Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nano is here *waves goodbye to her life*

Yup, that's right everyone.  Nano has come and it is at last here.  The wait is over, and for the next 30 days yours truly will be trying to write her novel.

I'm writing the prologue to STRONGER as I post this.  How is it going?  Don't ask me right's a work in progress.

Since I am in Nano I think I will put up a little notice just so you guys remember that besides school, work, and my usual writing, I will be doing extra writing.
It's madness. I agree with you.  But I have made a promise to my cat and to you guys.

I just had to show you guys a picture of my cat, Cally. (Her nickname is Muffin...amongst many other names lol.)

Anyways.... So yes, as I promised Cally, I will promise all of you.  I will only ONLY be writing Cursed with Power and STRONGER.  I shall not get myself involved in other books or short stories of any kind and if I do then I shall shun myself.  (Is that possible?)
Well blogger is acting up and I have to return to writing.  22 minutes into nano and I have 4 words.  wow.

Be there for the magic:

A Greater Destiny *new cover*

Cover made by Hexen.  Like it?  Unfortunately I cannot tell you info about the book because that would give away a major surprise in the series.  

Sorry this post was so short; there's only so much I can say about a cover.
Be there for the magic:

New Life *new cover and book jacket*

And the book jacket...

Like it?  Love it?  Well there they are everyone.
Can't wait for the book?  Neither can , so that's why there is a mailing list for updates. Leave a comment or email me to get on the list.
Be there for the magic:

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking

Happy Halloween everyone!  Trick or treat?  Here's your treat:

First off let me just say that I realize it took me an entire WEEK to post this chapter.  The truth of the mater is 1) No, I did not fall off the Earth and 2) No, I did not stop writing. I simply did not get this posted as I planned on Thursday/Friday because I was running into techincal problems with Word while at the same time finding it difficult to write the chapter.  So let's talk about the chapter, shall we?  (Because let's face it Tessa can't wait another day for the update on this chapter *wink wink*)

In chapter seven there is a lot that happens which is essential and significant to the story, though you may not fully understand why until you read the entire book.  There's not a whole lot that I can say about the chapter or I'll give something away, but I can tell you a little bit and to make up for the little I tell you I can give you a sneak preview.
Celestria is visited by people she knows...People she knows a bit too well.   How is she "visited" and who are these people?  You'll have to read the chapter to find out, but here's a excerpt from the chapter:

Léal… I lay back on the mattress as he name continued to cloud my thoughts.  I had been thinking about my sister…and now I was thinking about him.  I had let him leave, yet here he was coming back into my mind as if I needed to remember him right now.  As if I needed to remember his striking appearance, his beautiful and relaxed eyes, his wide and full smile, and his easy way of joking.
I allowed my eyes to close as I continued thinking of him.  He would never return to me; this much I was certain of because if he did he would be going against what I had asked of him.  I would never see him again…

It was a bright light that entered my room and woke me.  I opened my eyes and sat up, blinking several times so I could adjust.  A purple light shined in my face; I almost could not see anything but the light itself.  Then the whole room lit up to be white, and what had once been a purple orb of light now was a person.  She had a long, dark green, silky dress on that covered her feet.  Her eyes were sapphire and her hair was golden.
“Dyanna!” I cried in joy.  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working on projects page

The projects page is currently unavailable for view because I am revising it to hopefully look better and because I was frustrated with myself when I saw I had certain summaries to books that were not supposed to be public yet.

Also, I'm going to post up a "coming soon" page for projects that aren't public yet to view. Please make sure to check it out.

Read the post about Leal on the Magicians series blog.  Hope to see you there!

Be there for the magic:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you Caleb Breakey for posting my story on your website

You can read it all --from the interview to the story--right here.

I promise to say more about all of this later today when I actually have the energy to.  It's way too late now for me to.

Be there for the magic:

It's almost Halloween and there's a lot happening on the blogs

Today I went to a Halloween party, hence why I was unable to blog much at all until just now.  I thought I'd give you some updates on what's happened and what will be happening.

