Friday, January 10, 2014

Love is thicker than Blood

The saying goes that "blood runs thicker than water," but we are all aware that is not always true. For Alaire Sencler, he has never had a family around to believe in the saying. Instead in the upcoming third installment in the Magicians series we follow Alaire on his journey and decide for ourselves which is stronger: blood or love.
Love is thicker than blood 
Don't worry, though, there's still plenty of action, magic, and secrets at bay. I've mentioned before that I want to talk about more specifics of what the third book is all about, and so I'll let you in on some more. For one, we're going to find out more about Alaire's gift. We have all known for quite some time now that he's special and unique, but now that he's telling the story we can find out exactly how. In addition, the magicians are running against time as the war quickly approaches.
As for some quick, fun facts you might not have known, here's a few for now:
  • The third book was originally not meant to be Alaire's; he was meant to wait until book #4.
  • There are numerous meanings to the name Alaire, including and not limited to "joyful, happy, precious" and etc.
  • The setting changes from Neutadt, Transylvania; Wyndor, realm of the foreseers; and another location in Transylvania
While I don't have a lot to share right now (mainly because it's 1am), I am happy to say that I have reached 62k in the book and planned all the way up to chapter 28. So far from the outlines it looks like chapter 28 could be the last chapter of the book, but that number could change once I start typing the other chapters. As of presently I am in the middle of chapter 22, but it feels good to know that everything is already planned out and I don't have to worry about where it is going to end. Overall, I know exactly where this book needs to end and what the next one needs to focus on.
I promise you can expect more as this month continues on, and for the most part I am trying to post at least once every week if time permits. As I said before it's late, so I'm off to bed. Check in again soon for more of an update.
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