Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bloodline Inheritance: Cover Reveal Sign Up

As promised it's time for the cover reveal sign up. I am very excited about this weekend, especially since the cover for Bloodline Inheritance will finally come to life. I also can't wait to share it, and if you participate in the cover reveal you will see it before anyone else!
The official cover reveal will be on Saturday, June 27th. I chose this because I wanted to make sure we had more than enough time to allow people to sign up. The last cover reveal for Thicker Than Blood went amazingly well, and I would love if this one was even bigger. The sign up form is now live for you to fill in with the necessary details. I will need your email address as I will be sending you the materials days in advance to the reveal date. As always I encourage you to share it on as many websites as possible. While this is the end of the Magicians series, we want new readers to be able to start the journey as well. 

Now for a journey through time, here's links to the previous cover reveals. It's hard to believe this will be the last one for the series.
As we've talked about previously there has been a pattern with the cover designs. (At first not at all intentional!) Without giving away too much, I can reveal that this final cover completes the pattern. I will have the cover most likely by tomorrow morning. From the preview I've seen of it I'm very excited -and hope you are too! As always I'll be setting up a countdown for the cover reveal, as well as one for release day. I will share the release date with cover reveal participants, and we will also be sharing that on June 27th. However, this does mean for certain that Bloodline Inheritance will not release until July. Looks like it will be a summer book -just in time too!
If you've signed up in the past for the TTB cover reveal, I will contact you this week. Otherwise please don't forget to sign up. The best part of the cover reveal is the people who participate. Deanna's story has definitely been a long process, but this is where the fun begins. Hope you'll join me in welcoming Dyanna's story... and the end of the Magicians series. 
Fill out the form and also share with any friends who might be interested.

Update: As of June 5th I have received the proof of the book cover. I've approved it, and I will receive the official files of the cover shortly. I am so thrilled for this cover reveal -it truthfully looks amazing! It's stunning, and I can't wait to share it with you. Be sure to sign up to be part of the magic. Thanks so much for all the support!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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