A new cover was made for New Life.  The designer also made a book jacket, but I do not know if I can show the book jacket yet because it shows the summary.  I mean, the summary doesn't give away anything, but still....

On the Magicians series blog TOMORROW the post about Leal will be up.  Trust me, you won't want to miss out.

Cursed with Power is in the late 300s for ranking.  Finally!  Thanks for all the ongoing support..

Chapter seven of Cursed with Power will be posted as soon as Microsoft Word decides to stop hating on me.   Keep your fingers crossed because without any luck there will be problems with me being able to write new material for any and all of my books.  (Then that would drive me insane and I would probably rant about it here on the blog.)

I hope to see you on the Magicians series blog tomorrow.  Don't miss out!  Leal.  Enough said.  Come.  Be there.  

Be there for the magic:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cursed with Power *new cover* and *new* summary and chapter coming soon

Cover designed by Hexen
Yet another new cover for Cursed with Power that will remain unless something better is made by someone else.
There's some errors readers and myself included have found in the pitch/summary of the book, therefore soon a new summary will be posted.

Also, I am expecting chapter 7 to be finished by tomorrow, since tonight Microsoft Word decided to be impossible and thus I did not finish it as I had planned on doing.

Sorry for the brief post but it's late and I have to rush over to the Magicians series blog to post something as well.  Busy, busy, busy.  But at last it's Friday!

Be there for the magic:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After Death

   After Death
I'm not entirely sure which cover I'll use yet.  Credit to seattlelover7 for both fabulous covers.

What do you think?

After Death is a short story in Joshua, who has been dead for several years, has an opportunity to leave the Underworld and watch the human world.  He wants freedom.  However, when he soon meets teenager Evelyn he finds out there may be something more he wants as well...
Who knew there was life after death?  How long does it last?
"I told myself to wait in the shadows..."

Read the book here.
Now if only I can stay awake for Everblue....

Be there for the magic:

Working on Everblue

I haven't posted anything today because I've been busy with the Magicians series blog, messaging on inkpop, managing my life --yes I still have a life despite all this madness; and writing as I do everyday.

So what is it I can possibly blog about at 11pm at night?  Well, my fabulous bloggers, I'm working on Everblue. Mind you the last time I looked at this book and actually wrote something for it was a month ago.
I'm literally starting another version of the book because it's just one of those matters where you could rewirte the book every second of the day, but at night you'd still get no sleep because there would be some mistakes you had missed.
Well, I say don't worry about.  We're writers, but that doesn't mean we're perfect.

Perhaps if I get off of blogger and focus on the word document waiting for me I'd get something done...

Be there for the magic:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planning ahead...Yeah right, I wish

I actually have done some planning of what I want to get accomplished for today, but whether I will actually complete these plans I've set out with is another story.  I have to work until 8pm tonight, so it's not exactly like my afternoon is free me to blog and whatnot.
Later this evening I hope to....

  • continue working on chapter 7 of Cursed with Power  --I feel like I've wasted way too long staring at the first two paragraphs for this chapter and I need to get the story moving along not only so I can have a state of peace in mind but so my readers --yes, you all--can read what you've been waiting for
  • finish chapter 2 of Certain Fate --I've procrastinated with this book, I admit it.  However, I honestly do want to write the first 10,000 words so it can at last go public.  Hooray, hooray!  (What, am I the only one excited?)
  • Revise/re-write/do something with the prologue off Everblue --not all that many people have read Everblue, but I've recently tried to begin polishing it because I'm so sick and tired of saying "here's another book I haven't finished"
  • Finish prologue for The Magic of Light --yes, I'm thinking a prologue is necessary and besides I really like prologues and feel if I can pull the reader in at that point of the story then no worries...yeah, I wish it was that easy....
As you can see I have written out too much for myself to do today, but I pretty much go through this everyday.  Why am I sharing this with you?  It's so when and if I am blogging later tonight you can remind me of this long list full with madness I have to get working on.
Really, I mean look at that list.  FOUR BOOKS?!  It is madness and it's probably mentally destroying me working on so many projects as once, but as I was working with different ideas I would lose track of where to go next and then I would begin a new project.  Now while I have Cursed with Power there are at least these other books which can keep me company when I feel that Celestria and I have lost connection with each other entirely.
For any of you avid readers out there, I'll let you in on a secret: I'm going to post the prologue of The Magic of Light on this blog once I have it finished.  You will be able to read it.  Shh, don't let anybody know I told you.
<-----And maybe it's just me, but that's a really creepy face to make...even if she is winking.

