Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow days spent writing

These past two days have been snow days for me, so I've been spending my days off writing as much as I can for the upcoming book in the Magicians series. As I have mentioned before, my goal here is to have it all finished and out for release in 2014.
Now before I get too far ahead of myself I did want to mention how everything went on Saturday at the book signing up in Hampstead. This was me and Eric's second time going to the Local Author Fair at the North Carroll Library, and you can see a lot changed since we had last been there. For one, when we went back in 2012 I had blonde hair and my only book available for purchase was Cursed With Power. This year I now have black hair and two books up for purchase: Cursed With Power and the sequel, Shadows and Embers. I love looking back and seeing how much has changed, and how I've grown as both an author and a person in general. It's also so wonderful to see that Eric has been with me through all of this, and I wouldn't imagine doing it without him.
Progress in Thicker Than Blood:
Today looks like my last snow day until more comes around, but I managed to write 3k yesterday and 1k today. Today I was slacking a bit because there was so much else I had to do around the house, but overall I'm very pleased to see the book coming along. Today that 1k brought me to the end of chapter sixteen, and now I can move onto chapter seventeen. I'm up to approximately 44k, so I expect to be reaching 50k very soon. The whole point of reaching 50k is to set up another marker, and once I do that goal will be 70k where I am assuming the end of the book might be at. Most likely it will be over 70k, but for now it's all a matter of writing it out and seeing what happens. I don't know where this book is going to take me, especially in terms of the ending, but I'm eager to find out and get an idea of what is to come for the fourth book.
Numerous fans have told me about how much they fell for Alaire, and I am hoping that with this book I can give you the story that you've been waiting for. Originally Alaire's story was not planned out to be the third book in the series, but I go where the plot takes me and at the end of Leal's book it felt only right to go to Alaire next. So as for who will narrate the fourth book, I'm in for as much of a surprise as you will be.
Coming up: Thicker Than Blood's summary REVEAL:
I've told you the third book is about Alaire, but you don't know all of the details yet. As promised, I have more to share with you. I will be posting the official summary of TTB tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/11) night on the blog. If you're afraid you'll miss it, never fear, I'll post links on Facebook, Twitter, and so forth so you don't forget or miss out. I'm excited to be sharing the summary with you; only one more night of waiting!
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