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At last the premier for New Life has arrived.  Whether you have read Cursed with Power or no, you will want to read this.  Why?  Simply because this is a sneak peak into what's to come when New Life comes around.  
New Life is the second book in the Magicians series.  It is the sequel to Cursed with Power.  This is a premier --more popularly known as a "teaser"-- to what the book will be like; it will NOT give away anything that happened in Cursed with Power.  This scene is only a rough draft of what will be in the book, but for your sake and so you will not be bored I decided to type up one of the most mysterious and interesting scenes.  I expect feedback from any of you who read this.  Love it?  Hate it?  Want me to talk more about my ideas for New Life or the future of the Magicians series in general?  Leave it all in your COMMENT.
(PLEASE NOTE: New Life will not be public on inkpop until Cursed with Power is finished.)
What you've been waiting for....  and now thus starts the teaser....

Looking at his grave, I was not able to push away the memories that came back to me.  I could not forget what had happened and how he had ended up dead and I had remained alive.  It seemed as if he was standing right beside me whilst I kept my focus on his gravestone; my mind wondered back to that time.  That miserable day so many years ago that felt like it had occurred yesterday…
            I came home from another long day out in the fields.  My hands were sore and there were several blisters that covered them.  I dragged my feet into my room and began searching for a change of clothes.  As I found a gray tunic lying on the floor, I heard the door open.  I turned my head, but I did not leave my room because I figured it was Da.  The door slammed shut; Da was not one to do such a thing when he entered the house, even on his bad days.
            “Da?” I called out.  I considered the tunic I was holding and then threw it onto the floor again.  The floor boards creaked and my stomach flipped; something did not seem right.
            I walked out of my room and looked into the large room where we had the dinning table.  One chair had been pushed into the table, thus having moved the table to the right.  Mud tracks went through the house, and it was then that I knew nothing was right.  It had not rained for three days and Da had been staying inside due to having come down with a fever.  He only went outside when he had no one else to ask to go; I was his only child and Ma had left us when I had been a baby.
            By following the tracks that went through the house I was led to my Da’s room.  His room was at the far end of the house, but the tracks stopped at the closed door.  I put my hand out to the door.  I froze and reconsidered.  What if someone was inside Da’s room?  What would I do?  I turned around and looked at the cabinet only several inches away from me.  I gritted my teeth as I forced the cabinet opened and pulled out the dagger Da had kept hidden there. 
            With the dagger clenched in my left hand, I opened the door with my right hand.  The moment I entered the room I dropped the dagger.  Inside were three people in black cloaks.  They stood to the side of Da’s bed; all of their physical appearances were covered by their cloaks and hoods.  A knife with a black handle lay on Da’s chest… the rest of him was covered in red.  Water filled my eyes as I realized what had happened, though the knife was entirely clean and I could not make sense of how these strangers had killed Da.
            “How dare thou do this to my Da!” I screamed as tears ran down my face.  I bent down to retrieve the dagger, but when I was standing once more there was only one cloaked person remaining.
            “Do not worry, Mr. Irvine, thee and thy father will be reunited when thou are older.” He said in a husky voice.  Then, after mumbling a word to himself, he disappeared.  I looked around the room to see where his accomplices had gone, but none of them were in plain sight.
            I was thirteen years old and my Da had just been murdered… in front of my very eyes for no apparent reason that I knew of yet…

What did you think?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!

Haha, sorry, I am rather happy about this because I honestly thought I would not get this posted today.  I was planning on having my friends decide whether I should post a comical scene or an action-packed one, but then I just ended up deciding on my own that this scene was better than the other one.
Hey, did anybody notice who the main character was?  You probably won't have in less you've read up to chapter six in Cursed with Power.
Interesting story about where I got the title for this book... But I've got to finish my history project first, so I'll just let this be all for now and come back later to see your thoughts.  There better be some comments.... or I'll tell my friend, Tessie, and she'll jump you:P  Just kidding; she's too nice to do that, but I just wanted to add in some of my pathetic humor.



Anonymous said...

in case you couldnt tell, this was mia:)

Julie Musil said...

WOW, what a teaser! Lindsey, this is all so great, and I'm so HAPPY FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! I can't wait to read more about....Leal?! I didn't know the second book was about him!

LReneeS said...

Tessa: Aww, thank you. Yes, the second book is about him. Glad you were able to realize that:P

Julie and Mia: Thanks ladies. I adore your support.

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