Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goodbye Inkpop, Hello Wattpad

As many of you already know, is no longer existent.  Some inkies switched over to Figment, the company that Harper Collins is now working with, but you may have also noticed that a majority of us writers moved over to Wattpad.

For those of you who have been following my book, I'm now switching over all of my links to the present and up to date one:
Don't worry, you don't have to be a member to read my book, but if you truly enjoy it and would like to support it please consider joining to vote for it.  (The picture above is actually exactly how it looks on Wattpad)

During the time I've been MIA from blogger, I promise you I have been searching among publishers and agents.  I'm hoping to find a home for Cursed with Power.  You, my readers, have been amazingly supportive.  Even with the change of the book's location on the web, you all have been wonderful and I won't forget that for a single minute.  I am so grateful to you, and so I want to take a minute and personally thank you for everything you have done.  Through the high and low, my readers are the reason I will always continue writing with my heart.
I'm currently seeking out publishers in hope that someone will take in the book.  At the moment I'm simply writing down who to contact, but I plan on waiting a while before I start querying.  There are some edits I have to finish up, and I plan to polish my query and synopsis.

If anyone has a sample of a timeline --some publishers require it--or a self promotional plan please email them to me: my email.  I've been asking my boyfriend, but both he and I have no idea.  (Why I'm asking him when he's majoring in Computer Science is beyond me lol)  I'm a bit at a lost on that one...

Before I go, I want to give another shout out to all of my readers.  Your support gives me hope and the strength to carry on.  Thank you; I love you all :)
I'll try to be around soon again.  In the mean time feel free to look around.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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Riv Re said...

Good luck with the pub search, as well as with Wattpad, though I can't figure out why you're switching there, instead of Figment. I love Figment! The community is much more chilled out and friendly than inkpop was. And I've heard nothing but bad things about the talent (or lack there-of?) on Wattpad.
But maybe that's all going to change, with all the inkies moving. :) Have fun!

Ramisa/Remy said...

Oh, I'm there as well! :D
I left Inkpop AGES ago. :)

Lindsey Sablowski said...

Hey Riv,
Sorry it's been so long! When I first heard about Figment there was a lot of negative talk about it, and I just could never wrap my head around the site with the things I had heard.
I don't think Wattpad is like that at all. A lot of inkies joined on there after inkpop went down, and Wattpad actually has a huge variety of books. (I felt like on inkpop I was always finding the same typical book; except in rare occasions.) Plus it's more relaxed on there because there is no "top five." Only thing is Watty awards which happen every year, but definitely check it out :) It's very addicting, and all of the writers there are friendly.

Thanks! Good luck with you as well. Email me so we can catch up sometime?

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