Be there for the magic:

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Magic of Light *another new cover but this is probably staying*

Go ahead and hate me as you realize this is another new cover for The Magic of Light.  I know I just recently had posted one, but I happened to come across this picture last night and just knew this picture had to be for The Magic of Light.  I had been going through fantasy images for the Magicians series blog and so I was of course getting tired of the same crap that always shows up, but this was beautiful and since I can't use it for the Magicians series because it's too bright and has light and all I knew there was only one other book it could go with.

Be there for the magic:

STRONGER **yes this is my Nano selection**

The moment you cry out as a damsel in distress is when they take advantage of you.  Never fear the blade in your hand.
To the public view Jocelyn was an ordinary princess.  Her family, however, knew she was becoming much more than that.  She had been trained well to defend herself.  Though no one wanted to admit it, she was the only heir left to the throne.
"You need to learn this.  My lady, we are running short of time." Kerrich said.
"I know. Dalmas is sending someone to kill me.  I am ready." Jocelyn said as Kerrich placed the long, thin knife in her hand.
"There's no telling what might happen, dearest Jocelyn.  You must be brave and for the sake of this palace, your family, your people, and even myself you cannot fail us." Kerrich said.  He was almost whispering, and Jocelyn could see that his cheeks were getting wet.
The door to Jocelyn's bedroom creaked open.  She grabbed the knife that lay on her nightstand, but she remained motionless in her bed.  A figure came over to her.  Its hands came down, holding a shining object, and Jocelyn screamed.  Then the knife went into skin...

There you have it, everyone.  This is my nano selection for this year and either you'll love it or hate it but I have exactly 30 days and 30 nights to write this book once November comes around.  If you want to be on the mailing list for updates on STRONGER or would like to hear more about how the idea came to me and so forth leave me a comment.

Be there for the magic:

Nano starts in a week *runs to hide in a corner*

Let's face it Nano is starting in a week.  The madness, the terror, the nightmares, the constant non-stop writing and writing, and the madness returns.  (Yes, I am aware I mentioned 'madness' twice and that this introduction makes Nano sound just horrifying.)
This is my third year participating in Nano.  At last I have finally come to a decision for the book I am going to write.  In my next post I will introduce the book.  I said 'finally' because you may remember I was between two different books.  However I had to think of the long term process here; I chose the one that will interest me for the longest time.  (Because if pick to write something like I did in the last two years I can kiss goodbye to reaching 50k.)

08 novel: Enjoy the Silence
09 novel: A Shimmering Moon
Let me tell you a little bit about the importance of your decision and why I'm partially running to hide in a corner of my room because I will be writing my nano novel while writing Cursed with Power.  Madness yet?  Not yet --that happens November 1st.
Okay, so Enjoy the Silence was a novel I was stupid enough to type up with a typewriter.  I got through 4 chapters and then Nano was over.  Wow, failure.  I think I pretty much got nowhere with this book because it was a horror story.  In case you didn't know, I'm the worst at telling scary stories.  Sorry I don't have the creative and somewhat --okay very--demented imagination as Stephen King.  No offense to you personally, Mr. King.

Then came A Shimmering Moon.  From looking at the cover you might think, "Wow this is a book to die for!" But I did not get very far with this book, either. I got through three or four chapters and then before I realized it once again Nano was over.  After Nano ended I continued writing the book for a while longer until I all together gave up on it.  The storyline turned into meaningless events.  The main characters mainly continued to spend time with each other.  It felt like the whole time the story was just like, "Here's a moral you can learn." Blah, blah, blah.  I am so glad my writing --and thought process for that matter--has improved since this book.

