Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Awaiting #2 release and celebrating 8 months of publication

Eight months ago Cursed With Power was released out into the world.  It was both scary and exciting, but I've always remembered that day.  It was back in September, which was a very eventful month for me back then.  A few weeks later after my book was released I started dating my boyfriend, Eric, who you'll always see with me at any book signings if you attend.  I never realize how much time has passed until I actually look through the pictures -which is part of the reason why I like taking pictures with the book when the anniversary comes around, even if it seems ridiculous.  It's interesting to see that over eight months so much has happened, and while the book is progressing with sales and so forth I too am changing and looking to the future.  In that aspect I feel even closer to the book because I'm able to watch it grow and become something great while I at the same time grow.

So far I have heard no word from my publisher about the second book, though there is no need to be alarmed.  Usually it takes about 14-28 days for a publisher to read through the manuscript and make a final decision, so unfortunately all we can do is wait.  As soon as I heard any news I will report it.  I realize I have been talking about a spring release, and here it is already the second week of May.  In all reality I do have to face that facts, and even if my publisher emailed me tomorrow with the "okay" it takes time to prepare the book for release.  A cover needs to be designed, the formatting has to be prepared for paperback, and the list goes on.  As much as I would like to hold onto the belief that we'll have a spring release, it has occurred to me that at this point it will most likely not be until June -at the earliest-for the book to release.
I originally planned for Shadows and Embers to release six months after CWP, but as you can see time was not a friend of mine during this process.   It took me all six months since CWP's release to write and complete the sequel, and so the timing of all of this I admit was my fault.  Even so, I'm not entirely disappointed; I wanted the story to have even more to offer than the first book, and I don't want anyone to be left feeling like there could have been more.  No matter how long it takes, all of this is to ensure that you, the reader, gets the most out of the book.
Fortunately since the second book is in my publisher's hands I have been able to focus on the third book.  I have decided on a title and main character, both of which I am attempting not to reveal until the sequel has released.  (I'm not good at keeping secrets like this, but I want you to have something to look forward to after the sequel has come out.)  There is also a beautiful "mock" cover I have ready for book 3, but again this will all come later on.  I have begun outlines, and though nothing is solid at the moment I have a lot of ideas for the book and am looking forward to the challenge.

Again I hope you can all bear with me as we await the release of the upcoming book.  I will continue to keep you update with the progress, and if I don't have any progress to report I might share something about the sequel or what would be of interest.  The giveaway won't be happening until the release of book #2 at this book -that way I can give away materials both relating to CWP and Shadows and Embers.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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