexpected surprises that not even the character thought would occur.


And remember, if you're not on the mailing list yet you can join at any time simply by filling out this form.
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Chapter 10 & 11

If this post looks familiar, that's probably because you read it on the Magicians series blog.  I am posting this on my personal blog for those of you who do not --for some bizarre reason--follow the Magicians series blog.

Since I'm late with the update on chapter 10 and some of you have already read it, I decided tonight to combine an update so then you hear about chapter 10 and chapter 11.
Chapter 10: Shadow of Power
In chapter ten Celestria is closer to death then she ever has been before.  Now traveling with this new man's she met, she faces the greatest challenge of all.  It's evident: survival is key.  If they die, they lose everything they have ever worked for.
The light was beginning to shine through my eyes, but I heard a man’s voice next to me.  Alaire was conquering a spell of some sort as well; the problem was I doubt either of us knew what we were trying to perform.  There was a screeching sound and then a gust of wind that blew past us.  I placed my hands down and could feel something wet below me.  When I glanced down I saw a river of water…black water.  The water moved towards Lena and Melodie, neither of which seemed to know what to do.  The thunder grew louder and a lighting bolt struck down, barely missing us.

Now onto the newest chapter...
Chapter 11: Encounter
In chapter eleven there is a simple question you must ask yourself: When can you deny what you see?  Celestria asks this same question when she once again encounters her dead sister, Dyanna.  Now, though, she is beginning to wonder whether these encounters are imaginary --something perhaps of her own making--or very much real.
What happened to Dyanna so long ago?


The closer I got, the more blinding the light became.  When I could not see anything but the whiteness around me, I stopped and stood still.  In a moment the light faded away to focus solely on the woman in front of me.  She wore a dark green dress; the same dress she had worn the last time I had seen her.  Could it really be her?  Was she here?  Was I here or was this a dream, and I had never actually woken up from the fight?  Even that I doubted, though, because in past dreams I had never been able to speak or be heard.

Find out next time you read Cursed with Power.

The images used in this post are not mine.  All credit goes to the creators of these images, which were found on

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter HERE I COME!

You've heard right.  I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tomorrow morning with my younger sister.  I'll admit here and now that yes, I am a proud Harry Potter nerd.  I don't own a wand or get dressed up and such, but I own all of the books and movies and for me that's good enough.
While the movies never portray the books accurately, I think the movies definitely do show time elapsing and draw us closer to characters we love.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I know it seems like I just went through a massive amount of images, but I just thought it'd be fun to add into the post.  Besides, the rest of you who love Harry Potter know you entirely enjoyed that.
I'll most likely say something about the movie on here after tomorrow, but remember tomorrow I also have to fit in my Saturday post about best relationships (in books).

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lying in a field, staring at the stars

I absolutely adore this picture.  I discovered it when I was searching for images to use in my book trailer for STRONGER.  (I will post that tomorrow if I remember to...)

The picture just really spoke words to me, and it reminded me of many many months ago when my sweetheart --yes, him who was my first--asked me where I would like to go on our first date.  Sounding like a fool, I said I wanted us to find a field to lie in and then we could gaze at the stars for the night.  I've never actually done this before, so as for why I said this of everything is beyond me.  However, he did not tell me I sounded silly by saying that and now as I look at this picture I can't help but to imagine what it must be like....

I apologize for this short post, but it is late and I'm just uploading more to Cursed with Power.  I shall post an update soon.  (As in tomorrow or Saturday.)

And I made a new cover for Innocent & Young....

As well as one for After Death...

That's all for now.  Keep on writing because look it's already the 18th day of Nano.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter nine

Chapter nine....
Chapter 9 was actually uploaded several days ago, but it took me a while to find the time to write up the updates.  If you are on the mailing list you already received an update.  Here's a blurb about the chapter for those of you who aren't on the mailing list --for reasons I cannot understand.

There is a lot that occurs in chapter 9, and it's hard to explain the chapter without giving away a spoiler of some kind.  Therefore, instead I shall let you read an excerpt from the chapter.  This way you'll be interested in reading more of the book and nothing will be given away.
Closing my eyes, I could not understand what was happening.  Next I heard Aldemund scream in agony and then there was the sound of running.  I dared to open my eyes, but everything around me continued to look blurry.  A man was kneeling beside me; I could not recognize him, and my failing vision did not help me get a better look at him.  He spoke words to me, but I could not understand him.  Either he was not speaking Romanian or all of the senses in my body were ceasing to work, but it did not matter.  In a minute the world went dark around me.  The darkness was almost unbearable…

I understand for some of you it was painful to read chapter 8 because there was a cliffhanger at the end --so to speak.  If you have not read the new chapter I urge you to do so while the events from chapter 8 are clear in your mind.
Read the book.  Remember that the ranking is currently 400, and in case you don't know it was in the 380s last week.  Please help with the ranking.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Blog Mondays: Today with Juliana

Character blog Mondays
Character Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Enjoy!

