Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Journey as a writer

As I was combing through back stories tonight, making sure everything was in the right place, I thought about a question a lot of people have been asking me lately.  "How did you not give up?" 

Being a writer isn't simply a career or a passion you pick up overnight.  To those of us who actually spend our nights writing, we know this is something we dedicate ourselves to every day of our lives.  While our soldiers go to war for us, gymnasts compete at championships, and singers perform in front of crowds of hundreds, we--the writers--are the ones hurriedly typing away at late hours of the night to finish one last chapter.  You don't always see us, you  don't often know us, but that's okay--we understand that.
The wonderful thing about being a writer, though, is that you are able to experience a journey like none other.  What the journey is like, though, I cannot tell you for sure.  It all depends on you, the book you write, the hours your sacrifice, the words you place down on paper.  And when you come to that final destination of your journey, you should know that it doesn't stop there.  Perhaps it sounds a bit cliche and it's been said before, but this is true: When one journey ends, another one begins.
It's okay to be asking yourself in the middle of the night why you don't give up or what it means to you that  you're a writer.  We all ask ourselves that question, and my answer is going to be different from yours, hers, and his.  We have to experience this journey for ourselves, but I want you to know that through all of this there are so many amazing people you can meet.
Up until I actually signed my publishing contract, I had no idea how truly significant acknowledgments can be.  Then as I was writing it, I realized there were people who impacted my book in more ways than I had noticed before.  A large group of those people were published authors--whether they were famous indie authors or traditionally published--all of them were my mentors, friends, and role models during this process.  So even if you ever feel like you're alone on the ride, don't forget about the men and women before you who have written amazing work--they truly do have an impact.
Well I've got a date with editing to return to, but I hope this gives you something to think about in the meantime.  Happy Tuesday everyone!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Live Q & A !

Whether you're on facebook or twitter, I've got you covered.  Tonight I invite you to Q & A with me on twitter/facebook.  If you'd like to tweet me questions: https://twitter.com/#!/LindseyReneeS 
You can also post your question to the Facebook group for Cursed With Power here at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/142263712518951/

I know it's extremely late notice, but I would love if you joined in.  You can ask questions about anything, so long as the questions are serious.  I look forward to speaking with all of you!
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Officially Being Published! :D

My dearest writers, readers, followers, bloggers:
Tonight is a very special night.  Up until an hour ago this night was like any normal Tuesday night --editing, relaxing in bed, talking to friends.  And then the email arrived, the one that changed my life.
It brings me great pleasure to announce to you tonight that Cursed with Power is officially being published.  Old Line Publishing announced their final decision tonight, and I'll be receiving all of the details within the next couple of days.

Many of you have been with me on this journey since the beginning.  Two years ago I began this journey, writing Cursed with Power, posting it on inkpop, and hoping --without any idea--that someday it would make a difference.  I could not be where I am today without all of the support, motivation, and inspiration each and every one of you have given me.
This is truly a dream come true.
I've been reading posts by published authors for a while now, and I always wondered how I would feel if I ever got accepted.  After prancing around my room like a fool, I had to sit down and attempt to not have a heart attack.  I broke down in tears as my friends and fans sent in comments expressing their happiness and excitement.
What truly makes this moment special is that I have all of you to celebrate this experience with.  I plan on becoming much more active with the blog so you can be kept to date with publication, and I will be announcing a contest.  As for the contest, I was thinking of giving away ARC copies of the book or just free copies in general with an autograph --but the decision is entirely up to you!  Let me know what you'd be interested in seeing.
Before this post becomes too long, I do want to leave with this for the night: Never give up on your writing.  People will reject you, criticize you, and tell you you'll never be good enough.  You'll have times where you don't want to write, you lose faith in what you're aiming for, or you wonder why you are doing this to begin with.  I want you to know, though, in the end the journey really is worth it.  This is a dream you can achieve, and if you don't believe that then take it from an eighteen year old girl who's graduating high school in five days.  This is your dream, and don't ever let anyone --including yourself--take that away.

I love you all, and I am so thankful for your support.  I hope that you will continue to support me as Cursed with Power makes its way to bookstores! Will post more soon!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interview with Cassidy Cornblatt, author of A Broken World

Hello everyone, joining us tonight is Cassidy Cornblatt, author of A Broken World.  His newly released book is now available in bookstores and online to purchase; he has been published by Old Line Publishing.  Tonight he joins us to tell us about his journey.  I'll hope you will join me in welcoming him.  Also, please consider taking a look at his book.
1.)    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am finishing up my freshman year at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I am pursuing a double degree, triple major in Biochemistry, Genetics, and English. I recently published my first book, a young adult fantasy named A Broken World.
2.) Your book, A Broken World, just recently has become available for purchase. How did you begin writing the book, and what/who inspired you to pursue writing?
I started A Broken World when I was sixteen, about a month into my sophomore year of high school. I finished it almost a year later. I had previously started a number of novels, but this was the first one I completed. My love of writing began, as is often the case, with my love of reading. When I was younger, I devoured books, especially those of the fantasy genre. Many times I would finish books in less than a day. Soon I began to write the beginnings of stories, but then I would lose interest after a number of pages. With time, however, I began to write more and more until I eventually finished an entire book.
3.) How is A Broken World different from other fantasy books?
A Broken World does contain many of the hallmark features of fantasy: magic, adventure, even a few dragons; however, it is also a social commentary on the corruption of power and the exploitation of natural resources and indigenous species. In addition, it places emphasis on the importance of respect in society.
4.) Could you tell us the background of the language in A Broken World and how you developed it?
The language I developed for A Broken World was the original language of the planet and is used in spells. Originally, I just created a few random words to use in the spells near the beginning of the book, but then I realized it would make sense to develop a full, coherent language. I started by considering the grammatical aspects such as tenses and then went on to create a large variety of potentially useful words. When designing the words, I tried to make most of them evoke the image or feeling of the object or concept they represented.
5.) What are your plans in the future? Do you plan on writing another book?
I am currently working on the first book in a trilogy set many years after A Broken World. I also have a number of other book ideas that I am toying with for the future. In the meantime, I am attempting to publish a few short stories in literary magazines.
6.) What is your advice to aspiring writers? How were you successful with publication?
Never give up on your writing. Finishing a story is hard enough, but getting it published is far more difficult, especially for a first-time author. Make sure your work is as good as you think it can be, and yes, this means a lot of editing and revision. Do not feel down because of a rejection. Everybody gets them. I was rejected by literary agents twenty-eight times, and I was beginning to give up before I finally found a publisher. You have to believe in your work and just keep on trying.
7.) Thank you for taking the time to be with us today. Is there anything else you'd like to say before you go?
I’d just like to wish all my fellow writers the best of luck, and I hope you all take the time to check out my book.
Thanks for joining us, Cassidy!  It was a pleasure to read your book, and I encourage everyone to search it, google it, whatever it takes to join in on the adventure.
Remember to look for A Broken World on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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