Saturday, July 18, 2015

5 days until Release

The wait is almost over -only 5 more days until release. It's a weird feeling knowing that the entire book is finished and ready to be published. I was able to set a release date, and now I simply wait (like you). This is my third year self publishing a novel. It's bizarre to think about... three years went fast! As I have mentioned before July is a common release month for me. We have some important dates coming up in celebration of previous releases.
  • July 26th -Shadows and Embers 2 year anniversary 
  • July 31st -Thicker Than Blood 1 year anniversary
I'll be planning something special for the end of July to celebrate these. The build up to those past releases have been taking over my Timehop. With SandE and TTB I clearly ran into a lot of issues. Just days before their releases I ran into interior problems and was working hard to fix it. Looks like it only took me two difficult times to figure it out. Fortunately with Bloodline Inheritance there aren't any issues left unsolved. I knew I had ran into issues in the past and purposely waited to make sure they were fixed before deciding on a release date.
It's a weird feeling know Dyanna is finished with her story. I've had characters in the past who were difficult to connect with just to find my/their voice. Dyanna wasn't one of them, though. Going into the book, I knew what would be the connection where we could relate to each other. For me as the author I'm coming to terms with her story being finished. For me, I'll have to start on something new. (And I have, but more on that later.)

As for release day, I am very excited to share the celebration with you. On Facebook I'll be giving away a free ebook copy of the book. I may also give away one on Instagram -just thought of this, but think it'd be a great idea! Also, on social media I'll be sharing links to the blog tour. There are various blogs participating on the 24th and after. There will be a lot to share after release, and also I'll be taking more about how the release day went overall. Before release I will take pictures of all 4 books in the series together. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time -finally the entire series complete and together like a family. If you have any other requests on what you would like to see (in terms of pictures) or hear on the blog leave it below in the comments.
Enjoy your Saturday -I know I'm glad it's the weekend. Sounds like a perfect time for writing something new, doesn't it?
Lindsey R. Sablowski
Don't forget there's still time to preorder your ebook copy of Bloodline Inheritance.


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