Monday, June 1, 2015

This month... Cover reveal month!

My fiancé casually reminded me this morning that we are officially in June. Wait... where did spring go? How did the last few months fly by? Well, June has definitely been a busy month for me in the past two years. As Timehop so kindly reminded me, July seems to be a popular release time for my books. Both Shadows and Embers and Thicker Than Blood released in July -and they're coming up on their anniversaries! With that in mind I've been working like a mad lady to ensure Bloodline Inheritance releases hopefully before TTB did last year. Otherwise I will feel bad because that will mean it took me an entire year to release this final book in the series. (Have no fear, the wait is worth it!)
There's more to this list than mentioned.
So to start off this crazy month right, this week I will be purchasing my book cover. I know I've been teasing about this book cover for what seems like forever. At last I've found a cover I am in love with -just ask people I've spoken to in the past fews days. It's been the constant thought in my mind, and I am so happy that this week the cover will be mine. It will finally be here, and I can plan out the cover reveal. 
Especially with this being the last book in the series there are a lot of big plans in the making. Besides the cover reveal upcoming (this month) there will be a countdown and more happening while I approve the paperback and ebook formats. Let's hope it all goes smoothly and there are no delays. My ideal goal is for the cover reveal to be this month, and upon the reveal day I (along with your help) can announce the release date for the book. The date would only change if there was any format issue that I run into -especially in regards to the ebook (since that one is always tricky).
How do I sign up for the cover reveal?
I love when people want to participate and help the series out. Cover reveals are only the beginning, but together we can spread the word about Bloodline Inheritance and the series as a whole. Once I have the book cover (this week!) I will set up a form and post it up on the blog. If you already participated in the past with TTB and answered "yes" for future reveals, I already have your contact info. If not, I will post it up ASAP so you can fill it out with your preferences. Again this might take a few days for me to set up, and I do want to wait and let responses come in. Definitely keep checking in on Twitter, as I will announce when I receive the book cover. More to come very soon!

Now before we come to an end with this post, I have one last announcement...
I've had MailChimp for awhile now, and recently a fellow author friend reminded me about it. I would love to send out a newsletter -probably one every 1-2 months depending on what's happening. This newsletter would include news on the Magicians series, upcoming releases, first looks at book covers and teasers, etc. I have so many ideas, and I would love to make an engaging newsletter for fans and followers. It would be like an insider's club -you see what I might not post on the blog, or you'll at least see it before anyone else. You will also be able to submit requests on what you want to read about. Character insights, location choices, name selection, the publishing process... Oh, and new book ideas that aren't official! 
In the end it's up to you, and before I get too excited and create one... I need your help! Go on over and let me know what you think. Do you want to receive monthly newsletters? Be sure to vote, and I will tally up the votes throughout the week. If enough people seem interested I will launch it!

Lots of exciting things happening this month and next. Stay tuned!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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