Name: Juliana
Gender: Female
Age: early 20s
Status: Desires to be in a relationship with Daray
Current location of residence: Malvagio’s Palace
Featured in the book(s): Arisen Darkness, Passion & Affection series
Want to read more about Juliana.  Join the mailing list for Arisen Darkness and be one of the many to hear about it the day it releases.  Premier goes live December 1st.

          It’s almost ironic how easily you can fall for a man, and you fall even faster when he shows interest towards you.  If only love could be so simple…
          I watch Daray from where I sit.  A frown is upon his face—sometimes I consider this may never change—and he sits alone in the dark corner of the room.  I want to go to him; there surely is something I could say.  However, I think otherwise.  I tell myself to remain where I am, and this seems reasonable since Malvagio always has an eye on matters.  As if knowing my thoughts went to him for a second, Malvagio appears out of nowhere and places his hand on my shoulder.
          “A gloomy day…” He says.  I wait, but he does not say anything more.  After a week being here I have not gotten used to his odd comments that never have closure.
          “How so?” I ask, though I agree with him entirely.
          He smirks and walks over to Daray.  They speak for a minute, and then Malvagio continues on his way.  I only watch him until he is out of sight because I could care less where he is going to.  Strangely enough Daray comes to sit beside me.  I try to not act surprised, but goose bumps cover my arms.  He looks at me with his head titled, as if trying to decide if I am mad or simply strange.
          There is whistling from further down the hallway, though I know it to be Malvagio.  As I turn to ask Daray a question I realize he has already left me.  I look and surely enough he had returned to the dark corner of the room.  Why does he sit in the corner?  For how much longer will he do that?  What has made him this way?
          “Juliana, Juliana, Juliana…” Malvagio sings as he walks by me yet again.
          There is something evil in that man.  I have known that since the first day I arrived here, yet each day I am convinced furthermore to believe this as the truth.  Each day I see his acts against everything pure and precious in the world… each moment there are similar acts Daray wishes to commit.  He needs to leave this place; I am desperate to tell him this because if I do not soon I fear I shall never be able to leave.  Besides that, he will never admit his feelings for me… Whatever feelings he has left…

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chapter eight... Doomed

The chapter actually went public on Friday evening but I forgot to post the update on this blog until just now.  If you already read the update on the Magicians series blog this is the same exact update, so you might want to take note of that before you start reading it thinking it's something different.  I am writing up chapter 9 today.

I realize it took me an extremely long time to finish chapter eight, and I can only apologize for this.  While nano and my job should seem like good enough excuses, I also have myself to blame because once I got far into this chapter it actually got really interesting to the point where I wasn’t writing it in my journal, but I was typing away like a mad woman.
Let’s get on with what the chapter is about, though. And remember, while there are no spoilers I will let you read a sneak peek so you can get a feel for the chapter before you even read it.
(Please note that chapter eight is entirely different from what it was like in the original first version ofCursed with Power.  If you read the original version, please read this new one because it has significantly changed.)
In chapter eight Celestria walks about on the streets and thinks about a decision she made.  As she is walking she meets a man, Aldemund.  He begins questioning her because of the staff she carries; he also, strangely enough, knows her name.  Who is he?  How does he know her?

Excerpt from the chapter: Instant pain shot through me, and I did not need to look to know what had happened.  He was burning my skin, and if I did not stop him I would surely die.  While I screamed in agony I cursed him, but despite my conditions I was able to think. 

Will Celestria survive?  Who is this man she meets? And what causes her pain in this chapter…so much pain to perhaps even “doom” her?  Find out when next you read Cursed with Power.

Want updates on other books besides Cursed with Power.  Let me know here.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Better Relationship Saturdays: Kerrich and Jocelyn vs. Celestria and Leal

Better Relationship Saturdays are days on the blog where I contrast two different relationships from a book (or two different books) of mine.  Pictures are not accurate representations, but are merely to show the difference between the two.  Relationships do not necessarily have to be romantic; therefore friends, family, and enemies count as well.  If you have your own opinion of a relationship from one of my books, or you’d like me to bring it up in the next BRS post please leave a comment.  Remember to leave a comment with your opinion.  Enjoy!

Kerrich and Jocelyn (from STRONGER)
Celestria and Leal (from Cursed with Power)
Today I am contrasting Celestria and Leal vs. Kerrich and Jocelyn.  Which have a better relationship?  Which could --in the future--do better than the other?