This year's's a winner.  (But I don't know if it will get to 50k. I can only hope it will.  God help me...)
Have you decided your Nano novel for this year?  If you're doing Nano you should definitely start thinking of what you want to do because that first day is the hardest.  

Be there for the magic:

Character Blog Mondays: Today with Auran

Character Blog Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion on a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Also note that pictures are not accurate representations of characters,  but are merely for visual affects.  Enjoy!
Image by Cool Text: Free Graphics Generator
Name: Auran Ponte (accent on the "e" to the right)
Ancestors: French
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Current Location of Residence: Zyre
Occupation: Sun Magician
Featured in the books: The Guards of Fairyland; Everblue
Read more about Auran: read Everblue today

If there was ever a time when I was scared it was when I first met the man who assured me there was something different about me.  I had of course already determined this myself by having researched the mark that lay clearly marked on my wrist.  However, he had been so serious when he had told me there were seven others like me that I had been blown away.  It was as if God had sent him to tell me I needed to find these other seven.

I smirk as I think back to that now.  Everything that's happened...Everything that may very well happen.  It was long ago when I found out I was a magician and it was even longer ago when I determined how to act on that fact.
Elainia stands beside me, talking and carrying on without realizing that I've lost interest in what she is saying.  Mind you it is not only because the matter she speaks of bores me, but more so because in the corner of the garden we stand in is a man I do not recognize.  I had been watching him all this while; I suppose he had thought himself smart and sneaky, but his clean white tunic and silver pants made him stand out clear as day.
I tap Elainia on her arm as the man advances towards us.  Though he craws like an animal, he surely sees that I've spotted him by now.  I do not wait for a word from my partner; I walk up to the man and grab him by the neck of his tunic.  He struggles to be released and then whispers a word I've become much too familiar with.

I have gotten myself involved in another fight.  Dear God have mercy on me.

Interested in what you've read so far?  Request to hear from Auran again on Character Mondays.  Read the story this scene was inspired from: Everblue

Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

Everblue was a book I found myself writing after starting the second book in the Lights trilogy, The Guards of Fairyland. I primarily took the new eight magicians in The Guards of Fairyland and created a book which went into details of their life before they knew they were magicians.
The book revolves around the main eight magicians who are said to be the greatest of all time.  However, these magicians themselves doubt this prophecy and began to question truth and destiny as they continue to get involved in more magical fights and so forth.
You can read the full story on inkpop, though it is going through revisions.  The Guards of fairyland unfortunately is not public yet, but if you would like to be notified when it does please let me know.
Be there for the magic:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

*new* Mondays are Character Blog Days

I decided that on Mondays on this blog will be character blog days in which I take a character from one of my books, introduce them, and then have them write up a post --so to speak--for the day.  Why?  Because it's a free country:)  Okay, that's lame.... I'm doing this because I think it'd be fun and then maybe it could get you interested in knowing more about the character.

That's my idea.  Yes, an idea I thought of at 1137pm.  Oh the madness....

Be there for the magic:

Throwing out the old, bringing in the NEW

For a long time now I haven't liked that the trilogy The Magic of Light is a part of was called The Magic of Light trilogy.  It was very uncreative of me, but maybe that's also because I decided on that when I was 12 years old.

Anyways, I finally decided that I needed to throw out that old part of the trilogy and throw in something new.

the Lights trilogy
I think that works out better....
And since I'm blank for ideas with starting chapter 7 of Cursed with Power right now I'm either going to finish chapter 2 of Certain Fate or....God forbid re-write --yes I said the R word--the first chapter of The Magic of Light.
(I'll be honest with you...That book hasn't been revised in a long time, so really re-writing can only help it at this point.  Trust me.)

Be there for the magic:

Come read about the magic

I have literally been spending my entire morning trying to tell everybody about the Magicians series blog and  I am still far from being in finished.

