Monday, December 30, 2013

The Best of 2013 and New Year's Resolutions

Seeing as I will be busy on New Year's day, I'm writing my New Year's post early to make sure it's up before it is too late. 2013 has been an amazing year for me, and there is so much that has happened this year that I will remember. I wonder where the time has gone for the year to have flown by so fast, but January 1st is closely approaching and the new year will be beginning. Before I talk about my resolutions I want to look back on the best moments of 2013.
The Best of 2013 (in no particular order):
  • One Year anniversary with Eric: Eric and I celebrated our one year anniversary this year on September 26th. Now we've been together for 15 months, and it's exciting to think of the future we share together. Eric is not only my boyfriend, but he's also my best friend and hugest supporter. He's been with me at all of my book signings, and we've shared so many experiences together. I can't wait to see what adventures are ahead of us! I love you, Eric.
  • Moved in with my boyfriend: Eric and I have been living together since July, and it brings me so much joy to be more involved in his life and vice versa.
  • Publication of Shadows and Embers: My second book was released for publication July 26th and has been out for five months now. Writing Leal's book was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy and proud to see that the book is published and in the hands of readers. Thank you to everyone who has supported SandE.
  • One Year anniversary of Cursed With Power's publication: One year ago on September 7th my first book, Cursed With Power, was published and released to the public. This was Celestria Hale's story, the story that began my writing career and will forever be dear to my heart. It's been 15 months with CWP as well, and again this book means a lot to me because it was the first one published.
  • My first 2 concerts: Eric and I went to the Killers and Keith Urban's concerts at Merriweather, and these were my first two concert I ever attended. I had a lot of fun, and it was a blast seeing Keith Urban live. I can't wait to do it again sometime soon.
  • Vacation at Deep Creek Lake: Over the summer Eric and I went to Deep Creek Lake and rented our own little cabin hidden back in the woods. Deep Creek has always been a special place to me, and I am looking forward to returning their again next summer.
  • Book 3: Thicker Than Blood: This year also marked the beginning of my third book, Thicker Than Blood, which is told from Alaire Sencler's POV. It is at approximately 52k, and my goal is to reach the end of the book by January or February. Regardless, it has been both exciting and frustrating to be working on a new book again.
New Year's Resolutions:
First off my huge goal for 2014 is to finish Thicker Than Blood and begin the editing and revising process. It's been a goal of mine to have it ready for publication and release late 2014, so I won't be able to estimate a more accurate time period until the book is completely finished.
Secondly, I am in the works of having Shadows and Embers available as an audio book; all I need to do is find a narrator. This has always been a dream of mine, and I'm hoping it would expand my audience especially to those individuals who prefer listening to a book instead of reading it. (Plus, I can't wait to hear Leal's voice come to life.)
Lastly, I will continue giving my all to my relationship with Eric, and I cannot wait to reach our two year anniversary. He's the greatest guy in my life, and I can't imagine the world without him. Here's to the new adventures that await us!

Hope everyone has a wonderful end of the year and start of the new year. Expect another post from me again in the new year including progress in Thicker Than Blood. Until then, happy New Year!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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