Friday, October 12, 2012


We're celebrating the coming of fall, as well as the fact that Cursed With Power has been out for over a month. (The 6th was the official month marker)  To celebrate, we're having a giveaway for you.  For all of you; each and every one of you have the chance to enter and win!  Enter here
What do you have the chance to win?  Let's take a look:
  • 3 character bookmarks -featuring Alaire, Leal, and Celestria
  • Free Paperback copy of Cursed With Power (AUTOGRAPHED)
  • Free e-book version of Cursed With Power (Winner can choose between Nook and Kindle. Kindle copy can be signed)
  • 5 signed bookmarks
  • Medium sized poster -includes author's signature
So I'm encouraging everyone to join in and enter for a chance to win any of these prizes!  You have the entire month to enter, so spread the word, gain your points, and keep on entering!  I may consider posting some pictures of the prizes later on this week -or next week depending on how crazy everything becomes.

Also, if you didn't hear, Cursed With Power was placed in the Howard County Times newspaper.  You can read about it here online if you're interested: click, click.  We made the front page!  How neat is that?!
"The thing that sets 'Cursed with Power' apart is the realism," says Donaho, who describes her role in this case as proofreading and tweaking. "[The book] has some religious aspects, some romance, and her readers can relate to the universal themes of friendship, love, trust and the death of someone close.
"At her age this is a tremendous accomplishment. ["Cursed with Power"] is the first book in a series, and she makes you want to read the next one."

Happy Friday everyone!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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