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In an attempt to catch up with the new and final additions that have been added to Cursed with Power, I've decided to include them all in one posts.  I'll also let you know the back story on how these additions came into place with the book.

Chapter 12 was re-titled due to the additional scene near the end.  Celestria reaches for Alaire's necklace, and upon seeing it is a cross she dares to ask about religion which she knows nothing about.
One of the main reasons I added this scene was because it brings Celestria and Alaire closer together.  It wasn't only that, but also that I could write emotion into the scene because I have often found myself in a similar position as Celestria.  Faith is something we are supposed to blindly believe in, but sometimes it takes another person to remind us why we do it in the first place.

Alaire grinned, showing the top row of his teeth. “I have faith in you, Celestria, because you’re the one person in this world who respects me for who I am and what I will never be.”
           He dropped his hand from mine, but I remained grasping onto the necklace.  I respected him for those words, even if I had more questions about what he said.  I did not know what he would “never be,” but I was glad he was the man before me and not someone else.  I did not need to pray that night.  I titled my head toward his chest and cried into his soft tunic.  No religion would save me, no matter how long I was on my knees.  I accepted that, and blinking into his tunic I knew it was not a matter of waiting anymore.  Perhaps my prayer had been answered in a different way than I had intended.  He was my guardian angel.

Chapter 14 AWAKE
Despite Alaire's poor condition, he listens to Celestria during the night as she confesses her insecurities and greatest fears.  While she reveals the bitter punishments she receives as a child, she also wishfully asks for safety.

“This is the same moon two people can stare at together, even if they are miles away from one another,” Alaire whispered.
            Running his hand through my hair, he whispered in my ear, “Look at the moon.  It’s dancing for you among the stars tonight, Celestria.”
            I desired to respond to him, but within minutes I lost all energy to speak.  His words faded from my hearing.  Before I drifted away I heard him say “you’re safe,” and then I allowed my eyes to rest.

Whatever safety Alaire promises is soon destroyed when Celestria wakes up from a nightmare only to find out she's given away their location.

Everyone panics when they realize the church in town has been set on fire.  After Celestria manages to save a little boy from the flames, she realizes all too late that Alaire never left the building.  Though he does stumble out of the rubble, he appears to be more severely injured than he had been hours before.

“What happened to you?” I asked.  Without thinking twice about it, I reached out and held his hand in mine.  He stopped walking and stared into my eyes.
“The poison, Celestria.  Good god what have they done to me?” He replied.  I urged him to continue on, seeing as I had no explanation, but the same question pondered in my thoughts.  All I desired was to return home again.  Ironically, I thought of Grefin’s manor as my “home” now.  Alaire required persistent medical attention, which meant Grefin had been right.  I would need to return to his manor again, even if I did travel to Belsgar.

Hopefully I didn't miss any additional scene, but if you're reading through the book and notice something new let me know and I'll post an update about it.
I'll try to post again after midterms (which are this week).  Thank you all for your undying support.
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