Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cursed with Power: "We are as human as you"

Before you head over to the Magicians series blog for a more detailed update, you can hear it first here.  Cursed with Power has been in the process of revisions these past couple of weeks.  The first major revision is relating to the prologue.  If you stop by on inkpop hopefully the new prologue will be uploaded sometime before the end of this weekend.  (You'll read a post when it does go up in case you don't check in as others do.)
We have an exciting addition to chapter 22, which also includes a continuation of something that was left behind as a mystery from earlier on in the story.  

What makes a Dark magician good?  Are they purely evil or are there good characteristics in them?  In the new scenes Celestria shows her own colors in the person she has become.

"We are as human as you.  I cannot change what our magic has formed us into, but there must be good in us."
And the Angel of Death may show itself in the new scenes, debating on what final fate our characters will face.

The official update: Once the official update is posted you'll be able to read a sequence of the scene, read a selection from the new prologue, find out what happened to the original prologue, and more.
The story continues as the revisions bring together the last threads to sew in a final, publish-ready product.  I thank each and every one of you as you join me on this.

P.S. In case anyone was confused, the book is complete.  These revisions are the last of several that I am making so that the book is ready for publication.  If you've read the entire book, I leave it to you to decide whether you want to read the additional scenes.  However, I will say the new prologue has shown to fit in quite nicely with the role of Dark magicians in the book.  Looking forward to your thoughts!
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