If you got a comment from me in which I told you about the series and asked you to help me spread the word I hope you didn't entirely ignore that.  I could really use help from you guys to get other people to realize the blog.  Thanks so much for all the support!

Be there for the magic:

Empty Road

Empty Road
During the minute Hudson looked away from the road he hit something... a person.
In a minute --a simple 60 seconds--Hudson looks away from the road he is driving on.  Then, without warning, he hits something and slams his foot on the brakes.  When he and his twin brother get out of the car they are both horrified.  It was not something they was someone.
Hudson realizes he's hit a young woman, who can't be any older than him at the age of 21.  While his brother reasons with him that they need to call the police he stands motionless and stares at the dead body beside his car.  The gruesome sight makes him sick; he can't think straight and he wishes to God that he could go back in time.
In a moment everything goes back to when Hudson had started driving down the empty road in Nebraska.  And just as he sees the girl in the corner of his  eye and stops she asks him for a ride.  Her, the woman he killed, now stands to the side of his car.
What really happened?  Is God giving him another chance or is he in a state of shock and denial?
*Cover by Kelly Moton
Be there for the magic:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This will make you laugh. Guaranteed!

imgfave | images faved by Rainbowninja

Chapter six...Departure

Chapter Six
A chapter filled with emotion, saddnes, and promises...
In chapter six Celestria comes to a decision because of previous events in the book.  It is this decision that ultimately effects how the remainder of her story turns out.  However, she does not know the impact of her choice in this chapter.  Will she ever realize it?
One of the main reasons this chapter is emotional is because it is a part in the book where the reader has to accept Celestria's feelings and reasonings despite whether the readers agrees with them or no.  While what happens may be upsetting, there is more to come in Celestria's story and the reader must continue to depend on her to tell everything that is occuring.
What is this decision of Celestria's?  Why is it upsetting?  How does it affect her future?
Find out when you read Cursed with Power.
Coming next...
In the following chapters a new element comes into the book...magic.  It's the word that has been mentioned over and over again, yet with little explanation.  What is a Dark magician and what makes them evil?  What powers does Celestria have?  If Celestria hated Dark magic as a child why did she not run away from it?  Perhaps more importantly, why does Celestria not run away from it now to save herself?
Soon the story no longer revolves around Celestria traveling about in search of Ruald, who may or may not be dead.  She clearly has to accept that the world has turned against her and if she does not run for her life she will not survive.  Survival.  She must depend on herself in order to get through the madness that comes her way.  And accpetance.  She must accept what has occured in her past or find a way to coop with her grief and denial.
And two important questions remain as the story continues: What really happened to Dyanna?
Where are these other three Dark magiciains? (I would say four, but Celestria and Leal already found each other hence why I did not include him in that question.)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spread the word: THE BLOG IS PUBLIC

I know I did not get to uploading chapter 6 tonight, nor was I able to write up an update but that is because

So tell your friends, family, fellow writers, followers, and anybody else you can think of about it.  Be there for the magic.

First post coming....tomorrow.
See you there!

Updating come and OH MY GOD the blog might be PUBLIC TONIGHT

The update on chapter 6 of Cursed with Power I should be posting tonight when I get back from work.  So unless I entirely forget --which isn't possible because I wrote myself a post-it note--it should be up tonight.

ALSO, I have to work on a history project but I see a new email from Amanda so maybe by some miracle the blog will be public tonight?!

And besides that my morning was ruined.  I've literally just experienced what could have been made into How To Lose A Guy In 14 Days.  My advice right now....Talk to your friends about it.  They know what to say to make you smile and they will listen and love you no matter what.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Magic of Light *new cover*

The Magic of Light
There is always light, even in the darkest of places; sometimes you just have to look harder.
I wrote up a new summary a while ago but I don't think I've shared it with you yet, so here it is...

There was darkness...
And then suddenly there was light.

When Trisha is confronted by another teenager, Keith, she cannot deny the powers of a magician. However, she finds it difficult to accept that she herself now has power she can wield to her advantage. She learns that her family has been kidnapped and thus she agrees to join together with Keith, though they both barely know each other.

