Monday, January 14, 2013

If time could kill, deadlines would be deadly

Lately I've been keeping an eye on my calendar, and it seems like January is coming to an end much sooner than any of us would like for it to.  This means college starts back up again, and unfortunately for me that means no free time for my book -at least not until March once spring break hits.  Due to this timing seems to be worth everything at this point in my progress with the upcoming sequel.  Four months ago when I was working on Cursed With Power I spent four months from the acceptance letter in May to the release in September working on the book as often as time would permit me to.  Alas that was before college and work entered into my life, so as you can imagine it's a different situation now... and I'm not even finished with the first draft yet.

Regardless of the deadline I've set on the book, I do intend to stay with it.  This book is exciting -and at times scary-to write especially with there being new characters, new locations, and the challenging change of all... a new narrator.  I want readers to have something they can immerse themselves in again, to fall in love with new and old characters, and to be on the edge of their seat up till the very end where they can't wait for the next book.  This series will require a lot of work -mainly on my part- but in the end I'd like to hope that we'll have more fans and readers join along the journey.  So deadline or not, I will do my very best to have the book ready so it can release in the spring.  If I'm a month or so later than I originally planned out it'll only be because during all of that time I am still making the book everything that it can be.  
Updated cover :) Sorry it's been a while guys; meant to reveal this sooner. And the book jacket
Either way, we're in for quite the adventure this month and definitely this spring.  In the meantime while you wait there will be contests to be announced and much more talk about what's to come next.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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