Saturday, October 1, 2011

Titles are finished for the series... so we hope

As you may have heard, it was difficult for me to come to a decision about the title of the last book in the Magicians series.  However, I am hoping I have come to a final decision with this one as you can see above.  Right now this is more of a less a promo picture for the cover.  As for when I can finally create the actual cover is a bit shaky right now because it may take a bit of time.  (Who knows, I might have it up by tonight for all I know.  Ha!)
Also, I believe this is in need of sharing:
Mind you I'd like to change the font on this before I set it as the official promo for the series.  All the same, I was hoping this would entice you for the time being.

In other news, I am working toward having several different covers to show as possible covers for Cursed with Power.  Of course if you should have any suggestions I am open to them.  Depending on when you last read Cursed with Power, please know that when it is next updated (I'll announce it here on the blog) you will notice:
  • The second half of chapter one, GREAT EVILS, has changed.  The original second half focused on Celestria's telling of Dyanna's absence.  This new one shows how her disappearance came about.
  • Once again, several new scenes featuring both Celestria and Alaire may appear to be "new."  You may notice these changes in chapters 20-23, but those are not (as of presently) exact chapters to follow by.
Not as long of a list as I was originally thinking of, but no complaints here.  Whether you want to reread chapter one again or not I'll leave for you to decide.  (I know how many times it has changed on you, and I apologized for that.) 

Followers: If you have a request focused on what I blog, please leave a comment or email me.  I post to please YOU, so if you are not satisfied let me know how we can fix that.
Enjoy your Saturday!
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