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Guardian: Alaire's untold story

Whether you've read Cursed With Power or not, I'm hoping this is a story you'll be interested to read.  The first time we -and Celestria-meet Alaire in the book is after Celestria's first encounter with Aldemund.  He rescues her when she is so close to death that there seems to be no hope.  But did you ever wonder what it might have been like from Alaire's point of view?  How he made it in time to save her, and what he thought of her at first glance?  I'll leave it to Alaire to shed the light....
Guardian: Alaire's untold story
A man ran through the streets, shouting about magic being practiced in the streets and a woman dying.  Several of the townspeople shook their heads at him as if he were a drunk, but there was no mistaking the fear in his eyes.  Humans were not capable of understanding magic, and in a way I pitied them for it.  It seemed cruel at times that we lived among them with powers and advantages that they themselves could never grasp.  Regardless, I felt drawn in by his words, and at the words 'dying' my heart sank.  As Dark magicians we were at the end of our days, but to the rest of the world that did not stop the violence.
You might not be ready for this... I thought, but I refused to listen to my conscience.  There was the slightest chance that the woman could be a Dark magician, and thus I felt I owed it to her to run as fast as my legs would allow me.
 The swarm of people made the battle impossible to miss.  It had been around the corner from where I had been standing, but there was too much commotion to make sense of what was happening.  Silently, I pushed past the locals and made my way to the front of the crowd.  There were two magicians fighting -a man and a woman-but the shouting through the streets had been true.  The man, whom I had never seen before, was brutally beating down on the redhead woman.  It seemed I had come too late, for all too soon I realized the man had grabbed hold of a broken piece of a staff.  I gasped in horror, envisioning in my mind how the blow would be fatal and kill her instantly.  She looked horrified like a cat that was drowning in an ocean, but meanwhile I stood with my fists clenched and jaw tightened.
You weren't ready for this.  Don't be a coward... save the woman! I thought, watching as the man raised the weapon above the woman's head.
Releasing my fists, I extended my arms out and cast a spell.  The energy flowed from my hands and hit the man's arm in a matter of seconds.  He dropped the half-broken staff, grabbing tightly onto his injured the arm.  The spell was not one of the strongest, but it was enough for him to glance at me and then run away into the dark alleys.  All eyes focused on me, and I mumbled an apology before rushing to the woman's side. Her eyes darted in various directions, suggesting that at any given moment she would become unconscious.  For the first time I was able to see her all of her features: the soft and alluring red glow from her hair, the curiosity in her eyes, and the unmistakable thin, pink lips.  It was like I had known her in times before in a way that I could not explain.
"My god, I've found you...." I whispered just as her eyes closed and her body fell limp.  A majority of the locals had already walked away from the fight, but I reassured the few that remained that she would be safe with me.  Without another word, I picked her up in my arms and carried her away from the town to the only haven I knew.

If you'd like more posts like this with different POVs from Cursed With Power or other possible story lines I can share without revealing spoilers, leave a comment and let me know!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Alaire sends his love :)
Lindsey R. Sablowski


Raven Paramour said...

That was really interesting. By the way, I was wondering if you knew that around the time period that CWP takes place in, people with red hair were thought to be witches?

Is the third book going to be in Alaire's point of view?

Lindsey Sablowski said...

I think I might have read that somewhere, but Celestria having red hair and being a magician wasn't purposely thought out. Interesting now that you mention it, though.

And I don't believe so; the narrator for the third book as of right now remains a secret! :)

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