Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the Entire Magicians series on Barnes and Noble

Since release it's definitely been a crazy and exciting time. Crazy because it's the end of July already -how did it go by so fast? And exciting because people who know me have been requesting copies of my books. I'm already eager for pay day so I can order more copies of my books. I have a lot of leftover copies of Cursed With Power from years ago, but I need to restock on my other books. These  I use for book signings and for in-person sales. I do not actually have the released copy of Bloodline Inheritance -only the final mock- so I'm eager to get my hands on it. (And of course post pictures.)
New purchase link is live!
Despite how late it is, I did not want to miss this opportunity to tell you the Barnes and Noble link for Blin is live. Now you can purchase the entire Magicians series on Barnes and Noble (as well as the other links I mentioned previously). Be sure to purchase your copy on B&N, and thank you again to everyone who has purchased one already. The B&N page so far hasn't shown all the full details for the book, but this is because it just went live yesterday. It should be good within the next day or two if I had to guess. That's how it worked out on Amazon as well, so don't be alarmed -it's entirely normal.
All pages where I have the purchase links posted have been updated. Let me know if I've missed one -it's likely considering how many different places I have it mentioned.

On another note, an aspiring writer and friend of mine, Kae, recently posted about the book's released. With the blog tour, I've been reading a lot of posts lately. Anyhow, for each book Kae has always managed to do something different. This time she decided to be creative with letters; please visit her blog and let her know what you think. I'll give you a little sneak peek...
And she did it all with sharpies too! Good thing she's creative because I would have never thought of this. The colors were inspired by the cover of Bloodline Inheritance. I love when people are inspired by my work. If you ever create anything relating to the series send me a link, and I'll be sure to share it.
Also another notable blog post from the tour is from a published author and friend, Sabrina. She wrote up a post featuring an interview with me. Check it out if you're curious about behind the scenes and what I will be working on next.

What's next?
Now that the release of Bloodline Inheritance is over I have a lot to work with. Before the end of July I will be posting one last time about Shadows and Embers and Thicker Than Blood -as they have their anniversaries. As for the start of August I really want to dig deeper into my next project. I've talked about it vaguely on other blogs and on here, but I am struggling to find its soul.  August will definitely be a time for me to look further into it, and in the meantime share more with you. We can look back on where the Magicians series has taken us, talk more about Dyanna's adventure, and take a look at writing something new. It's definitely scary, but at the same time I'm so eager to write something new I just want to jump in. Once I actually start on my new novel I want to share that experience with you on the blog, so we can start from the beginning together. Take it day by day, word by word, and see where it takes us. And if everything goes well I might even consider posting a chapter on Wattpad -so people can check it out while it's in the works. Also beta readers... stayed tuned for that because -as mentioned before- I would really love a few beta readers for my new project. After Cursed With Power I did not have anymore for the remainder of the Magicians series and regretted it.
Until the next post, happy reading!
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