Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"I'm sick of playing nice" returning spring 2013

Credit to photographer. Model: Ian Somerhalder
Whew we're already half way through March, and you know what that means... The release of Punished With Destiny is within our grasp.  If you've been wondering why there was a lack in my posting it is because this month (and perhaps the next couple to follow) and very demanding of attention toward the book.  Though I am slightly behind my schedule, I've been focusing as much time as I can spare to catch up once again.  I can assure you that I'll definitely be done writing the book before the end of the month, and then we have the lovely editing process to look forward to.
The end of this book, being only ten chapters away for me, is a crazy thought.  I started rewriting the rough draft back in September shortly after Cursed With Power, since there were only five chapters at most that had been written previous to my publishing contract.  There were some days I regret not spending more dedicated to this book, but now that I'm nearly the end it's a good feeling.  Feelings of relief, excitement, and even some... anxiety.  I am both eager and nervous to hear feedback from readers, and to be honest this book hasn't been read over by anyone thus far except for me.  (Not even my boyfriend, though I've given him the chance.)  Regardless, I hope Leal's story can intrigue readers who have not yet read the first book in the series, and for return fans, I hope it's everything they've been waiting for and more.
I wish we could have a countdown starting, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with starting one until I get the "okay" from my publisher.
There isn't much more I can share in this post, seeing as by the looks of it this month will primarily be focusing on finishing the book and moving onto edits.  All the same, I wanted to take the time to catch you up with the process and progress that's been made.  I have a lot of hopes for Leal's story, and I'm hoping you'll hear out his story.  Everything isn't finished yet, and we're far from reaching the end (of the series), but keep your fingers crossed everything works out.
Think you're ready for it?
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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