Monday, May 25, 2015

Behind the title: Bloodline Inheritance

We are slowly approaching the year anniversary of Thicker Than Blood's release (July 31st). Before that date I aim to release the final book in the Magicians series. Today has been a relaxing day, but I also spent it figuring out once last formatting issue I ran into. Now it seems I have fixed the problem (fingers crossed), so all I'm missing is a book cover. Oh, and ebook formatting... But I'm waiting to see how the paperback format coverts in KDP. Maybe if I'm lucky it won't take much to fix it up.

I feel like I've talked a lot about writing this book, and not enough about perhaps the book itself. This is the final book in a series I've worked on since 2010. This ending is bittersweet, and I doubt I'll know what to do with myself when the journey ends. Oddly enough even with the end of the book already written out it hasn't hit me just yet that this is the end of the series. After this there won't be another, and instead I'll be forced to start something new -and in many ways that scares me.
Dyanna's story was definitely anything but easy to write. You think you know your books so well, but this is the fourth and probably asked for the most glancing back at my previous work. You find yourself searching through books, then your own messy notes, and before you know it a whole pile of papers in front of you. I started writing Bloodline Inheritance right after the release of TTB. For NaNoWriMo I thought I finished the book at little over than 54k, but shortly after that I went back through and added more in. Now the book is at 66k, and every scene feels like it always belonged their in the story. I've lost track of how many times I added something in, deleted other parts, and etc. 
The book is titled Bloodline Inheritance because this is a story about people who have lived with magic their entire lives. For the past three books we've watched them struggle and fight for their species. Originally when I finished TTB I thought I would title this book "Brother's Last War" -that instead became a chapter heading. The title switched over to Bloodline Inheritance when I realized what made Dyanna different from every magician I've worked with so far in this series. This is about a woman yearning to escape from the magic she was born with. Sometimes I think we are born with something we want to change, but certain traits -or in this case power- is inherited... not simply given. Dyanna opened up a part of the magical world I only ever considered, but this time I'm glad I was able to dig deeper.

This has been one heck of a ride. Somedays I can't believe it's May and I haven't released this yet. Despite how badly I want to release it, I also know there are some last essentials I need before the release. My hope is that it releases in late June/early July. Currently I am waiting on a mock up of the paperback and also looking at book covers. The cover reveal will be in June so long as I have the money for the actual cover -that's an essential part to the process. I'm counting down the days, just like you, but don't think I've forgotten. This is a big moment for the series; Dyanna is the one who will be finishing it out. Hope you're ready to join her...
Lindsey R. Sablowski

Read Thicker Than Blood yet? There's still time to catch up on Alaire's story before the release of the final book. Read it today.


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