Monday, January 31, 2011

A Drip of Silver Monday

Drip of Silver
This is a new book I am considering starting soon since I will be finished with Cursed with Power.  In case you haven't noticed, I have two ways you can vote for the book you want me to work on next.  I would really like some input, though in the end I will decide whichever book I feel most comfortable with.  The books I am trying to decide between --the ones you are voting on--are:
Even though this was my Nano novel for last year, I have become rather interested in what will happen next.  In addition, I have received surprisingly good reactions from readers, which only makes me that much more excited to continue writing.  To read the summary, go to the "Now working on" page, or scroll down to find it on the sideboard and click into it.
  • Arisen Darkness
This is the first book in the Passion & Affection series.  While there is a magician as a MC in this book --which my sister complained to me about--this is also a new kind of genre for me to write since it mostly focuses on romance.
  • The Craft within Us
A book focusing on a religion that practices magic, performs rituals, and believes in a mysterious and unexplainable afterlife.  However, the plot mostly revolves around witches, romance, and paranormal events leading to more that cannot be explained.
  • Drip of Silver
A new book idea I thought of this evening that may or may not become part of the Passion & Affection series.  While it does follow the main idea of that series, there is going to be more historical events in this book unlike in Arisen Darkness where fantasy and romance overtake everything else.

So please, ladies and gents, help your fellow blogger and writer out and tell her your thoughts.  Make sure to vote.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The ending of Cursed with Power

To my readers,
At last I have come to writing the last chapter of Cursed with Power.  It truly shocks me how far this book has gotten over the past eight months.  Something that started out as an idea ended up turning into an exciting and mysterious adventure.  The journey is one I have enjoyed, but even this close to the end of the book I can say that I know it is far from over.
Whether you realized it or not, the version on inkpop was a second draft.  The first draft was originally up inkpop, but no one --thankfully--read the original ending.  So much has changed in the book since the first version.  Not only dialog or scenes, but there has also been a lot of material added in.  New characters, events, scenes, plot twists, secrets, relationships, fights... Pretty much everything  you've read was either altered from how it was originally written or altogether added in as something entirely new.
I could bore you with telling you about the three journals I have already filled up with notes, outlining, chapter drafts, and etc. but there are more pressing matters I need to address.
At this point I leave it to you to decide if you want to hear when the last chapter will be posted.  If you have not been all that interested in the book, I don't expect you'll care much about anything I address.  However, if you've been a fan then I hope this will reassure you that you will read the end of Cursed with Power in time to come.  Now I am going to address questions I expect you'll have.
  • When will the last chapter be posted?
Chapter 29 (30 by inkpop standards) will not be posted the moment it is finished, as I have done in the past with previous chapters.  I am doing this simply because I want to read through the entire book and make sure nothing has been forgotten or left out.  Also, I need work with the final chapter and feel confident about it because this is the end of the book and if it's not done the right way there may be no one interested in the sequel.
The ending will be posted as soon as I feel it is ready.  Most likely it will definitely be up before the book comes near to reaching the top five.
  • How can I [the reader] stay updated with Cursed with Power after it is finished?
If you like the book enough to want to stay updated, you can contact me and we'll work out something.  Whether it be messages via email, blogger, inkpop, etc, I am open to whatever would work best for you.  Since I am getting Cursed with Power ready to be sent to agencies, it may be simply that you want to be updated when I hear responses --good or bad--from different agents.  Again, this entirely up to you.
  • When will editing begin?  Will edits be posted on inkpop?
Obviously while reading through the book again I will do basic editing, but once I write out the ending and post it then I will begin in depth editing.  Any edits I make will be posted on inkpop.
  • So... about the summary for New Life... how much longer do we [the readers] have to wait in suspense?
The official summary and another fresh premier of New Life will be released in February.  As of this time, I don't know an exact date, but rest assured that it is going public soon.  I will be posting the summary and premier on both of my blogs.
  • Do you plan to start on New Life soon?
My main priority right now is to fix Cursed with Power and get to a point where I can send it to agents.  Once I'm doing that, then I can start to play around with ideas for the sequel.  Until then, I will try to post ideas, character posts, and etc. on the blog.  Most posts about New Life may only be uploaded onto the official blog.
  • Hey, um, about Leal....
When you read the ending of Cursed with Power, I am hoping you'll be that much more excited about New Life.  I know it will require you to be patient, but I understand that during that time you may need to send me hate mail about how you "need" to read New Life.
  • What should I do if one of my questions haven't been answered in this post?
If you don't see an answer to your question, please leave a comment in the "Ask a Question" section of the official blog or email me.  I will gladly answer any additional questions you may have.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you read the end.  Until then, there's 29 chapters up (including the prologue) and now there's time for you to catch up from where you last left off.

