Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Johnny!

Fortunately for those of us *cough cough* who were scared out of our minds and had our dreams ruined by The Shinning can rest assured knowing that this post has nothing to do with Jack Nicholson --who, by the way, I cannot stand.
Actually, what I need to tell you is that I realize I haven't posted anything in forever so I'm trying to catch up.  What I really need you to do is visit the Magicians series blog because there are new posts that will be going up.  I rather not repeat posts on both of my blog, but whatever I post on there I will try to sum up on here.  (Sounds complicated, doesn't it?)  Today I'm hopefully posting a chapter update (wait what?!) on the Magicians series blog so if I get the chance I will also post a similar yet different update for that same exact chapter on here.  The reason I try to make the updates a bit different is so if you follow both blogs you're not entirely bored out of your mind with what I am posting.  After all, I do have something relevant that I want to post on this blog (and it won't be on my other blog) because it's something I've noticed and wanted to point out.  (Oh wait, does that mean I'm going to rant again?  Oh god save us...)
So what you can look forward to is the madness explaining the new chapter of Cursed with Power, how it fits into the book, and just what exactly it is about.  For more updates, excerpts, premiers, and news about Cursed with Power and the books following in the series you know where to go.

Read the book! Read. Comment. Pick.
Be there for the magic:


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