In times of unimaginable darkness people must fight side by side. Trust, friendship, loyalty, faith....There is so much required of them, but those are the simple requirements.

The horrific, merciless, cruel man causing the darkness must be confronted. Can a group of teenagers and young adults challenge an advanced Dark magician? In order to stay alive they must prepare themselves to fight him.

*Cover by Tellmeastory
**In the process of getting published

Dear God it's a MIRACLE

OH THANK GOD Cursed with Power has finally gotten into the 400s for ranking.  IT'S A MIRACLE. *dances around the room*

Really, I'm not even kidding.  When I saw there was another new comment I was afraid to look because I figured it'd be another negative one.  Well, go look at the book now.

483.  It's about time, right?  Oh my gosh, I swear all I've been doing is watching my rank.  I've even stared at it,, but guys let me tell you a secret....Nothing is going to change by staring at it.  Trust me, I've waited for that change and it didn't come.
And now it's finally here:)  Oh yay, happiness.

Oh and because I'm that girl who's always checking her book's ranking....I am posting it on the sidebar now so you can see it to.  That way you'll understand when I'm entirely frustrated and when I'm completely happy.  Sounds like a plan?

Heyyyy, lookie here....
Sorry it's a little unclear but that's Amanda's layout of the pages for the blog.  Notice how there is going to be a "home" page and then a separate page to get into the blog.  Nice, right?  The actual thing Amanda sent me of this looked better because it had a background and all, but I wasn't able to copy the entire thing. (Sorry.)
So yes, that was what I forgot to share with you about the Magicians series blog.

Contest over & Blog almost public

Amanda has informed me that the layout for the blog is almost complete.  I am thrilled and cannot barely wait.
The PROMOTION CONTEST has officially ended.  Tessa Faith was the only one who entered--um where were my other supporters--and hence that makes her the winner.  Congrats Tessa!
Tessa you have won...The opportunity to GUEST BLOG on the Magicians series blog.  Once it goes public you can guest blog for whatever day you would like.  Please just email me and let me know when would be the best time for you, and also give me a headsups as to what you'll be posting about on the blog --seeing as it has to be relative to the book(s) and the series in general.

BE THERE FOR THE MAGIC. Not even kidding, Amanda has done a spectacular job on the blog layout so far and I do believe that once she has the final product ready we will all just be staring in awe.  (Or at least I know that's what I'm going to do.)  There is so much I'm already thinkign about posting on the blog, and of course every day new thoughts come into my mind.  Working on the Magicians series has been something new, challenging, and exciting for me to do.  I am constantly working on Cursed with Power --just ask my friends what I do during free time in classes--and I love that I can share my progress with a group of people....being you guys.