Thank you for continually supporting the book.  

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chapter 28.... Pressure of the Blade

A knife, a dagger, a sword... All three are used with the same intention.  In the magical world, however, nothing is quite as easy as fighting with a sword.  A battle does not end when a blade sinks into skin.
Before too much is given away, here is the excerpt you have been patiently waiting for...

I took a step back and tried to see what was happening with them, but I hit something and felt a knife against my neck. One too many times I had been in this exact position. Before he spoke, I knew Aldemund was my opponent. He had been since the day he heard news of me.
“I could do it, Celestria,” he said.
I shivered. “Go ahead.”

Before you become upset with how brief this update is, read my post following this and then you'll understand the shortness of this update.  Find out what happens when you read the book.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update: Chapter 26 & 27


I waited for words I would never hear.  I cried into the night for the love that would never return.  If you think I'm the man you once loved, you are blindly mistaken. --Alaire
Since the update for chapter 26 hasn't been posted yet, I decided to combine the update for chapter 26 and 27 into one post.  This will be a longer post than usual, but I'll split up the excerpts and whatnot from the chapters.
It's ironic how quickly strangers can enter into one's life and become all too familiar.  For Celestria, though,  it is more bothersome that people she never knew before are now the ones who hold truths she must bear listening to.  What's more, now is the time she must fight for what she has believed in.  Either she fights against her enemies, or they overwhelm her and everything is lost.  Two choices but only one decision can be made.
What madness are you speaking? I thought to myself.
“Do you remember me? Jacquette, Alaire's partner? We once had been a team...” She stared off into the distance. I choked on my words, barely being able to believe it myself. The woman who Alaire had been engaged to was in Belsgar, standing in front of me?
“You... You're Jacquette? You worked with Alaire, and you were the one who called off the wedding?” I said.

Darkness.  All her life, Celestria has been dependent on the darkness, whether she wants to admit it or no.  During the minutes when she needs to depend on it again, the shadows, the blackness, and the cold will become overwhelming.  The dark cannot physically hurt her, but it also gives an unexplainable advantage to someone else.
A gasp escaped from Aldemund's lips, but then Japhet ran from out of the audience. Once again he held a ghostly white knife. Though I did not know what his magic was, I cast a spell and he dropped and fell into the water. I grabbed him by his tunic as he chocked, yet even while he struggled he was tempted to stab me. I rapidly spoke words I knew would suffocate him. As I did so I felt a sharp pain in my arm. Glancing down, I saw he had cut me and was aiming the knife at my neck. The blood from my arm dripped down onto his tunic.

Aldemund?  Japhet?  How much more can Celestria take?  In the next chapter the heat is going to be intense, the fighting will be brutal, and the truth opens up old wounds.  It's not a matter of who to trust; now it's how to survive.  In all honesty, when you're out of the battle field there is only you, magic, and your opponent.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

If They're Watching

If They're Watching
A novel by BCT
Writers Marna, Shruti, Kae, Paige, and Lindsey (yours truly) joined together to write a novel.  At first it started off as an idea.  It turned into a group project.  Now I'm here to tell you what to expect coming to you soon.

Destined to kill.
Destined to die.
Dean, Beverly, Leon, Elizabeth, and Nathalie/Natalie were normal teenagers.  They came from different homes, different lifestyles, and had their own problems.  Dean was a tough guy who didn't know when not to accept a fight.  Beverly was a sweet girl who knew a dark secret.  Leon was seemingly happy and in love, but at home he was abused and scared.  Nathalie/Natalie was a disaster; she wanted to commit suicide since her mother left her.  No one ever imagined the five could be brought together, but one morning that all changed.
They woke up with a tattoo.  They knew.  They were the ones chosen to kill someone.  The victim could be anyone, and if they didn't kill them then the five marked teenagers would die.  Their victim was all that kept them breathing and alive, yet how long could that last?
For the first time, Dean might actually have to accept help.  Leon will have to face his darkest fears and admit the true story behind his brother's mysterious arrest.  Beverly has to chose whether to act innocent or admit what she knows.  Elizabeth needs to run for her life to get away from whoever it may be destined to kill her.  Nathalie... She has to save herself from her other side.  She's dangerous and she's sinking into the darkness with the others.
The teenagers wonder what they did to deserve this.  No one seems to have answers, the FBI is after them, and there is nowhere safe to hide.  In the hardest of time they must join together, fight, reveal truths in their lives, and most importantly survive.
"Dean, do you ever wonder who will save us?"
Dean smirked at Leon's question, but leaned back. "Sometimes I do, hick.  Honestly, though, we're screwed unless we try to save ourselves."

