Thursday, April 12, 2012

Talking with independent authors

So lately in my search I've been talking to a lot of the authors on Createspace.  Most of the members have already self published or are in the process of doing so.  I thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been hearing, and who knows maybe it can help you out too.

I posted a discussion about how one goes about deciding to self publish, and the responses I received have varied.  What I've been hearing a lot of, though, is to "just do it."  You'll never really know what it feels like to self publish until you actually do it, and unlike waiting a year with a traditional publisher it can be done within several weeks.  (Depending on how long you need to proof for.)
Being overprotective over my book (once again), I asked more questions and waited for answers.  One author said he was with traditional publishers for years, but when he self published his book I Was Blind But Now I See it became a bestseller on Amazon.

Of course, we all realize such luck doesn't come to anyone.  Even so, I think that can be said whether you self publish or not.
I've been hearing all the responses and making a mental check list.  Some of the authors talk about how they love having control, for others it's because royalties... but all of them shared one answer in common: It was a dream.  They could finally say "I've written a book and it's published!"  They finally had a chance at glory to show the world what they have to offer, and if they didn't succeed at first they kept trying until they had it down to a science.

If nothing else, this week has been a week of realization for me.  If you've always dreamed of publishing your book, look into your heart.  You worked hours upon hours; some of us didn't sleep *coughcough me*; others of us worked during any spare time to write the entire book out.  So if traditional publishing is giving you a headache, I'm not going to tell you that self publishing is the only option you have left.  I will tell you this, though: Self publishing can be an answer.
As for me, I've decided if Old Line Publishing isn't in my work I am going to self publish.  I've been querying agents and publishers over six years now (different books, but you get the point).  You know I am not the girl to jump into a disaster without over-thinking it first, but for the first time I actually see another answer to what I desire.  Hopefully all of you, who have been my audience, readers, friends, fellow writers, supporters, and the reason I write this blog, will continue to support me when Cursed with Power is publisher --whether traditionally or independently.
Lindsey R. Sablowski

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