Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You know the characters, now meet the author


You may or may not already know the characters, so this week on Friday, September 27th come out and meet the author. Baltimore Book Festival is this week from Friday-Sunday, and I will be attending as an author on Friday, the 27th from 12pm to 8pm. It's going to be a long day, and I'd love to see new and familiar faces to make the time pass by more quickly. I am very excited to talk to you about the books, characters, and if you're an aspiring writer I'd love to hear what you're writing about. Please stop by and say hello. My boyfriend, Eric, will be present with me, and I cannot thank him enough for be willing to come out and support me throughout the entire day. (Be sure to tell him how much we appreciate it!)
I've been meaning to post some more about the sequel, and now that I finally have the chance to -it's been a busy month!- I wanted to mention a few things. One of the reasons I love the cover for Shadows and Embers so dearly is because the designer allowed me to decide exactly what was going on the cover. Another reason is because Nicia made it to the cover, and even though Leal's probably a bit jealous, he's (secretly) happy for her too. Nicia's one of the characters from the book that grew on me faster than I had expected. I've talked about her a couple times on the blog, but since publication I've been meaning to say a bit more. Once the second book was done I realized she had became one of my favorite characters. I also just recently noticed that pretty much everywhere you look now on my website and other sites I'm on, you'll eventually run into her. It's great seeing her on the cover and knowing that she became a much more major character than originally planned out. She adds a lot of conflict to the book as well, seeing as Leal can't quite figure out if she's an enemy or an ally. Could she be both?
Though I can't explain why at this point, Nicia's also been a great muse while writing the third book. Every now and then she's int eh back of my head, giving me a shove to keep going. I loved working on her story and seeing the twists and turns she and Leal ran into, and now going into the third installment of the series I can't wait to meet new characters and fall in love all over again. That's the wonderful part about the writing process; you can have your favorites.
So if you're curious why Nicia is everywhere you turn and want to know more about her, pick up a copy of the book and find out what her story is.
Progress in the third book:
What I want to do more often is update the blog about what's happening with my upcoming book. Sometimes I might not have much to share, so if that's the case I might just include a little snippet at the end like I am today to catch you up with my progress. For those of you who already finished the sequel and are waiting for the next book, this will help you see where I am.
Needless to say, I am a fan of owls. Anything with an owl on it, you can pretty much guarantee I'll love. When I came across these two cute journals yesterday at Barnes and Noble I couldn't resist. (It's okay, though, I honestly needed a new journal). I'm pleased to say that the journal I'm working in right now (the one in the right picture on the right) has done wonders. The pages have unique, colorful designs, and it keeps me interested and focused in my writing. I started on chapter four today; chapters 1-3 are completely done and typed up. It's not a huge amount of progress, considering SandE released two months ago, but I sneak in writing whenever I have the free time. Once I'm on winter break and such I can squeeze in some more.

Hope to see you at Baltimore Book Festival, and if you can't make it I'll bring back pictures!
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Saturday, September 7, 2013

FREE ebook, teaser, and anniversary

On September 7th, one year ago, my first book, Cursed With Power, was published by Old Line Publishing. I remember calling my boyfriend, Eric, and telling him the news and crying when I first got accepted for publication. Here we are one year later, and though this journey has been difficult at times and the challenges continue to arise, I have loved it to the fullest. I am happy and proud to say that today I am a 19 year old author of two published books.

Seeing as it is the anniversary, I did want to give back to readers and fans for being a part of this journey. This all started out with Celestria Hale, and now it has turned into a full series about five different people all struggling for their lives, all connected in ways they haven't realized, and all telling an important story.
In celebration of this special day you can purchase Shadows and Embers for free on ebook. Again this offer is ONLY lasting today, and will be available until 11:59pm pacific standard time. Fortunately the celebration does not end there because I also have another surprise for you.
It's teaser time!
Above we have a teaser from book 3 in the Magicians series. Since I will not be revealing the title and main narrator for the third book until late December, the characters in this passage have remained unnamed purposely. (This way there are also no spoilers.) However, I can tell you that I am really looking forward to writing this scene that is in the teaser where our characters attend a masquerade. As you might recall, in CWP Celestria and Alaire shared their first dance in a ballroom, and in Shadows and Embers Leal shared a dance with Rahela at an event Esmour hosted. These special dance scenes will hopefully continue to appear at least once in each book.
Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful and sunny Saturday, and don't forget to grab your copy of Shadows and Embers today!
Lindsey R. Sablowski