If They're Watching is coming soon!  Make sure to keep checking in; I'll let you know when it's up on inkpop and public to read.  
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chapter 25..... Unlocked Secrets

Did you ever have a secret you felt you couldn't tell anyone but that one person?  It was so dark and powerful that if you told anybody else they would have thought you mad?
I never had that kind of secret either. --Leal
In chapter 25 of Cursed with Power, new answers are brought forth that Celestria never imagined she would discover.  In the middle of the night she must ask what she does not want to know, she must hear the response she dreads the most, and in the morning there is one man she knows she must "meet" with.

Fayth interrupted me and jumped up to point. “That ring! Christopher, I've seen that ring!”
I stared down at Alaire's ring, which I regretted having kept. Fayth ran over to me and grabbed my hand without thinking twice. My eyes grew wide as she studied my ring finger, and Christopher looked as confused and horrified as me. We waited in silence for her to explain the reason behind her outburst. When at last she dropped my hand, she did not return to sit beside Christopher. She knelt beside me, grimacing.
“Magicians who worked for Esmour wore those rings…” Her voice quivered and then she turned to glower at me.
 In the next chapter, Celestria will need to rely on blind faith to walk through a field of shadows.  In the darkness, who can she trust?
"You died; you were dead without any life left in your body."
Yet what Celestria has said in the past will come to haunt her in the present.  Alaire has been reported to have only gotten worst, and there is no way of her finding Leal without him.  Perhaps Leal had left her never to return?
You like him more than you care to admit.
While she needs to come to terms with her emotions and the feelings in her heart, time is running short.  Surviving is what is essential, not what is wrong and right.  
The battle Celestria Hale was never prepared for is only approaching closer with each passing day.  The nights are becoming dark and not by coincidence.  Faces are unfamiliar, memories are slipping away, blood is soon to be shed.  Welcome to the magical world.  There is no turning back now.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter 24..... Drip of Blood

Now tell me, when have you ever seen a 'drip' of blood?  Every time I've been involved in a fight --and I assure you that's been quite often-- I have seen more than what one might say was a mere 'drop'.  --Léal

In chapter 24 of Cursed with Power there are major significant events that occur.  These events begin to foreshadow and shape the coming end of the first book in the Magicians series.  What can Celestria hold onto during these times she will doubt herself?  How can she prepare herself for battles she never imagined getting involved in?  Celestria must find confidence in herself if she is to be ready for what will come next, but the truth of the matter remains: The future holds many secrets.
During a time when Celestria is scared, confused, and lost, there are new people who come into her life.  These people, however, are ones she knows --from the start--she will not be able to trust.  What's more, there is a new danger that threatens the lives of Celestria and Emeria.

“Emeria?” I whispered. I debated whether to approach her or no. She was curled up into a ball, shaking like a baby. Having never seen anyone act in such a manner, I continued to stare.
There was no response that came from Emeria. She whimpered and the moment I decided I needed to comfort her, she began wailing. Despite how many times I continued asking her to hush, she would not listen to a word I spoke. I stepped forward and then felt something hit me in the back. I fell down, rolled over, and gazed up to see the man who I thought had given up on pursuing us. There was a serious yet hungry look on his face. Hungry…like he desired to kill us for pure pleasure.

Now there is a man they must run from.  Soon there are enemies they must face.  Celestria's life is in the hands of people who hate her.  The ending you have been waiting for is coming closer with the arrival of each new chapter.  Find out what happens when you read Cursed with Power.
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Picture reads: Friendship, a friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in the silence.

Yet I realized that in several instances Celestria and Alaire's friendship is not always the most "comfortable".  Shall I share?
I feel like despite the friendship that is between Celestria and Alaire, there have been several rather awkward moments.  Let's not forget the bed scene, shall we?  I have been rather pleased with the turnout of the relationship they have with each other, and it's interesting (for me, mind you) to see how they've grown with one another.