Kerrich and Jocelyn are from my nano novel STRONGER.  A lot of their relationship was inspired by my own relationship with my first boyfriend.  They are very romantically attached and when they are separated from one another in the novel they quickly find a way back to one another.  While Jocelyn is a princess, she does not treat Kerrich as if he is below her.  She shows her loyalty towards her, and despite the princes that comes around the castle to court her she continues to tell her father that she loves Kerrich and only him.
Kerrich is a squire in the castle.  He works for Jocelyn's father, but he does not let his duties come before her.  He is very affectionate, and both he and Jocelyn seem a bit reckless with how they freely show their feelings towards each other.  Kerrich understands Jocelyn and having known her for a longer time, he feels strongly towards her.  It's no surprise that he wants to marry her, though he is uncertain how he can do this because of his status.
Their relationship is very much based on love and friendship.  The two are close to each other, and when they argue they do not stay angry with one another.
Dialog between Kerrich and Jocelyn in STRONGER:
“I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. 
            He kissed her neck. “I love you to no end, precious.”

Celestria and Leal are from my current book in progress, Cursed with Power.  (And Cursed with Power, as you know, is the first book in the Magicians series.)  Now Celestria and Leal are NOT a couple in Cursed with Power, but there is definitely some kind of relationship building up between the two.
Despite her stubbornness, Leal does not seem to want to leave Celestria.  He stays close to her and he also warns her of the dangers they face.
Celestria, on the other hand, has obvious feelings and thoughts about Leal but refuses to admit them.  She only goes as far as telling Leal "I've decided I like thee", but nothing more.  Since Leal reminds her of Adam --her former lover--in some way she cannot explain, she also fears heartbreak.
If anything, their relationship is slowly building up and is full of sarcasm, seriousness, and unspoken feelings.
Dialog between Celestria and Leal in Cursed with Power:
Celestria: I do not like the idea of someone following me around like a dog!
Leal: A dog, eh?  I think thee complain simply because no one has ever treated thee well before; thou dost not know what to think of it.  

So which relationship is better?  Celestria and Leal or Kerrich and Jocelyn?
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Certain Fate --who choses your or destiny?

Cover designed by arawakafan
A new cover has been made for Certain Fate at last, which means that hopefully after Nano I will be able to make this book public for you to read.  I know there are several of you who have been waiting at the edge of your seat for this book, so please know that I understand you've been as patient as possible.  I have not forgotten about this book; it simply needs a few thousand words more and then it can go live.

Hope you like the covers. I would post the summary to the book, but I've already talked about it before and the summary is also on the "now working on" page.
Keep in mind that while I've said this book is "on the shelf" that is only for the time being.  Hopefully before Christmas --way before then--the book will be up for you to read and comment on.  And hopefully not too many people will come back telling me they hate it because then I think my mind would just explode.  In December matters are going to get kind of crazy with my writing, so I've figured that I should probably first work on get 10,000 for Certain Fate and then work on Arisen Darkness.  I didn't say anything about Cursed with Power because in December I'll still be typing more chapters to the book, as I always am, so there's really no need for me to explain further into that.
Thanks to all of you who have stayed interested in these books of mine.
Can't wait for Certain Fate?  Tell me and I'll add you to the mailing list.  
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The cat is wearing a frog hat. What more do you want?

Believe it or not my post today has nothing to do with the adorable picture above, but I decided to insert it anyways because really.... I mean come on, the cat is wearing a frog hat.  I seriously want to buy something like that for my cat.  Haha.

Moving on, today is the 11th day of Nano.  More like the 11th day of madness and utter chaos.  And here I am blogging instead of writing more for STRONGER because I'm trying to find my place again.  I'm at the point where I am ranting and rambling about how my writing sucks, and by doing so I keep myself going.  I am not going to give up, but if I do complain now and then to my close friends and tell them that everything I write sucks that shouldn't come as a surprise.  After all, don't we all say that at some point or another?

On another note, writing has become breathing for me.  I find that when I cannot write I am thinking about writing, and when I cannot think about writing I am writing.  (Yes very repetitive.)  However, for me writing is seriously the only thing that keeps me from all together losing it.  I'm not talking about just Nano; I'm talking about when you're having a bad day or when there are negative matters going on around and in your life that will not be over any time soon and you feel like crying yourself to sleep... Yet instead you end up writing.  And believe me when I say it really can calm you down and ironically enough comfort you.

Now before you start asking me about Cursed with Power, I'll tell you now that I know I'm beyond being behind of schedule.  However, after rewriting chapter eight three times --yeah that was pure craziness--I have figured out how to --hopefully--finish the chapter and move onto chapter nine.  So for those of you who care, for those of you who know I'm writing something, and for those of you who read this post and said, "Oh she's writing a book?!" I will be moving onto chapter nine soon enough.  Be prepared for updates soon.

As for where I am in STRONGER and why every time I blog I seem to be procrastinating... That's because I am.  I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow once I run into a dead end with my book(s) because hey, hitting a wall hurts.  (Just kidding; I don't literally "run into" anything.)  It's a matter of focusing and finding my way back to Jocelyn's story.  It's very complex and so complicated.... *sighs* Hopefully many of you are getting further with your stories.

