Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upcoming Winter Holidays Giveaway

It's been 3 months since Shadows and Embers released and 13 months since Cursed With Power's publication. How time flies! Alas I haven't had a lot of time to update the blog because I've been busy writing, working, and finishing college papers. Since I have some downtime tonight I did want to take the chance to catch you up and also give you a look at what's coming up.
Upcoming: Winter Holidays Giveaway
With October coming to an end, December will soon be only a month away. To celebrate winter and the holidays that come along with the season, I will be hosting a giveaway. This is a great chance for you to spread the word about both of my books, and for you in return to win some great prizes! I have a lot of custom-made items that are up for grabs... Let's take a look:

  • Bookmarks- Win a signed bookmark of Cursed With Power and/or Shadows and Embers
  • Custom made necklaces (small square size) -I have 3 of these; one is the cover image of CWP, another is a quote from CWP that says "If you could hear my thoughts, would you be able to save me from myself," and the third is the quote "In the darkness they are flames; in the daylight they are shadows" (also from CWP).
  • Custom made necklaces (large rectangle size)- I have two of these, which were custom made for CWP. One features the quote from Alaire that says "I have faith in you because you're the one person who can see me for who I am, not what i can never be." The second one (on the right in the picture) is the cover of CWP.
  • Custom made keychains, pendants, and bookmarks -Custom made for CWP; all of these feature the cover of CWP and are unique. Various colors are available; I will post more specific details later
  • FREE ebook format of Cursed With Power
  • FREE ebook format of Shadows and Embers
  • FREE paperback format of Cursed With Power
  • FREE paperback format of Shadows and Embers
  • FREE hardback format of Shadows and Embers - This is a very limited offer, and I would probably only being giving away one or two hardback copies, seeing as these are not available for sale on Amazon so they are unique and rare. More news to come later :)
That's enough about the giveaway for now, seeing as I need to set up a date and so forth for all of you. Moving on, I wanted to talk about the progress I've made so far in the third book. I have been trying to update the word count meter as often as possible, so even when I don't post you can still see my progress from the meter.
The upcoming third book
December will also be an exciting month because I can finally reveal the title and narrator of book #3 in the series. Everyone has been very patient waiting, and I'm so excited that in a month I can unveil it. I am a little over 20k in the third book. Each morning before work I spend about an hour or hour and a half handwriting whatever chapter I'm on. If you follow me on Instagram it's a great way to keep up with my constant progress, since I usually post a picture more than a couple times a week of what I am writing (without giving away any spoilers!). It's still a long ways from my goal of reaching 70k, but progress is progress and winter is soon approaching and I'll have more free time to dedicate myself to writing.

That was a quick look into the upcoming giveaway and the third book. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by again next week to catch you up. Enjoy the last days of October!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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