Anyways, I just thought to share this with you because I happened to find that first picture and then I thought "Hmm, how is Celestria and Alaire's friendship like this?"
If I've bored you, I apologize.  Later on the Magicians series blog I will most likely be writing a post about Leal... or some kind of posts about a character (or characters).  Now I am returning to chapter 24 and if I don't finish it someone must shoot me because I've been spending too long on this chapter.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just for laughs

Caption reads: "Robert Pattinson slowly realizing that he doesn't sparkle in real life."

I literally am just posting this because I found it amusing.  Don't ask me how or why I found this picture, and I apologize to those of you who like Twilight.  (Because in case you didn't know I'm a proud hater.)

Maybe you found it funny...and maybe not.

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Chapter 23..... How He Sees Me

There is very few matters that I let take over my patient.  Love, I suppose, is one of the few because it keeps me up all night and drives me mad.  Sounds like something you would want to wake up to, does it not? --L
In chapter 23, Celestria is taken to a place she has never seen or heard of before.  Left alone to discover the wonders and mysteries of this place, she finds there is more for her to uncover than land.  She is to remember the men in her life and why now she has every right to question them, and she also must come to terms with the feelings she has.
Miles away from where she is, Alaire lays in a bed.  He remains stricken with poor health, but Celestria is not given enough time to worry about his failing conditions.
Somewhere --though it is not clear where--Celestria wants to believe Léal is not too far away.  Perhaps he is nearby, and then again perhaps Celestria will never have another chance to see him.  Were her promises a waste of time, or could there be hope for her?  A man she barely had the chance to know could be dead for all she is aware, but she wants to believe there is hope.  Maybe, just maybe, Léal is alive and searching for her.
In a whisper every memory of him returns to her.  With one word she recollects how she felt toward him when they first met.

Then in a whisper, “Hello?”
Léal stood up and came toward me, and I was unable to back away. He approached me and stared me in the eyes. I raised my brow, for no one else before had been able to see me. Why did Léal take notice of my presence? How could he notice me when I was incapable of seeing myself? The questions ran through my mind as he stood before me, breathing and waiting for a response that would never come. He extended his hand to me and…

Now is the time when decisions must be made, feelings must be spoken, and patience must be tested.  Fear will be taken to another level, danger will be thrown into the faces of good and bad, and beauty and innocence will be meaningless.
Celestria has only one life...
"His eyes rolled back into his head. I had done this."

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lindsey MIA

Yes, I realize I've been missing in action for the last few days and I want to apologize.  However, this post is to reassure you that I am alive, I am feeling fine, and yes I will return to blogging as often as possible.  (That includes book updates).

The reason I was unable to make any connection to the online community was because our internet was down and we had to wait to get a new router.  Now that it's here I can read my 30 new emails, godknows how many PMs, and return to the normal schedule of posting new material of my book.  So I apologize, but I'm back and alive and that's what matters.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Chapter 22.....Push Away Fear

Once fear tried to climb into bed with me.  I told her that even if she wore a disguise I would not let her any closer... Besides, I need sleep to look like I do every day. --Leal

Welcome to the one place you never knew about, never imagined, and thought was unreal.
When Celestria enters into such a place, she is barely able to grasp everything and everyone who surrounds her.  Despite specific words haunting her thoughts, she is in awe of the new world she is introduced to.

Some places where we stepped were darker than others, but the fairies' glowing wings kept everything bright. Birds chirped from large, wide trees and a family of deer walked past us without a second glance. An owl flew from one tree to the next, and nearby one magician was a squirrel who was digging a hole for a nut. There were campfires, giving off heat, yet there was also a fresh and refreshing breeze that brushed through the trees.
Emeria suggested first we should find a place to sleep, since we did not know how long we would be there. My stomach grumbled, but I ignored it and agreed with her. I had eaten more than I usually would consume for breakfast. How was I hungry? I did not bother to question it, hence I looked around with Emeria for a empty place. There were people everywhere we went, and with the way they huddled together it did not appear they would let us stay with them. Then, after all, we could not depend on making friends here. While Emeria was among people she could trust, I was surrounded by enemies.
Could ever such a place have danger enter into it?  A place of unimaginable beauty and magic... but with Celestria's presence there may be a change in the mood of such a place.  There could be hope for the magician as she walks through the magical setting, and at the same time there can be evils lurking.  Fear must be pushed away during these moments when truths are spoken.

