Sunday, July 20, 2014

Publication date approaching

Lots of news to share, and I'm happy to say the paperback formatting is finished. I ran into several problems while formatting, but finally I worked it out. Unfortunately there were some extras steps I had to do manually (i.e. entering in tabs due to switching from Pages to Word and etc). Nonetheless, I am glad that part is over with.
After finalizing format and sending it in, along with the cover, to Createspace everything was approved. Just moments ago I ordered my physical proof for the paperback. I ordered the proof before with Shadows and Embers, and I'm doing it again as is suggested by Createspace. Though it does requite a bit more waiting time, it's worth it in the end to know for certain everything looks exactly as it should before releasing to the public.
So wait, what about a publication date?
While I can't say I'm done with all my work yet, I will be able to decide on an accurate publication date very soon. My proof should be arriving this week, and in the mean time I can read over the digital proof. I need to work on ebook formatting, which hopefully should not cause as many problems as the paperback did. Once I get started on the ebook formatting, though, I'm going to be able to see what date will be possible. Ideally I still envision the first week of August. Keep in mind, though, I do want to get enough notice so that we can have participants for the release party. I would love for even more participants to spread the word on release day.
As far as distribution and the price of the paperback and ebook, all of this has been settled. I've decided on a price for both formats and deciding on distribution through all channels available. More details will arrive upon release.
This is a very exciting time, and as Alaire's story approaches closer to release it feels surreal. Yet here we are at book three, and this is happening. 
Before you go, one last thing...
So this is an image you might see again if I decide to add any text to it. Regardless, I collided the two images together; one of the female from Thicker Than Blood's cover, and the other from Shadows and Embers. Interestingly enough, I do have news to announce about SandE.
First off, Shadows and Embers is available via Kindle Unlimited if you are a member of that program. I realize this is new to Amazon and customers, but if you try out the trial or decide to be a full-time member this is a great way to start reading the Magicians series. If you're interested, simply go to the Kindle page and find out more. As always if you're not interested in Kindle Unlimited the ebook format is still available for $3.99. A discounted price of $0.99 is available if you purchased the paperback version.
Ever wondered what Leal's voice would sound like?
I've mentioned on Twitter that SandE is up on ACX, a place where narrators and authors find projects their interested in. Nothing is official yet, but I am speaking with a narrator in hopes of producing an audiobook. This would be extremely exciting, and once something becomes official I will let you know the full details. I'm doing everything I can to let the stories be told and heard.

Alright, that was a lot of information. Hopefully it made sense, seeing as it's past midnight. I'll be updating the blog again very soon with more news. In the meantime enjoy that summer weather, and I will be back later on with more.
Lindsey R. Sablowski


K said...

OMG an audiobook would be so cool! And when ever I imagined the narration for CWP I always imagined your voice!

Lindsey Sablowski said...

I know, I've been working on finding someone to do it for a while. And ha that's funny. I think Celestria and I shared a close bond, but I definitely don't have the right equipment to narrate my own audiobook.

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