THANK YOUS to every single one of you who answered the survey, entered in the contest, continue to comment about the new blog, and/or have read Cursed with Power.  While I cannot thank all of you individually, there are a few individuals who I just have to mention in this post because they've gone beyond what I've ever expected from somebody.
After some individuals I posted pictures because I tired to make this post more interesting and because I thought the pictures just went with the person.
Tessie, one of my best friends:  Tess, I never thought I could cry and laugh at the same time for mere proved me wrong.  You're awesome, girlfriend, and don't let anybody ever tell you different.  (If they do put them on our hit list lol).  I love the energy and interest you put towards what I do, and better yet you've never once acted like you could care less.  I hope we can continue to make each other laugh hysterically, even though no one else will understand us. Ooh sorry I forgot...let me add in this last part just so you can laugh: Would die without youuu. Wuvvvv you cuz you're spectacuraly --new word, hello!--amazzinggg.  And did I mention I wuvvv you?<3  (I tried to do like what you did on my survey but epically failed.  Well...I attempted at least....)
Gabby, an awesome person you wish you knew: I apologize in advance if you feel your paragraph should be longer, but you know what?  You can get over it.  Haha just kidding.  I know it's been a while since you've "read" --skimmed over *cough cough*--Cursed with Power, but hey you're one of the awesomest people I know and darn straight I'm going to mention you here.  And besides, where would I be without you sending me Final Fantasy machinima videos?  Besties:) (Now get down on your knees....Wrong answer! Hahaha)
My family: You guys only have to know I'm writing practically every day of your life.  Thanks for being patient and staying calm, even though we all know I lie when I say, 'I'm just finishing a paragraph." Thanks for loving all that I do and believing I can get somewhere with my writing.
Tessa Faith: Probably my #1 fan for Cursed with Power.  Thanks, Tessa, for always being there for me and encouraging me to keep going.  You always support me, and without your promoting of my book only God knows where it'd be right now in terms of ranking.  You motivate me to do my best, and it means a lot to me when you say Cursed with Power is your favorite book on inkpop and that it's gotten better since the original version.  I cannot imagine your reaction when this book one day gets published.
Mia: It seems like you, Tessa, and several other people will have to fight over who gets the first copy of Cursed with Power when it gets published.  I only will say your copy will have that post it note for you, but other than that I cannot help itif other people try to race you to the book.  Thanks for having been an online buddy of mine for so long, and I am always happy that you want to have seven different conversations with me through email.
Annie: It wasn't until you and Pslams commented about Leal that I realized the effect he could have on the reader in Cursed with Power.  I honestly laughed my head off when I read your comments about him --by comments I mean what both you and Pslams said.  I never knew Leal was this hot guy everybody loved to death until then.  More to the point, though, you continue to show your support and I'm lucky to have you as a fan.
Amanda: Here's the girl who's making the Magicians series blog come to LIFE!  I just had to thank you, Amanda, because even though the blog isn't public yet Ijust know already I'm going to die a little when I see the final layout because it's going to be that amazing.  Thank you.
Julie Musil: You're an inspiration, Julie, and your blog is wonderful.  I'm pretty sure every writing can relate to what you bring up.  Thank you for responding to me when I send those group emails where I ramble on about the blog being up, and more to the point thanks for just being here for me.  I wish you the best of luck in getting published soon.
Kelly Breakey: I absolutely adore your blog to no end because you bring up the most simplest matters that I can actually comment on because I've come close to similar experiences.  Thanks for offering to be a virtual shoulder, especially a while back when my world seemed to be falling apart around me.
Laura: You better keep The Assassin in the top five;)  I think it's evident what I have to say for you.  I'm pretty sure Write Here would be beyond how empty it is now if it wasn't for you.  Glad to know you and really glad we can share ideas with one another.  Keep writing; you've got talent.
YOU: Yes, YOU.  You, the one who is reading this post right now and wondering "when is she ever going to shut up and just move on"?  Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and more importantly thank you for supporting me.  (I feel like I'm using "support" too much.... Oh well.)
Okay be honest who totally fell in love with this picture?  Awww, so cute!
It's amazing, guys; truly it is.  When I started Cursed with Power --oh God here comes her life long story; how can she ramble on like this--I did not think anybody could get into the storyline, except for me of course.  I mean, really, who was going to want to read a book about there only being five Dark magicians alive?  It almost sounded stupid and like a waste of my time.  Now, I spend almost all my free time on this book --she still has a life after this *shocked*--and more oftenly I am proved that it's a great way to pass time.
Writing is something I've always been passionate about.  When I write I keep my readers in mind.  There's nothing better than telling a story and having someone like it so much that they tell other people about it.
So to sums this all up, there is going to be a comments page on the Magicians series blog.  You'll be able to leave remarks there about the book(s).  I've read a lot of good reviews about Cursed with Power --I've dreadfully read through bad, as well--and it's the positive ones that keep me writing.  I doubt I'd be able to sleep at night if I knew no one liked what I wrote.  It's so much more inspirational when there are readers...even fans.
I'll post again soon when I have more to speak of.  If you weren't mentioned in the thank yous please don't take it personally; I listed names off the top of my head, but I promise I have not forgotten any who I wasn't able to mention.