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Chapter 21..... Scuze, Revedere

English translation: "Sorry, Goodbye"
Chapter 21 was a chapter I finished over winter break, but if it had not been for Tessa I probably would have forgotten that I needed to upload this chapter.  I apologize, and just in case you were worried I am alive and did not disappear as Leal did in the book.  Anyways, onto the chapter....

This chapter I found a lot of inspiration for from "Sorry for everything" by Dead by April.  The song became influential for what Alaire said in this part of the book.
Without giving away too much more, here is the excerpt.

“Goodbye?” The word squeaked from my lips. He made it sound as if Alaire would die tonight, and there seemed to be constant dwelling on death. I, of course, thought on the subject much too often as it was, but Grefin was a doctor and an educated man. When it was him suggesting the worst, there was not much left to hope for.
“Da, because it is possible that he may not recover,” Grefin said. When I frowned he added, “Make no mistake, there is hope that he will live, yet I must be blunt with you. He does not act like a man who wishes to fight off death.”

While the excerpt is short, there is much more that occurs in the chapter that is significant --as always--to the rest that is to happen in the book.  However, can Celestria live with the difficult decisions she has made?  Why is Alaire giving up, and can anyone change the feelings he has?
Goodbye... the word we speak last but never use for its actual purpose.  Sorry... a word we can say over and over again for everything we have done...
Yet how can Celestria forgive herself?

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Sorry for everything

I realized today that it has been quite a while since I last posted.  In case any of you were worried, I am --thankfully--still alive and overall well.  With the amount of lengthy projects and review packets from school, I have been beyond overwhelmed.  Unfortunately, that is one of the main reasons that lately my only posts on this blog have been updates on Cursed with Power.  I wanted to personally apologize because I love updating this blog --though I don't know if you feel the same--and I felt really guilty today when one of my readers asked "Chapter 21?"
Yes, it has been much too long since I last updated Cursed with Power.  It's ironically really because I've have chapters 21 and 22 finished for several days now.  However, it has entirely been slipping my mind to upload them onto inkpop because I've been writing essays, staying up until godknowswhen finish chemistry, and overall waking up tired beyond words.
Now that the weekend is here I am hoping to relax some, though I imagine I won't be able to do that for long.  Tomorrow my friends are coming over to celebrate my birthday --if you didn't know my birthday is on the 10th, now you know--and then Sunday... Eh, I'll study and write that day. (Not that you care.)

Before I bore you a moment longer, I just wanted to once again apologize that I haven't been around much.  I'm sorry I can't comment as often as I would like to on some of your blogs, but just because I don't leave a comment doesn't necessarily mean I didn't at least take a look at the post(s).  It may be a while before I am able to return to my normal return and whatnot, but until then please do not get bored with my posts simply of updates.
Speaking of... I have updating to do before some fans of Cursed with Power come after me.  If you read this entire post, I have a lot of respect for you.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chapter 20.... Pleasure and Pain

Chapter 20 of Cursed with Power was uploaded last night, but it was not until today that I had the time to write up the update.  Enjoy.

In the newest chapter Celestria has a moment of pure happiness and pleasure, which as the reader knows by now is rare to occur.    However, when Celestria seems something that she cannot fully explain or comprehend, there is pain that re-enters into her life.  Someone who she had not dreamed about for a while comes back into her life as never before.
Perhaps you took Daciana's warning too lightly. That place is not for Dark magicians; as she said, the best of good magicians go there.” Grefin replied.
Emeria proposed, “I could go with her. After all, who would question her if we said that the great Grefin de Villy had sent us?”
Before Grefin could open his mouth, I countered with, “Wait a minute! I never said I needed a twelve year old girl with me so I could have an easier way to get in.”
“I am fourteen, thank you very much,” Emeria said.
“Whether you like it or not, the truth of the matter is you cannot enter Belsgar on your own. There are magicians who guard at all hours of the day...and night. To enter without any name for yourself... We would soon have only four Dark magicians alive,” Grefin said.
Celestria faces a difficult decision, harsh memories, and a painful truth that she has come to realize but not yet accept.  In time she must choose... a life of pleasure or a life with pain.  Find out what happens when next you read Cursed with Power.

*The images in this post are not those of my own.  The first picture is from and the second is from  I do not own these images.**

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