Friday, July 26, 2013

RELEASE DAY: Shadows and Embers

It's June 26th, and release day is finally here! Shadows and Embers, sequel to Cursed With Power, is now available through the Createspace store. It will also be available for Kindle later this afternoon and in Amazon stores worldwide in a few days, so I'll come back in a couple days with both of those links. If you're friends with me on Facebook or liked the CWP Facebook group you can expect the update much sooner. For those of you who already pre-ordered your copy I'll be placing those orders in tonight so you can expect your copy very soon.
 Photo: RELEASE DAY is finally here!
After 10 long months a lot has changed, but the sequel is finally here to stand by Cursed with Power and have its place.

You can now order copies via my published, Createspace:

Links for Kindle and directly to the Amazon store will be posted later on. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!
I'll admit that in the ten months it took to get this book to publication I had my fair share of doubts and then some. I had originally hoped for a spring release, yet here we are late summer with the actual release. Even so, I'm actually glad that I waited and put more time into the book. A lot of fans and readers have been telling me how eager they are to read this second book, so I'm excited and anxious to hear what you guys think now that you can actually get a copy.

Anyways, a huge thank you to everyone who helped me make it this far. I dedicated this second book to my boyfriend, Eric, because he has been so supportive of my work and never stopped believing in me even when I was ready to give up. Hope everyone enjoys this book; remember to send in pictures when you buy a copy -just like we did with CWP.
We'll be talking more about the development of the book and other aspects throughout the month.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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