Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prologue: Reworked, rewritten, all new

The prologue to Cursed with Power has been rewritten, as I might have mentioned several days ago.  The new prologue has also been uploaded on inkpop for any of you inkies interested in reading it.  I also will say I've got catching up to do with myself, but let me worry about that and I'll worry about you.

In the original prologue, Celestria wrote a letter to Adam, expressing her fears of the new, dangerous world she was entering into.  While this letter was meaningful to Celestria, it wasn't quite for the readers. So after a publisher reviewed my book I started thinking about the prologue.  This time it's drastically changed.

We know Celestria is a Dark magician, but does she have any good in her heart?  She is as human as everyone else in her world, but then there must be something that separates her from the others.
When Celestria hears that a child is in danger something warns her to chase after the child.  Can this end well for her, or is this only the beginning of Celestria's long and torturous journey to an unknown fate.
Heat rose from the floorboards of the church the moment I entered.  I covered my mouth with the sleeve of my dress, but a dark cloud of smoke struck me in the face.  Falling against a board, I struggled to regain balance.  I gathered my dress together and took another step toward the fire, but I could not see a sign of the child’s presence.  A piece of wood dropped from the ceiling, nearly hitting me.  I ducked and glanced around the room, but in the blaze of the fire I could not see anything.  A cross near the altar lit up in flames as a pile of wood toppled it.
“Hello?” I cried out in a muffled voice.  Coughing, I backed away as the fire spread.  Tears swelled up in my eyes, and an overwhelming nausea swept over me.
Suddenly there was a faint cough and a girl whispered, “Help.”  My ears perked up as I tried to determine where the child was.  There was a crack, and when I glanced up I was horrified to realize another part of the ceiling was falling apart.  The board came down at me, but before it hit me something else did.  My face slammed into the wooden floor, and something heavy lifted off my back. 

An update on the Magicians series blog is posted as well.  I look forward to your thoughts, and I will say I worked hard with this new version of the prologue.
Lindsey R. Sablowski
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