Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday, and I'm not dreading the week

Hello all, I know I’ve been MIA these last couple of days so I thought I’d drop in real quick and explain why.
As you probably already know by now, ScriptFrenzy (made by the creators of NaNoWriMo) has begun and will be going on for this entire month.  100 pages in 30 days?  Oh sure, that’s possible if you can manage.  Between that, school, work, and work I’ve been doing for Cursed with Power you could definitely agree with me that this month is crazy.  And crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it.
My older brother, Justin, will be going to Afghanistan on April 16th.  Even though he will not be in the warzone, there is no way to be certain how safe he will be over there.  The only thing that I keep reminding myself that is somewhat comforting is that he came back from Iraq alive.  Please keep him in your prayers.
Besides whatever madness is going on in the world, it’s been a pretty good day for me.  The weather outside is warm, my boyfriend is back from Boston (It’s about time!), and I’m listening to Nickelback and a variety of other bands while preparing to edit Cursed with Power.  And in case I forgot to tell you, I’m on my fourth journal for the book.  My friends blame it mostly on the fact that my handwriting is big, but I think it’s mostly because I write everything in those journals.  I actually keep them all; they’re stacked up on my desk in my room because you never know when they can come in handy.  It also brings me a sense of accomplishment.  11 months and counting, blogging friendsJ  It’s been a long time with CWP, but it’s far from over.  (Don’t we all know it?)
I hope your Monday goes well, and hopefully you’re not too overwhelmed with it being such a beautiful day.  Today would be a great day to sit outside on your porch and write (or type) to your heart’s content.  Actually, I might do that myself :D  
Happy Monday!  And hey, take a look at CWP, won’t you?
In your spare time, read the first book in the Magicians series:
Cursed with Power
Power, love, heartbreak...
Violence, screaming, blood...
His eyes rolled back into his head. I had done this.
And to find out more about the sequel, visit the Magicians blog, the official blog for any and all information relating to the series.  Character posts, Q & A with the author and readers, reviews, extras (including personality quizzes), and descriptive updates.
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Riv Re said...

Glad you're having a good Monday :) Good luck with CWP.
And I wish your brother luck :) *salutes*

Emmie Lou said...

I'll definately pray for your brother. My brother-IN-LAW went to both Iraq and Afgan, so I know a little how you feel, :(


Annie said...

Eh, I'm really dreading the week. Good for you!

I'll be praying for your brother! Also, if I may ask, what do you write in your journals for the book? Do you just write about things that relate to the book, or do you write everything that happens in your day? Just curious, because I keep a journal too!

LReneeS said...

Riv: Thanks, good luck with your book as well:)

Tessa: Thank you. I know it's hard to get through, but what we have to remind ourselves is that they're trained to be prepared and this is something that they are set on doing.

Annie: I'm sorry to hear that, but hopefully everything turns out okay for you:)
Thanks:) Well I have separate journals for just writing about my life. The journals I have for my books mostly involve outlining for chapters, character notes, possible additional scenes (that can be added on later), and pretty much anything that I'm afraid I'll forget. If I have an idea in the middle of the night, I rush to find a pen and my journal and write it down. Sometimes I also start writing a chapter in my journal if I don't have my laptop with me. It's very beneficial and really helps me organize everything:)

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