Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Home

Just wanted to stop in quickly and wish everyone a very happy Valentine's day. I won't be posting on Valentine's day because I'm moving into my new home with my boyfriend that day, so I expect all weekend we will be busy. Also, due to the move it maybe be a couple days before I am settled and able to post an update about my third book. I do, however, plan on posting an update sometime next week if we're settled and I have the time.
Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding. Enjoy the holiday and your weekend!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Behind the Title: Thicker Than Blood

As I mentioned on the blog earlier when I first revealed the title to my third upcoming book, I have been waiting for the perfect timing to talk about what went into deciding on the title and the like. Fortunately today is another snow day and I'm off work, so that means I've had plenty of free time to write and now even post on the blog.
Even though Alaire's story was not originally planned to be in the 3rd book, it had a different title than the one you see now. Originally it was titled The Secrets We Share, and Alaire's story would not be revealed until the 4th book. When I finished SandE and started writing this book I decided it was in need of a title change because I wanted it to be something interesting that would pull the readers in. While the original title focused around the idea of foresight, the title I changed it to focuses on an even bigger theme in the book.
As we found out when first meeting Alaire Sencler in Cursed With Power, he lost his family tragically when he was a young boy. He's never had a family he can call his own, but by the third book in the series Alaire has come across a secret that will change everything. While the war approaches he contemplates about the saying "blood runs thicker than water." Those he is willing to fight alongside in the war are no blood relatives of his, but so then that leaves the question of how true the saying is. Might water actually run thicker? Only time will tell, but hopefully for his sake and the sake of others he will find out for himself before the end.
What do you think about the title for the third book? Remember even though the book has not released for publication yet, you can still mention it on Twitter using #thickerthanblood .
Progress update:
As for progress in Thicker Than Blood, I typed up both chapter 23 and 24 today. Outlines are all complete, as I have mentioned before, for the last remaining chapters. At the most I only have four more chapters to write/type before I reach the end of the book, then onto editing, and then of course publication. Once again I will be self publishing this book and it will be up on Amazon, and once I am done writing the entire book I will post a preview of it on Createspace for readers to preview before its release. Total word count is up to 71,823, so at this point the only goal I am focusing on is finishing the book so that I can begin edits.
That's all for now, and I expect to have more to share later on. Please leave your thoughts on the title and any questions in the comments.
Lindsey R. Sablowski