And for now that's all I shall ramble about.  Until later....
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Passion & Affection series

If you can't take the time to look at the page with this information you shall be shunned.  (Just kidding.)  Here it is for those of you who don't pay attention to new pages on the blog:

Passion & Affection series
        The series revolves around dark romance in a fantasy setting.  There’s magic, physical combat, mystical occurrences, and then of course…love.

            What would you do for love?  How would you react if one person could change everything about you?

            Would you do anything for love? The main characters in this series ask themselves that very same question. The men and women connected throughout the books in Passion & Affection series all share something in common… each of them have an evil within them; a darkness consuming them.

            Everyone desires something, even though who already have so much.  The question is when you do you set desire before advantages?  How could you choose love over power?  Can you simply walk away, or by doing so you would be destroying yourself even more?
Passion & Affection
A new series by Lindsey R. Sablowski
**Coming this December**

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Character Blog Mondays: Today with Kerrich

Character blog Mondays
Character Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Enjoy!
Name: Kerrich
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Status: In a relationship with Jocelyn
Current location of residence: Clare Castle
Occupation: Squire
Featured in the book(s): STRONGER
The book goes public December 1st so join the mailing list if you want updates.
       I try to think of something that will comfort her, but my words seem meaningless.  Her own father does not believe her, and I as stand with this knife in my hand I wonder what I can do for her.  Is she angry with me?  I can understand if she is, for in these times of confusion and misunderstanding it seems all I’ve continued to tell her is of how far my feelings extend for her.
       As we stand in the darkness I try to think of something to say.  Anything that could make her feel better.  Something to reassure her.  Instead I say the only words that will leave my mouth.
       “You look ill, love.” I tell her this as if she does not already know. However, I am not exaggerating.  Her skin has turned deathly pale and she appears as if she might faint at any given moment.  I want to reach out to her, but I am uncertain whether she will allow me or no.
       She simply nods in agreement and walks over to where I stand.  She wraps her arms around me and I pull her in close to me.  I do not want to let her go, for now I fear what she must face.  Another attempt has been made to end her life.  By chance she had lived this time, but what about the next times?  What if someone—God forbid—tried again?
       “Do not leave me, dearest.” She pleads with me, though she speaking with her face rubbed against my tunic.
       “You need not say that, gemstone, for I shall never think to leave you even once.” I turned my face and pushed it into her auburn hair.
       “I love you.” I whispered.
       “I love you, too.” She titled my face towards hers and kissed me.  As our lips touched, shouting began…

Eating colored gold fish while writing for Nano

I realize yesterday I never got the chance to blog, but the title of this post explains it all.  I was attempting to dedicate my undivided attention to Nano.

Here it is the 8th day of this writing madness and I'm at 10K.  *sighs* But at least I'm not all that far behind yet.

As you might have noticed there's a new page up about a book called Arisen Darkness.

Cover by Hannah
The premier for Arisen Darkness will go live on the blog by December 1st.  I shall not post it before then because I cannot begin to think about this book --and the series it is a part of--in any more detail until Nano is over and done with.

Now onto STRONGER....
Do not cry, even when the rest of the world is falling apart around you.  You must stay strong.
I am spending a lot of time with this book.  (A lot doesn't even cover it.)  Every spare moment I get I am writing more for STRONGER and I am looking forward to it going public on December 1st.  Remember if you want to be updated when the book goes public to request being on the mailing list.
As you hopefully are, I am excited about this project.  It is well right now, and I look forward to posting it public.  While it is already past 10K and could go public now I have decided against that because I will do editing once Nano ends so then it doesn't look like a crappy half-done piece of work.  (Because if anybody tells me it's like that I shall cry in the corner of my room... after I grab my box of tissues.)
A new summary for STRONGER has been uploaded.  Please look on the "new release" page to view.  Hope you like it.

Cursed with Power.  Yes, the book still exists!
Sadly enough I cannot even remember the last time I spoke about this book, so I can imagine many of you might have determined I had all together given together or I had quite possibly fallen off the Earth.  (That really can happen you know...It happened to Justin Guarnni; haha just kidding that would be for another time to discuss.)
So to reassure you I will state simply that 
  • Just because I don't update the blog everyday about the book doesn't mean I've stopped writing it
  • A chapter update has not gone up because I do not post chapters for public view until they are complete
  • Celestria is extremely angry with me as of right now.  Please ask her to forgive me.
handsome<---Okay, so I found this picture when I made my post about Adam on the Magicians series blog.  You can view the post here.  
Anyways, so I just thought I'd post this picture as a closure to this post because lets be honest.  That guy is gorgeous!

All right back to work for me.  And I just realized it's Character Blog Monday:O  Failure; I need to get that out of the way before the end of the night....
Be there for the magic:
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