Thursday, October 27, 2011

Against All Boundries

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It has been a long week to say the least, and here I was not even realizing it's already Thursday.  Like you, I'm also staring at the cover above and wondering "Ooh what is this?"
Unfortunately for me my mind never stops circulating this different, crazy ideas.  Literally the idea for this book struck me last night, and immediately afterward I grabbed a pen and notebook and began writing.  And for some reason every time this happens, in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "When Stephen King starts writing an idea down on paper it's amazing."  (It makes no sense, I know, but those are my thoughts.)

Anyways, as much as I would like to talk about this new creation I have to be brief because at the moment everything's up in the air with this one.   While I did get a bit further in New Life, the sequel to Cursed with Power, I also realized several plot holes that need to be reworked before I return to it.  It's a book I feel needs to be outlined in great detail before I can fully dive into it.  I can't guarantee that I'm even going to write any of Against All Boundries in fear that I might lose track of all the ideas I have for the Magicians series, but it's a nice reassurance in case I do need a break from the series.  Mind you, this doesn't mean I'd put aside Cursed with Power and stop querying it to work on this new idea.  This is just something to pass my time with, and if it turns into something that I can really see myself getting into it then even better.

That post about Cursed with Power will be coming soon.  Sorry again everyone!

Night all.
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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Sheron Parris said...

o_o I'm doing the same exact thing with my Delacroix Series, writing Judgment on the side while I go back and fix up some problems in the first Delacroix Series book. :)

Wish you the best with yours.

Keep me posted on how it's going!

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