Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where's Allen? No one knows BUT here's the OFFICIAL SUMMARY for Drip of Silver

Drip of Silver
Book: Historical Fiction, Romance
All his life he had lied about who he was.  When he signed the enlistment paper, he became somebody knew. There was no turning back...
The French Revolution has begun, but Nadine thinks she is safe at home.  Before she realizes she is mistaken, she meets a man with enough pride and mysteriousness to sweep her off her feet.  They barely learn each others' names when they fall in love with each other.

Audric enlists in the war to forget the dark secrets of his past.  He wants to leave behind the stealing, the murders, and the lies.  When he meets the young and beautiful Nadine, he knows she deserves better than him.  Yet how can he go to war while she is attached to him?  How can he admit to her who he is without changing her feelings?

At the cries of battle, tears stream down the faces of millions in France.  Audric and Nadine share nothing in common from the surroundings they grew up in.  Everything is against them, and in their minds they can feel how wrong it is to be in love.  Listening to their hearts, they have no idea of the dangers they must face.  In a time of war, there are the strongest feelings of love.  Defeat means losing a country and all hope.

Coming soon will be the official premier of the book.  The "short story" version of Drip of Silver will go out by February 20th.  Sounds interesting? If you want to be on the notifications list email me or comment here.
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Anonymous said...

This does sound good! I love the French aspect of it.

But is it Drip of Silver or Drip of Blood?

Sheron Parris said...

Wow someone's been busy while I was away. O_O

All the books. Lol. I'm eager to read all of them, but I must wonder how you're able to write so many in and a seemingly short amount of time? It takes me at least...a year to flesh out a book until I'm happy with it, sans "X," of course. That book is mere lunchtime reading.
But still.
I'm impressed.

Yes, the change I'm going through is good, I daresay. I feel different. My mind has changed. Things about me have changed drastically. It's all...incredible, really.

Anyway, I wish you the best, my dear.

Sheron Parris said...

Aha thanks for the comment. And I like the first one the most as well. Thanks for liking it. It took like...literally a minute to create.
Loved the way it came out.

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