Monday, March 3, 2014

Book 3: At the end!

This snow day turned out to be quite productive, and I am happy to announce that at 81,438 words my third book, Thicker Than Blood, is now officially complete.
February was a crazy month for me, hence why I was M.I.A. on the blog, but with moving and having two new cats that want to play with everything in the house my boyfriend and I have been very busy people. Nonetheless, I am grateful I had off of work today to finally sit down for several hours and just write. I was not expecting to finish the book today, but once I started writing I could not stop. So here we are at last at the end of the writing stage.
I learned a lot while writing this book, and even though this is my third full completed novel I found myself learning and making mistakes along the way. Writing is not something that is meant to be rushed, and no matter how well I thought I knew my characters they managed to surprise me now and again. I originally intended to finish this book in February, but life also catches up and can delay what needs to be done. Now that I am done with writing I will be jumping right into the editing stages to prepare this book for publication. I'll admit I was excited when I finally reached the end of this book and could announce it. Considering that it was July when SandE released and it's just now the beginning of March that I am finishing TTB, this book has taken a lot of time and energy.
As for publication, I am still expecting to release this book later this year. I don't see that editing will stop me from reaching that deadline, and as I have mentioned before once I see what needs to be done with the book I can more accurately estimate a release month. I am so thankful to all of my readers and fans out there who have been patiently waiting for this book, and I promise you once it releases it will have been worth the wait. I can't wait to share Alaire's story with you, so please be patient for a bit longer while I work with it and make it perfect and ready for you to read.
When I was writing the book I thought a lot about this day when I would finally be finished, and now that I'm here I will admit its such a relief. Editing will no doubt take a lot of focus and time, but it will bring me one step closer to publication. Before you know it we'll be having the cover reveal, and since I'll be in the editing stages for a while I'll be sharing sneak peaks and quotes directly from the book. Don't worry the journey is far from being over. As a matter of fact it's only begun, and Alaire wants you to come along with us.
As usual, check back in for more updates. I'll be sure to post something exciting very soon after I rest a while from all of this writing.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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