Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello, September

Hello September, and my have you arrived early this year. Unfortunately I missed out on my end of August post last night, but I assure you it was for good reason. I stayed up until about 1am completing chapter one of my new novel. I'm waiting for my "aha" moment where I go into full on writing mode. 
September is an exciting month for me, and I have a lot of expectations for it. For one thing there's several important dates coming up that hold value. September 7th is the 3 year anniversary since Cursed With Power's publication. I'm hoping to do something special on that day or possible the day before, but I will let you know. As of now I haven't decided on something, so I can't reveal anything. And September 26th is the 3 year anniversary since Eric and I first started dating. It's exciting to know we're reaching 3 years in our relationship, and come November we'll be getting married. I will be sharing more about that on the blog once November starts.
As for my goals in September... I want to set them high but manageable. I've definitely been busy these past few months, and it's been about a month and a few days since the release of Bloodline Inheritance. My goal with September is to finally settle down into writing this new novel I'm working on. With using the Novel Planner I bought and thinking a lot at night about this new adventure, I really want it to be the one. I'll be sharing more about it on Instagram, but I'm also hoping to finally feel at home with it. Or at least get a better standing on where I want to go with it.
Ideally if I have something complete by the end of September that I'm happy with I want to share a little bit of it on Wattpad. This is something that I can easily share with friends, family, and readers of course. It's something I'm working toward because it would make me happy, and I just love the Wattpad community in general. The entire novel, however, would not go up on the website. Only one full chapter -at the most- and the remainder you would wait for like with the Magicians series.
I've been looking to a lot of books for guidance, motivation, inspiration... and I've been looking to my own series as well. Thank you to everyone whose believed in my work since the beginning -or supported it as long as you've known about it. I'm working hard every night to make the most out of the next adventure we'll be taking together. And quite possibly it will be one with Clara and Claire... 
But for now we will wait and see... Until then enjoy the beginning to your September. I can't wait for pumpkin spice flavoring to be back and for some refreshing fall weather.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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