Monday, January 31, 2011

A Drip of Silver Monday

Drip of Silver
This is a new book I am considering starting soon since I will be finished with Cursed with Power.  In case you haven't noticed, I have two ways you can vote for the book you want me to work on next.  I would really like some input, though in the end I will decide whichever book I feel most comfortable with.  The books I am trying to decide between --the ones you are voting on--are:
Even though this was my Nano novel for last year, I have become rather interested in what will happen next.  In addition, I have received surprisingly good reactions from readers, which only makes me that much more excited to continue writing.  To read the summary, go to the "Now working on" page, or scroll down to find it on the sideboard and click into it.
  • Arisen Darkness
This is the first book in the Passion & Affection series.  While there is a magician as a MC in this book --which my sister complained to me about--this is also a new kind of genre for me to write since it mostly focuses on romance.
  • The Craft within Us
A book focusing on a religion that practices magic, performs rituals, and believes in a mysterious and unexplainable afterlife.  However, the plot mostly revolves around witches, romance, and paranormal events leading to more that cannot be explained.
  • Drip of Silver
A new book idea I thought of this evening that may or may not become part of the Passion & Affection series.  While it does follow the main idea of that series, there is going to be more historical events in this book unlike in Arisen Darkness where fantasy and romance overtake everything else.

So please, ladies and gents, help your fellow blogger and writer out and tell her your thoughts.  Make sure to vote.
Be there for the magic:
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Riv Re said...

Stronger! Stronger! Stronger!

alexia said...

I think they all sound like cool ideas. I usually pick the one pounding in my head the hardest and go with that one.

Anonymous said...

That is a very creepy man on your cover.

LReneeS said...

@ Riv: Thanks for your opinion.

@ Alexia: Thank you, that's what I usually try to do as well.

@ Laura: Yeah, I know. Ironically enough he's a model, haha.

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