Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who will make it to the cover?

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to stop by here and actually write a full post, so without further ado let me catch you up to where I am. Yesterday I received the official cover for book 3, even though as I have mentioned before the expected release will not be until sometime next year (2014). Even so, I decided to jump ahead and get the cover out of the way so when the book is ready for publication there's nothing stopping me. The cover was designed by Alivia Anders, author and designer at White Rabbit Designs & Creations. I can't say a lot about the cover presently because I'll want to talk about it more when the actual cover reveal comes about -again, we have to wait-but I can say it is stunning. Covers for my books are always the final touch that makes them come to life, and I have to admit the latest addition fits in beautifully along side the previous covers in the series.
The cover reveal for the official cover will not be occurring until I have a set publication date for the book, but I encourage you to start thinking about what you'll see. Who do you expect will make it to the cover of the third book in the Magicians series? Will it be a character we've met before or a new one? How will it stand out and look unique from the others? Keep those questions in mind, and before you know it I'll be answering them for you.
Progress update in book #3:
Currently I've finished chapters 1-5 and have started writing out chapter six. We've reached the 12k mark, and if you look to the right of my blog you can find a word meter that is also keeping track of my progress. Almost 20% done! Right now 70k is just an ideal word count to reach, but for all I know the book could go well over that amount. I have a lot of new stationary material to work with, so all is well. It's hard to believe I am working on publishing my third book. Can't wait until I can release more details; remember, title and the narrator will be revealed this December!
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