Monday, May 11, 2015

Progress and upcoming cover

In regards to my progress I have not had the best of luck. I subscribed to Word only to realize it was a 2011 version that could not even format my book for 6x9. I am considering paying someone to format the book for me, but we will see what happens. (That does cost money, which means waiting patiently to be sure I can afford it.)
However, I do believe within the next few days I'll be finally purchasing a cover for Bloodline Inheritance. I know I've talked a lot about buying a cover on the blog, and honestly it's all I've thought about. I had the cover for TTB many months ahead of its publication date. This time around I cannot help but feel I am one step behind. The designer I plan to purchase the cover from is one I've been following for quite some time now, observing the other covers they've made. Book covers are always so difficult to use, but this designer stands out to me and could be 'the one.' If I cannot make progress with the formatting at this very moment at the very least I want the book cover to be finished.
Speaking of a book cover, when I do purchase one then I will send out emails and get together everyone who wants to be involved in the cover reveal. Fortunately this month hasn't entirely slipped away like April, and I have time to decide whether to release this month or in June. The more I look at the dates ahead the more likely I will choose June. I like making sure I have more than enough time to check that everything turns out right. Keep in mind I still need to order proofs and check how the book looks once its finally in someone's hand. Regardless of the release being this month or in June, I'm staying positive. This is after all the end of the series, and I am both eager and sad to be reaching this part of the journey with you. Numerous people have been reading this series since the days when Cursed With Power was on Inkpop. Since then the fanbase has grown, along with our characters, but I hope you'll join me in this final part of the story. Though the Magicians series might be reaching its end I am far from done with writing. I can't wait to share with you the new ideas I have later this year.
Now I realize this isn't much of an update, but I do want to be posting on the blog more. I realized the other day that I have not posted nearly as much this year -or even last-compared to my previous years. Regardless of whether I have updates or not, I will also try to include other posts that relate. (And you can hold me accountable for that.)
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