Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Mock" book proof is here!

Yesterday the "mock" book proof of Punished With Destiny showed up at my house.  While this isn't anything official, I will admit it was nice to have that moment of excitement again to be holding a hard copy of the book in my hands. (It'll be even more exciting when it's official and releasing!)  For now, though, the copy is waiting on my desk for Friday -the day of the road trip.  It only contains the first 25 chapters of the book, but I've already sneaked a few glances and mentally noted edits that I need to write in.  Let's hope I remember to bring along a red pen with me.
Looking back on Cursed With Power, there were so many mistakes I made and learned from.  A majority of my desk and the half top of my closet is filled with binders containing different versions of CWP.  I'm hoping that this time around I can use what I learned to my advantage, and hopefully the editing process will move along more smoothly.  Regardless on Friday alone I believe I'll have approximately 16 hours in total to edit as much of the book as physically possible, and oddly enough I am rising to the challenge.  The sooner the editing gets done, the quicker I can apply the revisions and have our book on its way to releasing.
And in case you haven't heard, I have determined the exact date I should be finished writing the book.
So long as I complete a chapter each day I should be finished of the book by March 11th.  Unfortunately (for me at least) that's less than two weeks away, so the mental countdown has begun and eventually at some point I imagine my hand will hurt.  Most of these chapters I've been writing down on paper first before converting them over onto a Word document.  I find that keeps the writer's block away, and paper isn't as intimidating as a blank Word document can be.  And thanks to my boyfriend, I also have my KindleFire, which I can read the book on just as if it were an e-book.
There's a lot of work to be done and not nearly enough time, but for now I wanted to catch everyone up with where I am currently.  If I don't post again until later this weekend it's because I'll be caught up with editing and just having a good time out and about.  Don't worry, though, the giveaway will be coming soon!
And in the meantime I can leave you with another promo I made this morning (at 1am):

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