Monday, October 18, 2010

When you say "I love you" he'll tell you, "I love you more"

Tonight the subject in this post does not relate to anything in my writings.  It actually isn't something I ever thought I'd bring up on my blog, but I am going to.
This post goes out to all the girls who have suffered or are suffering through a breakup.  Because let me tell you, there is life after the breakup.  I promise you.
I won't go into details of my personal life because it would bore you and honestly who wants to hear about it?  However, you may very well remember how several long weeks ago I was a disaster.  I didn't know what to write, what to blog, how to talk, how to act, and how to simply live.  A serious relationship I had gotten involved in was over...and at first I denied it to no end.  I told myself he'd change his mind.  I told myself one day I could wake up from the nightmare, but the truth of the matter is you cannot wake up from reality.
Ladies, the simple fact is you do move on.  You won't want to think about that at first, but eventually you come to accept that.  When you meet that other guy you realize, "Wow, I would have never been able to have this relationship had it not been for my ex dumping me."  Really, I know it's hard to imagine know and you don't want to believe it --I did that to myself and others as well--but life goes on.
Now I can happily say that I am doing much better.  Two weeks ago I began talking to this guy I vaguely knew, and now here we are two weeks later as happy as ever.  Call it luck, call it it a miracle perhaps.
This post is so irrelevant to what I usually post.  I did not post this simply to rant on or to bore you.  I did not post this because I wanted to tell the world how amazing my boyfriend is --we're all bias in that department.  I posted this because one of my best friends told me --during the time when I felt the world around me was falling apart--that I should express the words I had told her to the rest of the world.  These were not the same words I told her, but I am telling you know from experience and the confront of those who love me that you can move on.  That you are never alone, though it may seem like it at times.  Your heart can mend...sometimes you simply have to wait for the guy who has the "tape and glue" --as my boyfriend would so simply put it.
Hold onto your dreams and don't throw away your life.  Talk to the people around you --family, friends, online buddies, everyone.  When no one else will listen write your thoughts out in a journal, and if you have no journal open a new Word document and start typing away.  The words will come to you when the time is right.
I hope this post was able to touch some of you out there tonight who are struggling, as I once had been weeks --what feels like forever--ago.  And believe me when I say people are willing to listen to you....I had friends and fellow writers help me through the dark times.
There's guys who will break your hearts...but in this world there is that one man who stands aside from those guys and will mend you back together.  He will not only put the pieces back together, but he will love you to no end.  He will make you smile every part of the day and when you tell him that you love him he will tell you that he loves you more.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna hear a secret?

 Well I literally just wrote up this post but Blogger decided to hate me.  So now I'm writing it all over again off the top of my head.  But hey, it's not like I don't mind that I get to waste time writing the same post twice. *sarcasm*Cursed with Power
A new cover is being made for Cursed with Power.  I do like the one I have right now, but the cover creator and I agreed that it's time for a change.  And you guys are the first to know --I haven't told anybody else yet:)  Aren't you just lucky duckies?

designed by Lex Born
Now Rescue Me is a new short story I am writing up.  I hope to have it finished to put it in this month's edition of Teen Inkst.
I cannot remember if I ever posted the official summary for the book, so I'll do that later if i get the chance and actually remember to.

October 20th....Important date?  Heck yes!
This is the deadline for Teen Inkst submissions for October. I am so behind in submitting, but I've been really caught up with work school, and Cursed with Power.  
Since I only have TWO days left to finish the book, I may not be able to submit it for this month. Don't worry; I have a backup story...Fake Truth.
cover designed by MacKenzie Cast
Fake Truth is a short story that is a suspenseful thriller.  I've posted the official summary to this story before, but basically in this story two teenager boys see their best friend murdered before their very eyes.  They decide to lie to the police, and they do not tell of the strangers who killed their friend, Mandie.  However, very soon the boys realize how dangerous it is for them to know about the incident at all.

Here comes an action thriller where lying will either keep you alive or kill you in cold blood.